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What are BTU’s in Air-conditioners?

What are BTU’s in Air-conditioners? BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and this pertains to the measurement of heat or thermal energy. In its basic sense, it takes one BTU to heat one pound of water to an extra Fahrenheit degree. So for example, 10 ounces of water registers a 29 degree Fahrenheit, one BTU [...]

What is Made of Iron?

What is Made of Iron? Made of Iron is a heavy metal band from Germany. It was formed in 1999 and initially started playing cover songs from the iconic heavy metal band “Iron Maiden”. Obviously, band members were great fans of Iron Maiden and enjoyed playing songs of their music idol and main influence. Current [...]

What is DTM paint?

What is DTM paint? DTM or “Direct to Metal” paint is a good choice of paint for various un-primed metal surfaces.  Whether the metal surface is for the interior or exterior, DTM paints are recommended for people who want to “do it themselves”.  Since DTM paints do not need a primer on the metal surface, [...]