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What is glass made of?

Glass is a material made primarily from sand. Silica or quartz type of sand is the preferred material in making glass. A small portion of limestone and soda ash is also needed to mix with silica sand to make glass. The purer the silica sand, the clearer will be the glass material output. In case […]

What is CBU tile?

CBU tiles refer to “cement board underlayment” tiles that are commonly used as underlayment before the actual tiles. CBU tiles are said to provide the best adhesion and promotes a flat surface for better tile strength and durability. Instead of using basic cement or other materials as underlayment, CBU tiles are considered to provide the […]

What does CRV stand for?

CRV is an acronym used by Honda for one of its popular vehicles. The Honda CRV belongs to the compact SUV or sports utility vehicle category. First released back in 1995, this particular vehicle has become one of the most popular in Honda’s fleet. The CRV in Honda-CRV is short for “Compact Recreational Vehicle” according […]

What is GC Mi?

GC Mi refers to dental product from GC Corporation. GC Mi is sold in paste form and contains “Recaldent” as its main active ingredient. GC Mi is said to be very effective for people who have very sensitive tooth. By applying GC Mi paste, tooth sensitivity will be relieved. The GC Mi paste is commonly […]

What is auxiliary heating?

Auxiliary heating refers to a secondary heating source for various heat pumps or machines that are used during winter time. Under normal conditions, heat pumps will run using standard power. When the temperature level detects that more heat is necessary to fill up a certain room or space, the auxiliary heating mechanism will be automatically […]

What is Glycerin?

Glycerin is a term used to refer to a sweet, colorless, and thick liquid. Glycerin can freeze form a paste and its boiling point is high. Glycerin is commonly used as an ingredient in soap and beauty products such as lotions. This is due to its ability to soak in ambient water which implies that […]

What is Felt?

Felt refers to a fabric that is not woven but made from natural fibers, soap and water. It takes a lot of work to create Felt because the fabric is dense and is made from lasting interlocking fibers. Each kind of wool comes with its own distinct features and is a reflection of the environment […]

What is December birthstone?

The December birthstone is composed of three precious gems: Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise. The assignment of specific birthstones for each month can be traced back to the first Jewish historian Josephus. According to him, there is a strong connection between the twelve months of the year to the stones in Aaron’s breastplate, and the twelve […]

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring refers to a hybrid type of flooring that appears like stone or hardwood. It is not necessarily engineering or vinyl tiling though it is very similar to all those. People prefer laminate flooring for its simple installation processes. One can fix even hundreds of square feet within a weekend. Laminate flooring is also […]

What is Decoupage?

Decoupage refers to the craft of decorating wooden furniture and other household objects with the use of cut-out pictures. This form of art started during the 18th century with the aim of imitating the attractive hand-painted lacquer products that were imported from Asia. It is fairly easy to decoupage an item and achieve an elegant […]

What is Crude Oil?

Crude oil is a term used to refer to unprocessed petroleum product that occurs naturally and comprises hydrocarbon deposits. The hydrocarbons found in crude oils make them an important source of varied substances. Hydrocarbons come in varied structures and lengths, they are compounds that have carbon and hydrogen molecules. Crude oil may be processed to […]

What is Modal?

Modal refers to a new type of man-made fabric that was invented recently. It has a rayon variation that is developed from when cellulose fibers are spun. Modal is much absorbent than other artificial fabrics and even cotton. It absorbs dye pretty well and is extremely colorfast. Its texture is slinky and soft making it […]

What is Tyvek?

Tyvek refers to a trademark of high density, flash spun polyethylene textile, a synthetic fabric. The brand name is registered as a trademark in Dupont. The polyethylene fabric is extremely strong making it hard to tear. The fabric is however easy to cut with a knife or a pair of scissors. Tyvek material allows water […]

What is Bauxite?

Bauxite is a rock made from laterite soil filtered of solvable content such as silica in wet humid or subtropical environments that include West Indies, Africa, Australia and America. There are little deposits in Europe. Australia has five bauxite mines that supply 23% of world’s bauxite. This makes it the world’s largest bauxite producer. Bauxite […]

What is Ikea?

Ikea is a firm registered in Sweden, which sells ready to assemble furniture, homewares and appliances. At present, Ikea is the largest furniture retailer in the world. Ikea stands for Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd, Agunnaryd. The first two letters I and K stand for Ingvar Kamprad, the founder’s name while letters E and A stand for […]

What is a jelly roll pan?

Jelly roll pans are baking pans that have 1-inch high sides. They differ from the standard baking pan or sheet because of the raised sides. The side of the jelly roll pan is typically 1 inch deep which is very practical in various baking and cooking needs. Some generic cooking or baking pans are referred […]

What is Gore Tex?

Gore-Tex is a high performing durable fabric that is wind and water resistant but allows air flow. Gore Tex fabrics are mostly used for making hiking and walking boots as well as mountain jackets. Gore Tex is different from normal synthetic fabrics such as nylon in the sense that it prevents water from passing through […]

What is Bottle Service?

Bottle Service is the express admission into exclusive night clubs. Availing this service has its own good points like getting the privilege of instant access, skipping the line-up outside the club, exclusive service of bartenders, and having your own table to enjoy with your friends. Earlier forms of bottle service can be witnessed in Japan […]

What is a duvet cover?

Duvets are flat bags that are typically stuffed with down type of feathers, wool, and or other natural stuffing materials. These bags are covered by so-called duvet covers making them ideal for beddings.  Some people refer to duvets or duvet covers as comforters.  The main difference is that comforters are mainly padded sheets that are […]

What is bonded leather?

Bonded leather refers to a type of leather that is made be reconstituting scrap leather pieces and mixing them with bonding agents and materials. Similar to paper production, making bond leather involves using pulp from shredded pieces of scrap leather. This pulp will then be mixed with other bonding agents and put into layers or […]

What is Birchbox?

Birchbox is the leading name in the discovery commerce industry. It offers monthly subscription services to its female customers from across the globe. The company behind Birchbox holds its headquarters in New York, USA but also caters to customers in UK and France among others. Birchbox offers its customers various samples of the latest branded […]

What is vaping?

Vaping is the electronic alternative to smoking.  It literally involves inhalation of vapors from cigarette-like sticks. These sticks are referred to as e-cigarettes and contain liquid gels that are heated up once they are puffed from the tube. The heat will then cause these liquid gels to produce vapor which can be taken in or […]

What is Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is a topical ointment that is part of the Eucerin line of skin and beauty products.  The main base of Aquaphor is sourced from mineral oil or petroleum jelly which is considered a great ingredient for various skin irritations.  Two versions of Aquaphor are available in the market for people who want to have […]

What is argan oil?

Argan oil is the oil extracted from the seeds of the argan tree.  This tree is said to be endemic to Morocco.  This oil is quite expensive because of its limited availability and the difficult extraction process. Traditional extraction involves grinding the argan seeds manually.  The process also involves removing the outer layer of the […]

What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a substance that is found mainly in tobacco.  Other plants like cauliflower and green tomatoes for example also contain nicotine but to a much lesser extent.  Nicotine is considered to be a highly-toxic and addictive drug because of its psychoactive properties.  It is known to have various effects on the nervous system which […]

What is zoning?

Zoning is practice for urban or city planning wherein several areas of land are divided, segregated, or classified according to its permitted use.  The basic concept of zoning regulates the type of structures, buildings, or activities that can be done in a particular area or piece of land.  Cities and municipalities across the globe for […]

What is TJX?

TJX is one of the biggest names in the global retail industry.  TJX is officially known as The TJX Companies, Inc and is based in Massachusetts in the USA.  This company is known for its off-price department store concept.  Most people can buy a variety of clothing and apparel at TJX stores across the globe. […]

What is XBMC?

XBMC is a multi-media player developed by a non-profit firm called the XBMC Foundation. The original development for XBMC was directed towards the popular gaming console called the X-Box.  XBMC literally translates to x Box Media Center because of its Xbox origins. The multimedia player later became a strong alternative to more established and standard […]

What is bbycks?

BBYCKS is an urban term for “babycakes”, a popular brand of clothing that can be bought mostly online.  Back in 2006, the company behind Babycakes clothing is formed by a man named Paul Griffiths of the Unite Kingdom.  The design concept of bbycks or babycakes clothing involves simple lines and simple shapes but with very […]

What is CNG made of?

CNG or compressed natural gas is an alternative fuel that is sourced primarily from methane gas that is abundant beneath the Earth’s surface.  CNG’s primary components include hydrogen and carbon and these components are processed to undergo compression to lower than 1 percent in terms of its volume against the standard atmospheric pressure.  With this […]

What is GMJ?

GMJ stands for “gilded metal jacket” and refers to the metal cover or casing for bullets.  Standard bullets typically have softer cores that are made of lead. When a metal casing is used to protect the softer core, the bullets are said to increase their muzzle velocity.  In the case of GMJ, the metal casing […]

What is ALPR?

ALPR stands for Automatic License Plate Recognition and it refers to a camera and optical imaging technology wherein vehicle license plates can easily be recognized whether they are stationary or moving.  Using cameras that are mounted on fixed points such as lamp posts or street signs, the license or number plates of vehicles nearby may […]

What is a BB cream?

BB creams refer to a beauty product that has become very popular in Korea, many parts of Southeast Asia, and the rest of the Western world including the US. The term “BB” stands for blemish balm or beauty balm and this particular product is marketed as an all-in-one product for those who want to have […]

What is bump steer?

What is bump steer? Bump steer refers to a condition wherein the car wheels move a different direction when it moves upward after hitting a bump on the road. This movement or self-steering on the car wheels are not directed by the action on the steering wheel but rather proceeds independently. Bump steer is like […]

What is IcyHot used for?

IcyHot is a brand of topical agent that is used for the treatment of mild to moderate muscle and joint pains. Produced by Chattern, a part of Sanofi group, IcyHot is available in various preparations including balms, creams, sticks, and medical patches. Recent variants of this popular topical analgesic agent include gels and sprays. Most […]

What is litmus paper?

Litmus paper is a type of paper that is used to test the ph level of various substances or solutions. This paper typically comes in strips and is water-soluble. Determining the ph level of a substance basically creates the distinction if it is acidic or basic. To test a solution if it is more acidic […]

What is GFCI protection?

What is GFCI protection? GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and it is a type of convenience or electrical outlet that gives protection from electrocution or electrical shock. As its name suggests, this particular outlet is able to ‘interrupt’ the electrical circuit or flow whenever the so-called ground fault is able to escape from […]

What is CVT fluid?

What is CVT fluid? CVT fluid refers to fluid intended to lubricate vehicles that are equipped with Continuously Variable Transmissions. CVTs are classified as types of automatic transmissions for vehicles but work quite differently in the sense that CVTs use some kind of belt to create torque and provide gear ratios that are not fixed. […]

What are fimo canes?

Fimo canes are clay sticks made of polymer that contain various designs used for nail art. They resemble sticks with specific designs which actually come from various colored rods which are arranged specifically to come up with a design or pattern. These rods are then grouped together to create a stick or cane. Fimo canes […]

What is EDP coating?

What is EDP coating? EDP coating is short Electrophoretically Deposited Paint coating. It is a type of paint primer that is specially-designed and suited for metal parts and surfaces including iron steel, zinc, or bronze among others. EDP coating is considered a superior product when it comes to even application and resistance to corrosion. Many […]

What does FWD mean?

In the field of automobiles, ‘FWD’ means ‘front-wheel drive’ or ‘forward-wheel drive.’  When a car is classified as FWD, it simply means that the engine parts are controlling or driving the front wheels as opposed to the ones that are located at the rear.  For the latter part, cars are classified as ‘RWD’ or ‘rear-wheel […]

What is luon?

What is luon? Luon is a type of fabric that combines the durability of nylon and the flexibility of Lycra.  Good-quality luon fabric is said to be a mixture of about 85% nylon and 15% Lycra.  Although various luon-made products may be made with a different mixture, the general consensus is that this particular fabric […]

What is lucite?

What is lucite? Lucite is a brand of acrylic glass that basically combines the good features of both glass and plastic.  Its clarity is said to be similar to glass, and its durability is similar to the highest quality plastic.  Many people prefer acrylics like lucite because of its quality and versatility. Lucite products are […]

What is FCL?

What is FCL? ‘FCL,’ or ‘full container load,’ refers to a term used in the transfer of goods through steel containers.  Most people use FCL when describing the transfer of cargo through ships, but this particular term may also be applied to cargo that is transported through trucks or trains.  A particular cargo is considered […]

What is an EIKI projector?

What is an EIKI projector? EIKI projectors refer to projector products that are made by the EIKI Company.  This particular company is known to be one of the world’s sources of the most advanced and reliable projectors in the market today.  Established in 1953 in the city of Osaka, Japan, the EIKI Company became synonymous […]

What is Duquesne?

What is Duquesne? The Duquesne is one of many French warships that are specifically designed for fleet protection against possible attacks from the air, ships on the surface, or down beneath the ocean like submarines.  The Duquesne belongs to the Suffren class of French frigates and is named after a famous admiral of the French […]

What is CVC fabric?

What is CVC fabric? CVC fabric refers to ‘Chief Value Cotton’ fabrics that are made from combining cotton with polyester.  Cotton is a naturally derived fabric, and when it is combined with synthetic fibers like polyester, the fabric is called CVC.  Usually, the cotton content is more than 50 percent of the total combination with […]

What is Lalaloopsy?

What is Lalaloopsy? Lalaloopsy refers to a popular line of rag dolls made by a company based in California, USA.  MGA Entertainment is the company behind the popularity of Lalaloopsy dolls.  It is also the same company that brought the popular Bratz doll series.  It was in 2010 when the line of Lalaloopsy dolls was […]

What is CRV?

What is CRV? CRV stands for “California Redemption Value” or “California Refund Value”.  It refers to some sort of fee added to the price of certain beverages that are available in grocery stores and outlets.  Beverages that have a CRV fee are labeled as such and refer to those with recyclable containers including containers made […]

What is EZprint.exe?

What is EZprint.exe? EZprint.exe is a file associated with Lexmark printers and products.  As the term suggests, EZprint.exe is designed for “easy” printing of pictures and/or documents when using Lexmark devices like printers.  In the case of mobile storage devices like USB thumb drives or removable disks, when these are compatible with Lexmark devices, then […]

What is DTM paint?

What is DTM paint? DTM or “Direct to Metal” paint is a good choice of paint for various un-primed metal surfaces.  Whether the metal surface is for the interior or exterior, DTM paints are recommended for people who want to “do it themselves”.  Since DTM paints do not need a primer on the metal surface, […]

What is VJC Versace?

What is VJC Versace? VJC Versace, or Versace Jeans Couture is a popular brand of luxury goods like clothing, perfume, and accessories made affordable and casual by the people behind Versace. The whole Versace brand was created and developed by Italian designer Gianni Versace back in 1978. Ever since the first boutique opened in Italy […]

What is Fake Polo?

What is Fake Polo? Fake Polo is a knock-off or imitation item of the original Polo brand from designer Ralph Lauren. This particular brand is one of the most popular brands in RTW or ready-to-wear clothing. The “Polo” or “Ralph Lauren” brand also features other items like accessories and fragrance items. Strictly speaking, when someone […]

What is Cetaphil?

What is Cetaphil? Cetaphil is a popular brand of skin care products that is known to be very gentle on the skin. Its line of products includes soaps, cleansing solutions, lotions, creams, and skin moisturizers. Cetaphil products are manufactured by Galderma Laboratories which is based in Switzerland. Aside from its wide distribution in Switzerland, Cetaphil […]

What is Audi?

What is Audi? Audi is a German brand of luxury automobiles that is part of the Volkswagen Group. Audi vehicles range from small cars like superminis to crossover sports utility vehicles which are placed under the premium and luxury car categories. Audi was founded in 1909 by August Horch and term “audi” is actually a […]

What is Molasses?

What is Molasses? Molasses is a substance that results from processing sugar cane, beets, and grapes into sugar. This substance is similar to honey because it’s also sweet but it has a darker brown or black color. The quality of this sugar production by-product is said to be dependent on the extraction method, on how […]

What is BMW Premium Package?

What is BMW Premium Package? The BMW Premium Package refers to the “premium” features available on BMW’s 3 series cars. The 3-Series cars manufactured by BMW are placed under the compact executive car category. The premium package refers to the highest car trim level for any BMW 3 series cars. Car trims or trim levels […]

What does FMCG stand for?

What does FMCG stand for? FMCG stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods and these refer to goods that are quickly sold in the market. Most of these products are also low in cost making them very saleable to customers. FMCG may be food or non-food items such as toiletries, and other household items. FMCG also […]

What are BTU’s in Air-conditioners?

What are BTU’s in Air-conditioners? BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and this pertains to the measurement of heat or thermal energy. In its basic sense, it takes one BTU to heat one pound of water to an extra Fahrenheit degree. So for example, 10 ounces of water registers a 29 degree Fahrenheit, one BTU […]

What is TPI Tires?

What is TPI Tires? TPI tires means Threads per Inch tires which are usually used in various types of bicycles. If you are referring to tires on bicycles, the TPI is basically referring to the weave density of the tire used in its production. It is rule of thumb that the higher this density of […]

What Is Castile Soap?

What Is Castile Soap? If you are not yet familiar of the term Castile soap, well, you are more or less centuries late. This soap was invented in the 1600’s. This is practically made out of olive oil and some other ingredients. Back then, it became so popular due to the availability of the materials […]

What is Flip Cup?

What is Flip Cup? Flip cup is a type of team game involving the drinking of beer. The main concept of this beer-drinking game originated from students in colleges and universities across the US. During educational breaks and in-house or dormitory parties, many young people play this drinking game to add fun and variety to […]

What is Makeup Primer?

What is Makeup Primer? Makeup has over the centuries been used by women to enhance their natural beauty. Though this was the traditional application, more recent times have seen a growing number of men who are also using the products. Whether by men or women, the use of makeup requires certain skills and finesse in […]

What is Made of Iron?

What is Made of Iron? Made of Iron is a heavy metal band from Germany. It was formed in 1999 and initially started playing cover songs from the iconic heavy metal band “Iron Maiden”. Obviously, band members were great fans of Iron Maiden and enjoyed playing songs of their music idol and main influence. Current […]