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What is Bureaucracy?

Bureaucracy is a term used to refer to an administrative way of arranging huge numbers of persons who have to work together. Public and private organizations such as governments and universities depend on bureaucracies to operate. The literal meaning of the word bureaucracy is ruling by offices or desks. This definition emphasizes the impersonal nature […]

What is FDA?

FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration, which refers to an agency in the US designated to ensure the safety of a wide variety of consumer products. This regulatory agency has a fairly wide scope in different industries, such as in the field of veterinary medicine and pharmaceuticals. This agency, which was established under the […]

What is LCSW?

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) is a skilled professional trained in helping individuals deal with different issues in mental health. Its main function is to apply psychotherapy to solve daily problems of people and assist a person in coping with substance abuse. In view of social work theory, the LCSW practice includes diagnosis, treatment, and […]

What is OCS?

OCS is an abbreviation of Officer Candidate School, a major academy for training future Army Officers in the US. The academy admits qualified Officers who have not been commissioned as well as citizens who have already taken a 4-year degree. Candidates enroll to the academy for a period of twelve weeks. Those who complete the […]

What is a Dynasty?

A dynasty refers to a series of monarchs from the same stock, group or family. The term is used to refer to a powerful family or group that holds a position over a considerable period of time. Besides leadership, dynasties also exist in sports. Dynasties in sports occur when a team shows consistency in winning […]

What is NGO?

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a non-profit, civil organization that operates outside the regulation and jurisdiction of the government. NGOs are also often referred to as civil society groups. Organization of an NGO may be in the community level or national and international levels. NGOs have a specific cause or advocacy such as women’s rights, […]

what is IRB?

IRB or Institutional Review Board is designated by the FDA under its regulations, to monitor and review any biomedical research that involves human subjects. IRB is also known as an ethical review board, or an independent ethics committee. The main purpose of the IRB is to assure that appropriate measures are taken to protect the […]

what is gannett?

Gannett Company, Inc. is an international and publicly traded media holding company. It is the biggest U.S. newspaper publisher as measured by the number of total daily circulation. The company also owns a number of prominent assets such as the national publication, USA Today and the weekly journal, USA Weekend. Other compelling newspapers that are […]

What is FSI?

Also called the Floor Area Ratio (FAR), Floor Space Index (FSI) refers to the ratio of developed floor area to the total area of raw space on the land where the establishment sits. This real estate metric is used by developers and owners of commercial real estates in order to determine if a particular lot […]

What is FDCPA?

FDCPA stands for Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which was passed to address the abusive conduct of some debt collection agencies. This does not only aim to provide guidelines for these agencies when it comes to collecting, but also protects debtors. This Act is applicable for household, personal, and family debts, as well as those […]

What is an AMBER alert?

AMBER stands for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response and when this type of alert is implemented, it simply means that a child is missing or abducted in the US.  The AMBER alert is basically created to broadcast the details of the abducted child across the US in order to hasten the possible recovery efforts.  When […]

What is Agenda 21?

Agenda 21 refers to a voluntary action plan formulated by the United Nations back in 1992 to promote sustainable development.  Through Agenda 21, countries and organizations around the world are encouraged to implement projects that can help the environment and natural resources.  Aside from the UN’s peace-keeping efforts across the globe, the organization also strives […]

What is EPW?

EPW or Economic and Political Weekly is a magazine published by Sameeksha Trust in Mumbai, India.  This magazine features various articles and papers to topics relating to India’s political, social, and economic scene.  Some sections are also dedicated to historical reports with comments and analysis. The first EPW magazine was published back in 1949 and […]

What is HDWA?

The HDWA or Healthcare Data Warehousing Association is a group among healthcare service organizations who have existing or plan to implement a data warehousing project for all relevant healthcare data.  In the healthcare industry, data warehousing is considered a very important and crucial part in terms of organization efficiency and service delivery.  The HDWA basically […]

What is HIFFWE?

HIFFWE or the Hawaiian International Film Festival Welcome Event refers to the activities and ceremonies that are conducted before the actual showing of the films that are part of the festival.  The HIFF or the Hawaiian International Film Festival is considered the biggest of its kind in the Pacific region and many independent film makers […]

What is KDGE?

KDGE refers to a popular radio station based in Dallas Texas.  Operating at the 102.1 frequency, KDGE is also known as “The Edge” in the FM station industry.  The main playlist of KDGE or “The Edge” radio station includes various artists from the alternative rock genre.  What makes KDGE very popular is that it is […]

What is GCDF?

GCDF or Global Career Development Facilitator refers to a profession or job that entails some career coaching or advice to people who are in different fields. For many people, being a GCDF is simply like a career coach because the main task of being one is to guide, train, and/or coaches other individuals who may […]

What is CSL Plasma?

CSL Plasma is an organization involved in plasma collection for research and bio therapeutic purposes. It works as a subsidiary of CSL Behring which specializes in the creation of possible treatments for rare medical diseases. CSL Plasma operates with various plasma collection centers spread across the US and Germany. All plasma donations are then used […]

What is DLW?

DLW stands for Diesel Locomotive Works, a locomotive-producing unit of the Indian Railways.  The Indian Railways operates as a government-controlled organization and boasts of one of the largest railway networks in the globe.  In total, the railway network operated by the Indian Railways extends through more than 70,000 miles with more than 7000 train stations […]

What is CSPA?

CSPA or Child Status Protection Act is a law in the US that covers the immigration procedures for people who want to become US Citizens.  This particular act was signed and implemented starting in August of 2002 with the main purpose of protecting the status of a child’s immigration application to the US.  Under US […]

What is HFMA?

HFMA or Healthcare Financial Management Association is a non-profit group among member executives and financial managers of the healthcare financial management industry.  Members that are admitted into the organization are typically chief accountants, financial controllers, or chief financial officers in the healthcare industry.  Through this organization, official members can get access to various benefits including […]

What is FNCE?

The biggest gathering of health and nutrition experts in the US is called the FNCE or the Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo.  This event is held annually and is attended by more than 8000 members who include professionals and experts in the food and nutrition fields.  Typical participants of the FNCE include member nutritionists […]

What is Jap Group Inc?

Jap Group Inc is an organization that offers insurance services from various partner insurance companies.  It works independently as an organization but claims to have many partners in the insurance industry. With this kind of partnership, Jap Group Inc. is able to provide the right kind of insurance or coverage at the most affordable price […]

What is MRR in the army?

What is MRR in the army? MRR in the army refers to the Medical Repair and Renewal Program of the US Army.  Specifically, this particular program runs under the US Army Engineering and Support Center that holds office in Huntsville, Alabama.  Under the MRR Program, medical facilities that operate under the Department of Defense are […]

What is DBE WBE?

What is DBE WBE? DBE stands for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise while WBE stands for Women’s Business Enterprise. Both WBE and DBE are classifications of business enterprises wherein at least 51% of it is owned by women or so-called disadvantaged persons.  As per federal US law, women are already considered disadvantaged economically and socially and so […]

What is JLGB?

What is JLGB? JLGB stands for Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade, an organization that was formed to help young Jewish people get settled in the UK. The JLGB is considered the oldest youth organization for Jewish people in the UK. The JLGB started out as an all-male organization back in 1895. The original name was […]

What is DFID?

What is DFID? ‘DFID,’ or ‘Department for International Development,’ is an organization instructed by the U.K. government to create programs for poor countries so they can achieve sustainable development.  Headed by a Cabinet Minister, the DFID also aims to alleviate the suffering of poor people around the world and hopefully eliminate poverty.  This particular department […]

What is JCAHO?

What is JCAHO? ‘JCAHO’ stands for ‘Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.’  As its name suggests, this organization is involved with accrediting healthcare institutions across the U.S. for the purpose of monitoring the quality of services that these institutions provide. ‘JCAHO’ is now known as the ‘Joint Commission’ and is also involved with evaluating […]

What is CTBTO?

What is CTBTO? ‘CTBTO’ stands for ‘Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization.’  It is basically an organization composed of various countries in the world, and it is aimed at banning nuclear testing and explosions in any part of the world by any member country of the UN.  This particular organization is tasked with conducting on-site […]

What does KGB mean?

What does KGB mean? ‘KGB’ stands for ‘Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti’ in Russian.  When translated to English, it literally means ‘State Security Committee.’  The KGB represented the center for Russia’s secret police and security agency from 1954 until 1991.  The KGB operated similarly to the Soviet Union’s military departments and was considered the premier intelligence and […]

What is ESU?

What is ESU? ESU refers to the Emergency Service Unit of the New York City police department.  Although it functions mainly in the New York City area, this particular unit also includes some jurisdictions outside of the state of New York.  As a service unit, the NYPD ESU or simply the ESU forms part of […]

What is A FBI Name Check?

What is a FBI Name Check? FBI Name Checks are basically “name-checking” procedures done by the Federal Bureau of Investigations in the US for various agencies and components of the US government. These name-checks are done to review the background of a particular person for a variety of purposes including employment and appointments in the […]

What is CVG Airport?

What is CVG Airport? CVG is the code given to the Cincinnati Municipal Airport or the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. The CVG code is said to be a reference to the city of Covington, which supposedly lies in close proximity to this airport during its construction. The airport’s location is part of Northern Kentucky, particularly […]

What is LBMA?

What is LBMA? LBMA refers to the London Bullion Market Association, an organization involved in the wholesale trading of gold and silver bullions. The transactions involved in the LBMA include over-the-counter trading of gold and silver between member banks, traders and refiners from different parts of the world. Since many of the members of this […]

What is WIC?

What is WIC? WIC is a nutrition-related program of the Food and Nutrition Service sector of the USDA. This program is designed and specifically intended for “women, infants, and children” hence the term “WIC”. Specifically, the WIC program is aimed at a specialized form of supplemental nutrition needed by some mothers and their children. Covered […]

What is HDFC?

What is HDFC? HDFC stands for “Housing Development Finance Corporation” and it refers to one of India’s biggest financial services organization. The HDFC Bank was incorporated back in 1994 and was one of the first to be allowed by the Reserve Bank of India to operate as a private organization. This came after India’s banking […]

What is KKK?

What is KKK? KKK refers to the “Ku Klux Klan”, an organization in the US that advocated for extremism in terms of white supremacy and anti-immigration sentiments. This organization was founded back in 1865 which was the period after the Civil War in the US. It was during this reconstruction period that former Confederate soldiers, […]

What is DAAD?

What is DAAD? DAAD stands for “Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst” or the German Academic Exchange Service. It is a German organization that provides funding for students under the international academic exchange system. It is the largest such organization in Germany and gets it funding from various sources including the federal government, private institutions, and agencies of […]

What is BOCES?

What is BOCES? BOCES is an acronym for the “Boards of Cooperative Social Services” of New York. This organization was created by the state’s legislature back in 1948 to have a venue for sharing various educational services and programs across New York. Programs of the 712 out of 721 school districts in the state of […]

What is PRSA?

What is PRSA? PRSA stands for Public Relations Society of America which is said to be the biggest organization involving PR professionals. The society has its headquarters in New York but has offices and chapters spread throughout the US. In fact there are more than 100 chapters of the PRSA and 300 chapters of “student-based” […]

What is OFQUAL?

What is OFQUAL? OFQUAL refers to the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, a regulating body for tests, assessments, and/or exams across England. This organization also covers regulations on vocational testing in Northern Ireland. Specifically, OFQUAL is tasked to implement regulations and conduct assessments and tests for students starting from the EYFS stage or the […]

What Is UKIP?

What Is UKIP? When you live in the United Kingdom, more or less you do have the idea of what UKIP is. Well, you might even find yourself as one with them in terms of their ideologies and principles. UKIP stands for United Kingdom Independence Party. It has already gained popularity within UK and is […]

What is MBF?

What is MBF? MBF refers to the Musicians’ Benevolent Fund, a charitable organization in the UK involved with giving support to musicians and others workers in the entire music industry, whether active or retired. The idea of helping out musicians came about in 1921 after the death of a popular tenor named Gervase Elwes. The […]

What is RNF?

What is RNF? RNF stands for Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation which was established in 1976 through the efforts of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses or ARN. This foundation enjoys its tax-exempted status and offers four research grants amounting to $34,500 to qualified recipients. An offer of $30,000 is allocated for the rehabilitation nursing research and it […]

What is HHH?

What is HHH? HHH refers to the Hash House Harriers, a group involved in running activities, socializing, and drinking. It is an international organization open to every person who wishes to participate in mostly non-competitive running activities and other social events. The event or group participants are called “Hashers” while the event or run itself […]

What is FCCLA?

What is FCCLA? FCCLA stands for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, a non-profit nationwide career and technical student’s group with its center of focus being the family. The organization is intended for the youth of men and women associated in Family and Consumer Sciences education from private and public schools through grade 12. […]

What is NPT?

What is NPT? The NPT or the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty is a historic global agreement whose aim is to discourage the circulation of signatures for Nuclear Weapons in the year 1968. The Contract was enforced in 1970. There are 187 parties who have united in the Treaty, which includes the 5 states of […]

What is The U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC)?

What is The U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC)? Overview The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is an independent body created in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, authorized to enforce federal laws against discrimination at the work place on the basis of race, sex, state of health including pregnancy or […]

What is NRA?

What is NRA? NRA stands for National Rifle Association, an organization in the US which aims to promote the use of rifles or firearms and to protect hunting activities. According to reports, the NRA was formed by William Church and George Wingate in 1871 because they were dissatisfied with the US troops’ lack of marksmanship. […]

What is AARP?

What is AARP? AARP refers to American Association of Retired Persons. From its name, one would think that the association is exclusive for retired persons only although it is not the case. AARP has members who are still not retired. This happens as many people are still able to continue working after the age of […]

What is DHS?

What is DHS? DHS stands for Department of Homeland Security, an executive department of the US Government in-charge of providing security for its citizens. This specific department was created in 2002 through the Homeland Security Act which defined the department’s missions namely: prevention of terror attacks inside the US, reduction of the country’s vulnerability to […]

What is IrDA?

What is IrDA? IrDA refers to the Infrared Data Association, an organization of device manufacturers that set a standard in infrared communications. IrDA was established in 1993 by industry leaders in the computer and communication sectors. Today it has 150 member companies around the globe including popular telecommunication-related companies or brands like Nokia, Motorola, AT&T, […]

What is JCB?

What is JCB? JCB or Japan Credit Bureau is a credit card company that originated in Tokyo, Japan in the year 1961. Commonly called as “JCB” internationally, JCB Co., Ltd. was the dominant credit card in the Japan by 1968, the year they purchased Osaka Credit Bureau. By 1981, it started to make its presence […]

What is CQC?

What is CQC? CQC or the Care Quality Commission is the agency tasked to regulate social care services in the UK. These services included those provided by local authorities, private and voluntary organizations, and the NHS or National Health Service. CQC also provides protection to detainees under the Mental Health Act. The general aim is […]

What is CPSC?

What is CPSC? In 1972 United States Government formed an independent commission to protect against unreasonable risks of injuries or death associated with consumer products. This commission is called CPSC (United States Consumer Product Safety Commission). It was created through the Consumer Product Safety Act. The CPSC is an autonomous entity. It does not depend […]

What is IATA?

What is IATA? IATA or the International Air Transport Association is an international group of airlines organized for the promotion of safety, reliability, security, and economical air travel. The beneficiaries are the air travel consumers around the world. In short, the International Air Transport Association or IATA commits to provide safer flying concern for the […]