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What is NWD?

What is NWD? NWD refers to New World Disorder, the film series dedicated for mountain biking fans and enthusiasts. The NWD series of movies is produced by Freeride Entertainment with the first installment released in the year 2000. Freeride is an award-winning Canadian production company that specifically caters to the fields involving nature and action [...]

What Is WIA?

What Is WIA? When you have already seen a WiA magazine, you basically know what it is all about and what its focus is. However, if you are not yet familiar of it, WiA stands for Women in Action. Well, the title of the said magazine can already stand for itself. However, if you are [...]

What is GTL Jersey Shore?

What is GTL Jersey Shore? In MTV’s reality television show Jersey Shore, GTL refers to “gym, tan, and laundry”. The show began airing on December 9, 2009. The cast of Jersey Shore is a group of young adult housemates who live in Jersey Shore. During the winter they travel to Miami, where GTL is explained [...]

What is Yonder?

What is Yonder? Yonder refers to the “Yonder Mountain String Band”, which is an American band based in Colorado. The band plays bluegrass music and has so far released several albums, with five of them produced in the studio and several others taken from live performances. The “Yonder” band is composed of four members. Jeff [...]

What is Saosin?

What is Saosin? Saosin is the name of a hardcore punk band from California, USA. This band was formed in the year 2003 with members Beau Burchell on guitars, Justin Shekoski on guitars, Chris Sorenson on bass and keyboards, Alex Rodriguez on drums, and Anthony Green on lead vocals. But Green only stayed with the [...]

What is NKG?

What is NKG? NKG stands for Naked Karate Girls, a four-piece band from Cincinnati, Ohio USA. With band members that call themselves cops with one suspect, the NKG band adds a comedic twist to their musical performance. Band members include Mustang that does the vocals and guitars, Ponch doing the bass with vocals, Lieutenant Jack [...]

What is VH1?

What is VH1? VH1 or Video Hits One is a music channel on cable launched in 1985. It was owned then by Warner Communications with MTV or Music Television as sister company. Since MTV targeted more on the teenage market, VH1 originally was geared towards the older 18-35 age group. Just like MTV, it featured [...]

What is CSI?

What is CSI? CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigation. As the name suggest it is the inspection of the scene after the crime has occurred. It involves detailed documentation of the crime scene so that it can throw some light on what had actually happened and who were the people involved. It is a science [...]

What does IFF mean on Jersey Shore?

What does IFF mean on Jersey Shore? IFF stands for “I’m Fucked Foundation” which is another urban term or catch-phrase popularized by the hit reality show, Jersey Shore. In one of the show’s episodes, one of its characters, Pauly D, uttered the catch-phrase or term referring to his situation wherein he cheated on his girlfriend. [...]

What is Lost About?

What is Lost About? Lost is basically a TV series originally shown and aired first on 2004 and through 2010. There are six seasons shown in ABC or American Broadcasting Company, the channel which hosted the said series. The concept of the show is more on drama and it features several characters in the story [...]

What does FTD mean in Jersey Shore?

What does FTD mean in Jersey Shore? FTD stands for “Fresh to Death”, another urban lingo from the popular reality TV series from the MTV Networks, Jersey Shore. Being “fresh to death” means being the coolest and having the latest stuff. It may mean having the latest gear and gadget, wearing the trendiest and newest [...]

What is Inception about?

What is Inception about? Inception is a movie by director Christopher Nolan. The main character of the film is named Dom Cobb and is portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio. This movie is also written and co-produced by Nolan. Released in 2010, this science fiction thriller made big money in the box office, not only in the [...]

What is Detroit 1-8-7?

What is Detroit 1-8-7? Detroit 1-8-7 is a television series shown on the ABC Network in the US. This show is created by Jason Richman and mainly dwells on the crime and drama stories involved with the city of Detroit as the centerpiece. The number “187″ in the title was chosen by show’s creator and [...]

What is Mezzanine seating?

What is Mezzanine seating? Mezzanine seating is a term commonly used in the world of theatre houses. When purchasing tickets to watch a popular stage play or musical opera for example, people will be reserved and/or designated seats depending on the ticket price. When speaking about theatre seating, there are two or three main types [...]

What is HBO?

What is HBO? HBO stands for Home Box Office and it refers to a cable TV network based in the US.  Launched back in 1972, it is currently owned by TimeWarner and its programs are shown in more than 150 countries in the world. From the term itself, most of the programs under the HBO [...]

What is BMG music?

“BMG music” refers to the record company Bertelsmann Music Group. It was founded back in 1987 and had its official headquarters in the city of Gutersloh in Germany.  BMG became one of the biggest record companies in the world selling millions of records with its various artists. By the year 2004, it went into a [...]

What is “Cnopbl”?

What is “Cnopbl”? Fans of the metal music group Metallica have questioned what “Cnopbl” means when seeing part of the music video wherein a spore is named as “Cnopbl.”  There are people who simply point out that the name given to the spore in the video is the only meaning of “Cnopbl.”  A spore refers [...]

What is Mugetsu in Bleach?

What is Mugetsu in Bleach? “Mugetsu” refers to a kind of power unleashed by Ichigo, the main character in the Japanese manga series Bleach.  Fans of this popular manga series are also baffled by what “mugetsu” really means when many witnessed that the character of Ichigo made an attack move against another character named Aizen. [...]

What is “MCRmy”?

What is “MCRmy”? “MCRmy” is short for “My Chemical Romance Army,” and it refers to the legions of loyal fans and supporters of the alternative rock band My Chemical Romance.  Fans of this very popular music group like to call themselves MCRmy, and many of them are proud and consider themselves a close-knit group of [...]

What is “IFF” in Jersey Shore?

What is “IFF” in Jersey Shore? Jersey Shore is a popular TV show in the U.S. especially among teenagers.  The show’s characters have become huge celebrities in the U.S. and became popular, not only for their looks, but also for the urban lingo that they frequently used on the show.  Many parts of the conversations [...]

What is an MPAA rating?

What is an MPAA rating? MPAA ratings refer to movie ratings given by the Motion Picture Association of America. The ratings they give are applied to movies that are to be shown in the U.S. and its territories.  The movie ratings are given as some kind of review and indication of a particular film’s theme [...]

What is boosting in MW2?

What is boosting in MW2? Boosting in MW2 refers to a cheat method that can be done on the Modern Warfare 2 video game.  This particular game is a very popular shooting kind of game that also allows for multiple players when using the online platform.  The game allows for player “boosting” in terms of [...]

What is Joffrey?

What is Joffrey? Joffrey refers to a dance company in Chicago that specializes in ballet.  Also known as The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, many people commonly refer to it as “The Joffrey”.  The company was founded in 1956 by Robert Joffrey and Gerald Arpino. It was in Chicago back in 1957 when The Joffrey performed [...]

What is MTG type?

What is MTG type? MTG type refers to the card type or deck type in the popular trading card game called MTG or Magic: The Gathering. This particular card game was first introduced back in 1993 and boasts of more than 10 million players as of 2011.  One thing that made the game very popular [...]

What is EQdkp?

EQdkp refers to Ever Quest’s Dragon Kill Points.  Ever Quest is a popular online role-playing game that features 3D graphics and allows for multiple players to join the gaming platform simultaneously. Dragon Kill Points meanwhile refer to some type of monetary currency involved within the game and this is accumulated by means of endgame participation [...]

What is EOTO?

EOTO is a music band that specializes in electronic music.  It is composed of Michael Travis and Jason Hann to form the duo back in 2006. EOTO has increasingly become popular in many parts of the US because of its unique mix of live band music accompanied by electronic instruments.  Both Travis and Hann are [...]

What is FADC?

FADC or Focus Attack Dash Cancel is a special move for players attacking an enemy in the game Street Fighter 4.  In this popular arcade game, opposing players fight each other using punches, kicks, spins, and special moves.  Through FADC, a special move may be cancelled right after a focus attack and this is done [...]

What is MBC Music Core?

MBC Music Core refers to a popular TV program in South Korea. Broadcast by MBC, Music Core or also called as Show! Music Core features various live performances of popular music artists in South Korea. MBC or Munwha Broadcasting Corporation is the oldest and one of south Korea’s biggest TV and radio network. Many of [...]

What is LFP?

LFP is a term commonly used by online gamers especially in the world of MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role playing games.  These type of games involve many players playing the same game simultaneously.  Players from any part of the world may join in as long as they are online.  As the term suggests, players [...]

What is juke music?

Juke music refers to the ghetto house music that has originated from Chicago back in the early 90s. Some people also refer to juke music as booty house music or Chicago house music as it originated from the Chicago area.  Juke music is characterized by its drum-machine sound especially those that use the 808 and [...]

What is Grcheevos gametype?

Grcheevos gametype refers to a setup in the video game called Halo – Reach wherein getting the Firefight Achievements will be much easier to do.  Under this gametype, a player can score a lot of points using several Firefight Achievement options like Firestarter, Blaze of Glory, and Game Set Match among many others. The Grcheevos [...]

What is Gaza and Gully?

Gaza and Gully refer to Jamaican hip-hop or dancehall artists Vybz Kartel and Mavado respectively.  They are two of the most popular and influential music artists in Jamaica and each have a legion of fans on their side.  Rooted from a deep history of cultural division, the followers of both Gaza and Gully have also [...]

What is fly fishing?

Fly fishing refers to a type of fishing that uses artificial bait called a “fly”.  Traditional fishing involves using food items like worm as bait to catch fish.  Simple rods or even long tree branches may be used for this activity.  In the case of fly fishing, aside from the artificial bait, the rods are [...]

What is KYW?

KYW is a popular radio station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the US. This station operates on the 1060 AM band and has an all-news format which started back in 1965.  At present, KYW is classified as one of many so-called Class A – AM Radio Stations because of its supposedly very clear transmission signal.  From [...]

What is Ayakashi about?

Ayakashi is a popular TV series in Japan that features classic style animated horror stories.  The whole series is divided into multiple episodes that revolve around three main storylines.  Each of these storylines is actually independent of each other with different plots and characters involved. The basic common theme among these storylines of Ayakashi is [...]

What is GCD cap?

World of Warcraft or “WoW” is a very popular MMORPG type of game. MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game and players around the world have loved this particular game for 10 years now. The game basically allows players to play a certain character or avatar and fight with the game environment or other [...]

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a popular website for people who wish to share photos online and share comments and stories with other people.  Members of Pinterest are able to “pin” or post different images and even videos of everything from personal pictures to food recipes and even travel tips.  The main feature of Pinterest is that it [...]

What is Zygarde?

Zygarde is a name of an evolutionary pocket monster in the world of Pokemon, a very popular role-playing computer game from Nintendo Japan. Under the Pokedex list, Zygarde is “pokemon” or pocket monster number 718.  In terms of appearance, Zygarde is shaped like the letter “Z” and looks like a snake.  It has a green [...]

What is HIFFWE?

HIFFWE or the Hawaiian International Film Festival Welcome Event refers to the activities and ceremonies that are conducted before the actual showing of the films that are part of the festival.  The HIFF or the Hawaiian International Film Festival is considered the biggest of its kind in the Pacific region and many independent film makers [...]

What is Motown?

Motown refers to a music genre which combines the styles of rhythm and blues (R&B) and pop music. This type of music is played with various instruments, both acoustic and electric, but the predominant sounds are those of percussion instruments and strong vocals. Although Motown blends pop and rhythm and blues (R&B) music, its vocals [...]