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What is Easter?

In the Christian world, Easter represents the day when Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. Based on the writings of the Holy Bible, Christ’s supposed resurrection occurred three days after he was put to the cross by the Romans and died in Calvary. For many Christian denominations around the world, Easter represents the fulfilment of […]

What is Hebrew?

Hebrew is term used for the people who are descendants of Abraham based on the Holy Bible. It also refers to the language spoken by the same descendants. Many people consider the Jewish and Israelites of present times are the descendants of people who were called Hebrew in ancient or Biblical times. The first Hebrew […]

What is Epiphany?

Epiphany refers to a Christian celebration that commemorates the revelation of Jesus Christ as a human being. The word “epiphany” is synonymous with “revelation” or “manifestation” and Christ’s moment of revelation is typically associated with the visit of the three Magis or Kings after his birth in Bethlehem. January 6 is a common day of […]

What is Kismet?

Kismet is a term derived from the word ‘gismah’, an Arabic term. It is a synonym for destiny or fate. The term Kismet came to be used as an English word via the Turkish term ‘gismah’ which became ‘Kismet’ later implying Allah’s will in Islam, which people hold that it is a divine plan to […]

What is Hadith?

Hadith refers to a religious report in the Muslim community. The Hadith is said to contain text and stories about the things and activities of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Whatever the prophet did or say during his lifetime was said to be recorded in the Hadith. For many Islam followers, the Hadith is considered a […]

What is apologetics?

Apologetics is the science or act that defends the Christian faith. The Christian faith has many critics who question whether the existence of God is real or not. These skeptics also question the validity of the words found in the bible. Christian apologetics have the task of combating movements that seek to promote falsehoods about […]

What is Maundy Thursday?

Maundy Thursday is the other name used to refer to Holy Thursday. These are the initial three days where the events that preceded the Jesus’ crucifixion are remembered solemnly. The term Maundy is derived from Latin language word, ‘mandatum’ which implies commandment. During Easter holidays, Maundy Thursday is the Thursday that comes just before the […]

What is Jehovah Witness?

Jehovah Witness is a denomination that has varied beliefs different from the normal Christianity. They are popular for their rigorous evangelism and distinct Biblical translations. Members of Jehovah Witness hold that Jesus Christ was perfect as a man and He, as a person, is different from God the Father. They also hold that prior to […]

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism is both a religion and a way of life for some 300 million people spread across the world. Buddhism comes from the term “budhi” which means “to awaken”. The origins of this religion can be traced to some 2,500 years back when Buddha or Siddhartha Gotama received enlightenment when he was 35 years old. […]

What is Nirvana?

Nirvana refers to a major idea in Buddhist faith as well as the ultimate goal for all for all Buddhists. However, most Buddhists claim that it is impossible to describe this concept without really experiencing it. It is claimed that persons who have achieved nirvana have transcended beyond concerns of this world. Some religious people […]

What is Dharma?

The concept of Dharma originated from the doctrine of Hinduism, and is generally used to refer to the holder of cosmic order. Dharma comes from the Sanskrit word “Dhr,” whose meaning is to hold or support. In classical Hinduism, the concept and importance of Dharma can be explained by three primary texts, namely the Ramayana, […]

What is Gnosticism?

Gnosticism refers to a belief that started in the second century that claimed salvation can be acquired through hidden knowledge. The term Gnosticism is drawn from the Greek term, ‘gnosis’ which implies ‘to know’. Those who subscribed to this belief hold that the physical world is evil and only the spirit is pure. They used […]

What is FLDS?

FLDS stands for Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The FLDS is a religious sect that was once a part of the Mormon Church or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The FLDS broke away from the Mormon Church over disagreements on the practice of polygamy. The FLDS There is an […]

What is belief system?

A belief system is a set of principles, rules or values that guide people’s thoughts, actions and speech. Belief systems vary from one person to another and without them, people cannot function. Different cultures come up with a system of values that when applied, define how people in that culture conduct themselves. The understanding, acceptance […]

What is Asceticism?

Introduction: Asceticism is a religious concept followed by many people which actually requires practicing of self denial in order to get closer to God. Other actions in this regard also include self mutilation, sleep deprivation, fasting and celibacy. Asceticism is derived from a greek word “askesis” that refers to exercise, practice or training. Just like […]

What is Legalism?

Legalism is a belief in which people can preserve or earn salvation based on what they do. They believe that God favors them if they do this or don’t do this. This belief defeats the common faith of Christians that God will save people because of Jesus Christ’s obedient life and acts of love for […]

What is Quran?

Quran or Qur’an is the Muslim religion’s most sacred book. Christians have the Holy Bible while Jews have the Torah. For Muslims, Quran is their main book about their faith. Many of the entries included in the Quran are written during the time of Muhammad, the revered prophet in the Muslim religion. For all Muslims, […]

What is atheism?

Atheism is the belief or perception that Gods or deities do not exist in the universe.  In simple terms, atheism is the belief that there is literally no god.  The term “atheism” is derived from two root words namely “a” and “theos”.  “A” denotes absence or “no”, while “theos” means “god” or “deity”.  With these […]

What is Scientology?

Scientology is a religious organization founded by Ron L. Hubbard back in the 1950s.  The principles and beliefs of Scientology are based on Hubbard’s book called Dianetics which asserts that all physical and/or emotional stress that people feel are results of past memories.  Whatever happened in the past are said to have a great impact […]

What is Scientology?

Scientology refers to a religion or body of beliefs that was founded by L. Ron Hubbard back in 1952. Hubbard started off as a writer of various science fiction articles and self-help books. His ideas eventually evolved into the practice of Scientology which he founded and made a church called the Church of Scientology based […]

What is Judaism?

Judaism refers to the religion, culture, philosophy, beliefs, and practices of the Jewish people. The religious base of Judaism is founded on the Hebrew Bible called the Torah with some teachings rooting from other supplemental writings such as that of the Talmud and the Mishnah. For most Jewish people, Judaism started with the Lord’s commandments […]

What are ejaculatory prayers?

For Roman Catholics, ejaculatory prayers refer to very short prayers that can be done or recited at basically any time of the day as the need arises. These prayers are also called aspiration prayers as they usually involve things or requests to God that are wished or aspired for in a particular situation.  Although people […]

What is Brzee mantra?

For people who practice Hinduism and Buddhism, reciting mantras is a common part of prayer. These mantras pertain to words and sounds that are repeated over and over to help a person go into meditation or deep prayer. For some religion experts, the mantras in Hinduism are similar to the other prayers of some religious […]

What is ecumenism?

Ecumenism is a movement among various Christian groups and denominations to promote some kind of unity among themselves in terms of cooperation with various causes and projects and greater understanding of each others’ practices and activities. This term is often used and interchanged with any interdenominational movement within the Christian community. Christian groups and organizations […]

What is moksha in Hinduism?

In the Hindu religion, moksha refers to state of liberation or freedom from the natural cycle of life, death, and rebirth. When a person reaches moksha, he/she is said to be free from earthly influence and reaches closer to the Divine Being. In Hinduism, a person’s soul is said to pass through different life cycles […]

What is Iqama?

Iqama is a type of call or announcement for prayer among Muslims.  It typically comes after the adhan which is referred to as the first call to Islamic prayer.  While the first call or adhan is typically done with some melody, the iqama is often given out as a simpler call with no melodious tone. […]

What is Krsna consciousness?

‘Krsna,’ or ‘Krishna,’ refers to the Supreme Being in the world of Hinduism.  In this particular religion, God is said to bear many names, and one of them is ‘Krsna’ or ‘Krishna.’  When a person talks about Krsna consciousness, it simply refers to being with God or having a relationship with God.  For some people, […]

What is Dhikr in Islam?

In the world of Islam, ‘Dhikr’ refers to a type of prayer to God.  Also called as “Zikr,” Dhikr literally translates to a form of invocation or remembrance.  Dhikr is often done any time of day as a form of silent or personal prayers.  Remembering God is done by way of reciting the various names […]

What is EFY?

What is EFY? ‘EFY’ stands for ‘Especially for Youth,’ and it refers to a seminar program for young people who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  This seminar for youth is typically held for about one week and focuses on community, relationships, and the principles behind their church.  Participants of […]

What is MJAA?

What is MJAA? ‘MJAA’ refers to the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America.  It is an organization that started in 1915 as the Hebrew Christian Alliance of America.  Back then, most members of the organization were Jewish women who became Christians when they came to the United States.  During prayer meetings these women would help each […]

What is Jihad?

What is Jihad? Jihad is a term used by Muslims to mean some form of struggle or religious duty. In its literal sense, this term pertains to some form of effort or labor as a means of protecting one’s rights. Many believe that the term “jihad” was first connected with military effort. But eventually this […]

What is a Byzantine Catholic?

What is a Byzantine Catholic? A Byzantine Catholic is a person who is a member of the Greek Byzantine Catholic Church. It is one of several “Eastern” Catholic churches that are self-governing and have autonomy from the Roman Catholic Church. It still operates in communion with the Bishop of Rome which happens to be the […]

What is Lectio Divina?

What is Lectio Divina? Lectio Divina refers to an ancient way of reading and/or praying the Scriptures by members of the Roman Catholic Church. The term “lectio divina” has Latin roots and means “divine reading”. Lectio Divina is a form of deep and spiritual prayer with Scripture reading as the main component. And as with […]

What is Jainism?

What is Jainism? Jainism refers to a non-theistic type of religion that is said to originate in India during the 6th century BC. It is also said that this religion came into being at around the same time as Buddhism. Followers of Jainism are called “Jains” and their religion dictates them to live their lives […]

What is Enlightenment?

What is Enlightenment? “What is Enlightenment” is an essay or a question answered by philosophers of the past. Back in 1784, Immanuel Kant provided an essay on his views on the meaning of “enlightenment”. For him, enlightenment serves as the “exit door” from the present state of immaturity in the world. For one to become […]

What is Bhagavad Gita?

What is Bhagavad Gita? Bhagavad Gita refers to a Hindu scripture written about 2000 years ago. It is composed of 700 verses with rhyming lines which is why many people refer to it as a poem or a song. It is part of “Mahabharata”, a Hindu epic that is considered a very important part of […]

What is Evangelical?

What is Evangelical? The word “evangelical” relates to the gospels as written in the Christian Bible. It is rooted in the Greek word “evangelion” or “gospel” or “good news”. In its simplest sense, an evangelical would mean somebody that believes the writings on the four gospels of the Bible. In this context, being evangelical could […]

What is Islam Religion?

What is Islam Religion? Islam is the name of the religion practiced by Muslims around the globe. It is based on the Qu’ran, which serves as their main book when it comes to Islamic teachings. The Qu’ran represents the actual word of God for Islamic followers and it is through this book that Muslims are […]

What is INRI?

What is INRI? INRI are the initials you could find on the cross of Jesus Christ, right over His head. This was stated in the Bible specifically in the gospel of John chapter 19, verse 19. It is actually the Latin title which was written by Pontius Pilate, another prominent character in the Catholic accounts. […]

What is Sikhism?

What is Sikhism? Sikhism is a religious practice that is said to be monotheistic, or having the belief of the existence of only one God. Through the teachings of Indian Gurus, particularly Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the religion called Sikhism was born in India around the 15th century. As a religious organization, Sikhism is among […]

What is a Zoroastrian?

What is a Zoroastrian? A Zoroastrian is a person or follower of the religion or philosophy called Zoroastrianism. This religion began with the teachings of the prophet named “Zoroaster” (also called “Zarathustra”) in what is now called Iran (formerly Persia) during the 6th century BCE. As of today, there are about 150,000 Zoroastrians and most […]

What is Ijtihad?

What is Ijtihad? Ijtihad is the concept of making personal judgment on the various issues of life which is independent of any school of jurisprudence or the making of a choice or a decision that is not based on any teachings of Islam, but still captures the overall essence of this religion. It is said […]

What is WYD?

What is WYD? WYD stands for World Youth Day, a youth-oriented even founded and established by the Catholic Church. This is a celebration of the Catholic faith but is highly invitational to all catholic youths and others of religious convictions all around the world. The event was first conceptualized and initiated in 1985 by Pope […]

What is Rerum Novarum?

What is Rerum Novarum? Rerum Novarum is an encyclical or a memorandum sent to the church members of the Roman Catholic Church by Pope Leo XIII. Released in 1891, this particular letter or circular emphasized the Roman Catholic Church’s stand on a variety of social issues particularly those experienced by the working class. It was […]

What is Bhakti Yoga?

What is Bhakti Yoga? Bhakti yoga is a devotional type of yoga and is one of several yoga types based on Hindu philosophies and writings. It is called “devotional” since ‘bhakti” means some form of devotion to a personal God. The word “bhakti” has Sanskrit roots and signifies devotion based on typical human relationships whether […]

What is Ijarah?

What is Ijarah? Ijarah is an Islamic term generally referring to some form of rent or the hiring of services of a particular person. Some classify ijarah as having two types namely “Ijarah al-Ashkhas” and “Ijarah al-Ayan”. Ijarah al-Ashkhas literally means employing somebody, or hiring the services of another person. In simple cases the one […]

What is Kosher Wine?

What is Kosher Wine? Kosher wine is a kind of grape wine that is produced according to laws of Judaism. This wine is specially made for the Jews. In Hebrew, Kosher wine is called ‘yayin kashér’. Before Kosher wine is sold commercially to Orthodox Jews, the wine should secure a seal of approval or what […]

What is Jihad?

What is Jihad? Jihad as a word has Arabic roots meaning “to struggle” ,”strive”, or “labor”. It is a religious concept wherein followers of Islam are supposed to practice what they believe in despite being oppressed or persecuted. This struggle or effort may be in the form of fighting off the evil that’s within a […]

What is Heaven?

What is Heaven? People often learn about heaven through religions. Religions commonly define heaven as a destination, where people go to continue their existence after dying. In short, people are given an afterlife in heaven. Heaven is frequently described as the holiest place where a person could possibly be. Heaven is always associated with a […]

What is Muslim?

What is Muslim? Muslim and Moslem can be used interchangeably. The word Muslim pertains to a person supporting the Islam religion. The word literally means ‘one who submits to God’. It was known to all that every Muslim follows Sunnah. However, disparity in defining the Sunnah in terms of ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ […]

What is Diwali?

What is Diwali? The countries Nepal and India celebrate a festival known as Diwali. Hindus consider Diwali as a sacred celebration. However, other religions in India celebrate the same festival. Communities composed of Hindu, Jainist and Sikh from all around the globe celebrate Diwali. Such communities celebrate a mini festival of their own. There is […]

What is Evangelism?

What is Evangelism? Evangelism is the act of telling other people the good news found in the Bible. It is especially intended for those who haven’t found salvation through Jesus Christ yet. Evangelism is for those who are hungry of the truth about God’s gift to humanity. Evangelism, when translated to Greek, is “euaggelistes”. The […]

What is Zion ?

What is Zion ? Zion refers to the Biblical land of Israel – Jerusalem, where God dwells among his people. Reality emerges from Zion. Zion is located in Holy of Holies of First, Second and Third Temple. Zion was surrounded by valleys on all three sides. According to bible it was the City of David. […]

What is Rosh Hashanah?

What is Rosh Hashanah? Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year celebration. Jews observe this celebration on the first two days of Tishrei, the seventh month in the Jewish calendar, and is ten days before Yom Kippur. The Torah describes it as ‘Zikaron Terua’, or the remembrance of the blowing of the horn. Rosh Hashanah […]

What is Ramadan?

What is Ramadan? The ninth month of the Islamic Calendar, Ramadan is a very important period in every Muslim’s life. It’s a period of fasting, meant to bring every man closer to religion and during this month, eating, drinking or having sexual relations are prohibited, from day to dawn. The Muslims are supposed to pray […]

What is the Holy Spirit?

What is the Holy Spirit? The holy spirit is a Christian concept, and is one of the three persons of God. The other two are the god the father and god the son. The holy spirit is usually also referred to as the holy ghost. For many non-Christians, and frankly for many Christians alike, the […]

What is Eid?

What is Eid? Eid is the shorthand for Eid ul-Fitr, which is the Islamic celebration for the end of Ramadan. Ramadan is the Islamic month of fasting, which aims to strengthen a Muslim’s faith. Eid is a three day celebration marked with festivities, food feasts and gift giving. The term ‘Eid ul-Fitr’ literally means ‘festivity […]