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What is Art?

Art has been with us ever since the beginning of mankind. From those early times to date art has evolved in the same way that man has. In some cultures there are art forms that have been passed from one generation to the next and continue to be practiced to this very day. Art is [...]

What is Love?

There are many quotes, phrases, songs, poems, books and stories about love. Each giving a new answer to the question, what is love? Over the years many have attempted to answer this question and to this date we still do not have a universally acceptable definition of love. Love is many things, yet it remains [...]

What is Irony?

What is Irony? An Irony is a literary device wherein the actual meaning is the exact opposite of the literal meaning. The term irony was taken from a Greek word, meaning pretend ignorance. Irony serves to emphasize truth in a situation. Irony is usually used commonly in four ways: verbal irony, dramatic irony, situational irony, [...]

What is QWISO Hash?

What is QWISO Hash? QWISO is as way of collecting hash (cannabis resin) from marijuana. QWISO stands for “quick wash isopropyl”. By performing an extraction technique, the main active hallucinogenic compound from Marijuana can be collected, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. QWISO is known to be the cheapest way to make high grade hash. It does not [...]

What is Seraphim?

What is Seraphim? The term seraphim is the plural form of seraph. Seraphs are a biblical character, celestial beings that are mentioned in Judaic and Christian holy texts. The word means “the burning ones”. In both religions, Seraphim belong to the highest ranks of angels. In modern Judaism, seraphim are the fifth in rank out [...]

What is Sookie Stackhouse?

What is Sookie Stackhouse? Sookie Stackhouse is one of the main characters in the HBO series True Blood. True Blood is a show based on the popular vampire book series Southern Vampire Mysteries penned by author Charlaine Harris. In the book, Sookie narrates in the first person but in the series, it is just an [...]

What is a Busbar?

What is a Busbar? A busbar is a grounded strip of copper or aluminum that conducts electricity, which acts as a current collector or distributor. These strips can vary in thickness and length, depending on the electrical load it will be assigned to carry. Busbars are used to distribute current to different areas within switchgear. [...]

What is Pasimology?

What is Pasimology? Pasimology is another term for the words kinesics. Kinesics is the study of human gestures and expressions as a means of communication. These gestures and expressions, also called non-verbal communication, are studied to derive their corresponding meaning. Very simple examples of these are: a smile is usually indicative of happiness, a frown [...]

Who is Icarus?

Who is Icarus? Icarus is one famous character in Greek Mythology.  He is the son of Nausicrates and Daedalus, the great inventor, architect, and artist.  Icarus’ life, and eventually his death, has a great connection to his father’s own story as a craftsman. Daedalus was commissioned by King Minos of Crete to build a palace [...]

What is Zen?

What is Zen? This is an interesting question, since the very essence of Zen says that the notion should not be explained by words; instead meditation and an intense introspection process should enlighten the student in Zen, reveling all there is to know about it. Nevertheless we’ll spare you from the effort and give the [...]

What is PMI? –The Truth about PMI

What is PMI? –The Truth about PMI PMI or Primary Mortgage Insurance is a protection used by lenders in case a borrower gets default on a mortgage. It also protects lenders or banks in the event that a borrower lost ability to pay and the home would go into foreclosure. Lenders usually require a borrower [...]

What is Standard Deviation? – Simplified

What is Standard Deviation? – Simplified Standard deviation is simply defined as a measure of statistical dispersion. In simpler terms, standard deviation is a way to describe how a set of values spread out around the mean or midpoint of that same set. To explain it clearly, take for example five bamboo sticks for height [...]

What is Discharge?

What is Discharge? Depending on the subject at hand, the term discharge will have several different meanings. This does not have to be in a technical communication but even while having regular conversation, the term discharge will have a wide range of meanings. Mostly the term discharge is used to imply some form of going [...]

What is Doha?

What is Doha? Doha is the capital city of Qatar, which is geographically fixed on the Persian Gulf. Doha means “the big tree” which is believed to have come from “Dohat”, a common tree in a small village near the gulf. This village was credited as the first settlement inside the city and the staring [...]

What is Dilation?

What is Dilation? Dilation is the enlargement or widening of objects. In medicine, dilation is the enlargement of a hollow opening or structure, such as the esophagus or the cervix. The direct opposite of dilation is contraction, which means an object collapsing upon itself, making it smaller. The word dilation is derived from the Latin [...]

What is Imagery?

What is Imagery? Imagery is a literary device used by an author to evoke a sense of experience through language. The author, through his words will evoke one or more of the reader’s senses, enabling him to interpret in his mind’s eye what the author is personally feeling (or describing) thus the use of the [...]

What is RSVP?

What is RSVP? RSVP stands for répondez s’il vous plait, a French phrase which literally means ‘please respond’ or ‘reply please’. This is a note that is appended to invitations which means that the host for the event would like to know if you are receiving or declining the invitation. Loosely, the host is then [...]

What is Shark Week?

What is Shark Week? Shark week is a week-long feature dedicated to sharks in the Discovery Channel which has to date been running for more than two decades. The week long spectacle first aired in July 1987 and as of 2010 is in its 23rd season. Shark week airs every summer annually. Shark week is [...]

What is K2?

What is K2? K2 stands proud as Pakistan’s highest mountain and the world’s second highest at 8,612 meters. It is locally known as “Chogo Ri” which literally means “The Great Mountain”. K2 has been thought of by many climbers as the most difficult mountain to climb. A typical climb requires expert skills to face the [...]

What is Ambrosia?

What is Ambrosia? Ambrosia refers to the food or drink of the gods in Greek Mythology. It was said that immortality will result after drinking or eating it. The word “ambrosia” also has Greek roots and was derived from “a” which means “not” and “mbrotos” which means “mortal”. Ambrosia has many references in Greek mythology. [...]

What is Jitter?

What is Jitter? Jitter refers to variation or displacement in the pulses during signal transmission. It may also be referred to as irregular signals or timing distortions. Pulse variations may be in the form of signal strength, amplitude, or other elements. Since data transmission is not as simple as sending one single file from the [...]

What is Differentiated Instruction?

What is Differentiated Instruction? Differentiated Instruction is a method of teaching wherein contents and/or procedures are modified according to the student’s individual abilities and needs. A typical teaching setup involves some form of standard subjects and methods for all, with the assumption that every student has the same level of skills or knowledge. In contrast, [...]

What is CQB?

What is CQB? Close Quarters Battles or CQB literally means fighting in small spaces like inside buildings, on street alleys, and even inside vehicles, where one is in very close contact with the enemy. The term CQB is widely used in the armed forces circle as many of today’s warfare occur in the urban setup. [...]

What is IARPA?

What is IARPA? IARPA means Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity. It is tasked by the government to invest in high risk with high payoff research or gather new intelligence. It also aims to develop new technology for use by the 16 agencies of the intelligence community. IARPA was modeled from a similar agency called DARPA [...]

What is CPNI?

What is CPNI? CPNI stands for Consumer Proprietary Network Information. It pertains to information about the subscribers that are kept by a particular telecommunications company. Data kept by these phone companies usually include the services used by the subscribers and how much they paid for them. Though the law allows telecommunication companies to gather information [...]

What is UID?

What is UID? UID stands for Universal Instruction Design. It is an innovative way of teaching to accommodate a diverse group of students, including those who are disabled. The process takes into account the differences in background or nature of the students, rather than create a single solution for all. There are seven principles in [...]

What is Disability Insurance?

What is Disability Insurance? Disability Insurance is also known as DI or in other terms disability income insurance. This form of insurance provides the beneficiary a security to his or her earned income. The insurance of earned income is for the purpose of the possibility or the risk of disability that may happen. In case [...]

What is Hash?

What is Hash? Hash is a kind of function wherein a precise method or mathematical function, which translates a sizeable quantity of data into a minute datum. A hash function is typically a single integer that possibly will work as an index or key to an array. Any values or results returned by a hash [...]

What is HDR? – The Development

What is HDR? – The Development HDR or High Dynamic Range imaging is a term you will usually read or hear when it comes to image processing, computer graphics and photography. Since 1850, HRD concept had already been around. However, it is not yet that popular but in 1997 it has just started to be [...]

What is Mnemonic?

What is Mnemonic? From the Greek word mnemon, which means mindfulness, the word mnemonic was derived. Mnemonic is also the same as mnemonic device. It pertains to any instrument or any learning technique that aids memory. A mnemonic is often verbal, which may be a special word or sometimes a very short poem. The special [...]

What is Mega?

What is Mega? Technically, mega is a prefix used to denote a quantity amounting to one million or 10 to the 6th power. This prefix belongs to the category called prefix multipliers, which also includes “kilo” (one thousand), “giga” (one billion), “tera” (one trillion). Mega can often be heard being used in mathematical terms, scientific [...]

What is a Ditch?

What is a Ditch? A ditch is an excavation on the earth. It may be narrow or deep, depending on its purpose. Some ditches are called canals and are intended for carrying excess water or sewage. Some are long and somewhat interconnected for use in farming. Other ditches are so large; they could be used [...]

What is Jazz?

What is Jazz? Jazz has been referred to as “America’s Classical Music”. It is one of the oldest and renowned musical genres in North America. It was mainly formed by Afro-Americans around the turn of the century. Its history has strong roots in the cities of New Orleans, Chicago and New York City. Academically, jazz [...]

What is DGA?

What is DGA? DGA or Dissolved Gas Analysis is a diagnostic test used to detect and determine defects in transformers. It involves studying the gases dissolved or present in transformer oils. DGA is accepted worldwide and has become an industry standard in the prevention of transformer failure. Through Dissolved Gas Analysis, engineers are able to [...]

What is Assessment?

What is Assessment? Assessment is a process of review or evaluation of various subjects. It maybe an appraisal of an employee’s contribution to the workplace, a study on what a particular student’s talent/s are, a computation of taxes one owes to the government, and many other things. There are also many different techniques in doing [...]

What is Average IQ?

What is Average IQ? IQ or Intelligence Quotient refers to a score or a measure of a person’s intelligence. To get a person’s IQ, he/she must submit to some testing. There are various IQ tests available to determine a person’s score with regards to the general population. But in general terms, IQ scores have the [...]

What is Assonance?

What is Assonance? Assonance refers to the effect when the sound of a vowel is repeated in the same sentence using words that are placed close to each other. Assonance is commonly used in poetry to add emphasis on a particular subject or simply to add flare. The English language has more than enough rules [...]

What is Cosmetology?

What is Cosmetology? Cosmetology is a field of study, which include various areas of expertise. If you regularly go on a trip to a salon, there you will find hairstylists, barbers, nail technicians, hairdresser and skin care specialist. These people are experts at their own field and all are part of cosmetology. The word cosmetology [...]

What is DFD?

What is DFD? DFD represents the flow of data into an information system in a graphical manner. DFD is an acronym that stands for Data Flow Diagram. It is basically utilized to visualize how data flows into a system design. DFD is similar to a flowchart but in terms of detailed representation, DFD is considered [...]

What is Dielectric Grease?

What is Dielectric Grease? Dielectric grease is a special type of grease which is most commonly used for lubricating purposes. Dielectric grease is neutral in nature. It resists corrosion to a certain extent. It acts by restricting the entry of water and other agents into the electrical connector. It resembles the petroleum jelly Vaseline in [...]

What is Discipline?

What is Discipline? Human beings are scientifically categorized as animals. There is no dispute in respect to being on the same level as far as biological functions are concerned. We reproduce, digest food, breath air and grow old just as most other animal species. However there is a reason we are considered to be superior [...]

What is Anion Gap?

What is Anion Gap? Anion gap is the artificial measurement of ions. The measurement is an approximated one and not accurate. Ions are molecules which carry a charge with them. Positively charge carriers are called cations and those which bear a negative charge are called anions. This is used to calculate the unmeasured ions in [...]

What is a JCB card?

What is a JCB card? A JCB card is a credit card issued by the Japan Credit Bureau. It is the leading credit card in Japan mainly due to the superior service offered by the JCB company. To date, JCB cards are accepted and honored in 190 countries around the world. With almost 60 million [...]

What is a Beyblade?

What is a Beyblade? Beyblade refers to the manga series in Japan or the toys that came along with it as merchandise. This particular manga or comic book series has 14 volumes and became widely popular among Japanese kids since the first release in 1999. By 2001, Beyblade became an anime series on television. The [...]

What is a Bidet?

What is a Bidet? A bidet is a bathroom fixture that looks like a low sink used for washing and cleansing the genital area after using the toilet. These lowered sinks are usually positioned just beside the toilet bowl, but for bathrooms with limited space, some form of portable water sprayer can be attached on [...]

What is Cumin?

What is Cumin? Cumin is the seed of small plant native to the Levant area, or East Mediterranean and West Asia. It is commonly used as a spice especially in warmer countries like India, China, North Africa, and the Americas where it is grown. Historically, cumins were first found in Egypt’s pyramids 5 millenniums ago. [...]

What is Mauna Loa?

What is Mauna Loa? Mauna Loa is an active volcano in the island of Hawaii. Rising more than 4100 meters above sea level, this volcano is actually the largest in the world, even larger than the highest peak of Mt. Everest. When measured from below sea level to the volcano’s actual base, Mauna Loa is [...]

What is FML in testing?

What is FML in testing? FML stands for F*ck My Life and people use the acronym to express anger or disgust and/or discontent about his/her present life. Many credit FML’s popularity to the movie “SuperBad” where there’s a scene when an employee from a liquor store utters the phrase “F*ck My Life”. Since then, FML [...]

What is FVRCP Vaccine for Cats?

What is FVRCP Vaccine for Cats? FVRCP is a vaccine administered to cats and kittens in order to prevent some of the most common viruses affecting felines, as well as improve their immunity. FVRCP stands for feline viral rhinotracheitis (stands for FVR), feline calcivirus (stands for C) and panleukopenia (which stands for P). Kittens begin [...]

What is a Gap Year?

What is a Gap Year? A gap year is like a time-off usually taken by students after graduating from high school and before proceeding to go to college or university. Many students take the time off from school just to relax and do a variety of things before submitting oneself to studying again for years [...]

What is Austerity?

What is Austerity? Austerity refers to a strict form of discipline in life. It pertains to extreme measures to be simple and rid oneself of life’s pleasures. In economics, it involves the government’s effort to reduce spending in times of huge financial deficits. In many of today’s economies, government spending may be cut back when [...]

What is BTW in Texting?

What is BTW in Texting? The history of texting can be traced back on December 1992. The first text message was sent via a computer to a Vodafone network phone. A Sema Group test engineer named Neil Papworth sent a “Merry Christmas” message to a friend named Richard Jarvis. Today texting is more commonly known [...]

What is Dubstep?

What is Dubstep? Dubstep is a type of electronic music that is believed to have originated from the Jamaican dub music. It is also considered to be rooted in the Jamaican sound system cultures, which were characterized by large mobile high fidelity or disco bass frequencies. These sound systems exhibit legitimate artistic innovation. Dubstep was [...]

What is CPTED?

What is CPTED? CPTED stands for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. Its concept involves designing of the physical environment so as to reduce the chances of crime being committed. CPTED has four main principles. The first of which is Natural Surveillance. The most important concept for this principle is that crimes are less likely to [...]

What is Hop Up?

What is Hop Up? Hop-up pertains to a system in an airsoft gun to increase the distance traveled by the pellet. Through a backspin on the gun’s hop-up system, pellets can be controlled in terms of its trajectory and distance. Having a gun with adjustable “hop-up” means one can increase the vertical accuracy of the [...]

What is BLK?

What is BLK? BLK is a monthly newsmagazine in America started by Alan Bell. The market of the BLK magazine is the group of people known as African American LGBT. LGBT is an acronym used in the 1990s, which refers to “Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender” collectively. BLK magazine was primarily published in Los Angeles. [...]

What is CID?

What is CID? Almost everyone uses plastic money or the credit card. Using a credit card is a convenient way to shop. You can go shopping anywhere without bringing in any cash. You can go shopping up to your credit limit as long as the store accepts credit cards. However, reports of credit card fraud [...]

What is Ayoba?

What is Ayoba? Slang words are getting popular as the languages evolve. One example of a slang word that is getting more popular each day is the word “ayoba”. What is this ayoba all about? According to people who are familiar with the word, ayoba means a word of approval. It was believed to be [...]

What is Panache?

What is Panache? Panache is a term that in the modern context is used to describe a person or style who/which is dashing and flamboyant. The origin of the word panache comes from the Middle French word “penacche”, from the old Italian word “pennacchio” (or old Latin word “pinnaculum”, meaning little wing) which is an [...]

What is a Verb?

What is a Verb? Simply put, a verb is an ‘action word’, meaning it is a part of speech that signifies an action, or things that are done or indicate a state of being. Some samples of verbs are ‘eat’, ‘run’, ‘play’, ‘talk’, and ‘read’. In the sentence “Mary swims to get fit”, the action [...]

What is Lysis?

What is Lysis? Lysis is the process in which cells undergo bursting or breakdown to release its molecules like DNA, RNA, lipids, and proteins. Usually lysis is done for research purposes. The cell breakdown can be done through some viral process or through a process called osmosis. Osmosis pertains to the movement or transfer of [...]

What is Moulin Rouge?

What is Moulin Rouge? Moulin Rouge is a night club or cabaret in France offering spectacular dance or cancan shows targeting male audiences. It opened to the public in 1889 with much buzz and fanfare. This club is owned by Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler and dubbed the club as “the first palace of women”. [...]

What is Ivory Color?

What is Ivory Color? Ivory color gets its name from the tusks of animals especially the tusks of elephant. It is not pure white but contains hints of light brown. It represents the purity of white with a tint of yellow, cream or peach. Ivory is very common shade in gems. The tusks of elephants [...]

What is Memo?

What is Memo? A memo, or officially called a memorandum, is a written or typed document named so because it is to help jog the memory on a particular topic. It is most often used in an office setting. It’s a quick note to convey information to a small group of people. It can be [...]

What is Cueing?

What is Cueing? Cueing is an alternative communication method intended for deaf people. Its techniques uses hand shapes to give emphasis on certain language or speech sounds for better understanding by the message receiver. While basic sign language only involves hand gestures and signals to convey a message, cueing involves hand signals to correspond to [...]

What is Aesthetics?

What is Aesthetics? Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that deals with study of beauty as a whole and how people perceive things or objects. It is also involved in critiquing design and art. The word “aesthetics” is derived from “aisthanomai” or “aisthetikos”, a Greek word which means “perception by the senses”. When used in [...]

What is CIF?

What is CIF? CIF stands for “Cost, Insurance, and Freight” and literally means that the seller, sender, or manufacturer of goods pays for the cost, insurance, and freight expenses. In the shipment of goods, CIF is one of many terms of contract for the sale of goods. In CIF, what is emphasized is the insurance [...]

What is Exposition?

What is Exposition? When the discussion is about discourse, there are four known rhetorical modes called argumentation, description, exposition and narration. However, this article will focus particularly on exposition. The importance of exposition is to provide information about a story, essay or a movie. Readers want more information before they continue to read a story [...]

What is Jigging?

What is Jigging? Jigging is a type of fishing using baits that are called jigs. Jigs are baits or fish lures covered with a soft body. And unlike many other types of baits, jigs are supposed to move in a jerky manner vertically, instead of horizontally gliding through the water. Jigging is said to be [...]

Who are the Aztecs?

Who are the Aztecs? In the 14th century, there were people who lived in a Central Mexico valley. These people were called or known as the Aztecs. The word Aztec came from the word Azatlan, which is known to be the place where Aztec tribe originated. Azatlan is a place in the northern part of [...]