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What is Bail?

What is Bail? Bail refers to property or money that is promised or pledged to a court in exchange for the temporary release of an individual who is supposed to be in jail. This pledge takes into account that the suspect or individual is expected to return to court for trial proceedings at a pre-determined [...]

What is CHPA?

What is CHPA? CHPA stands for Certified HealthCare Protection Administrator and it refers to a person who is considered certified in the area of healthcare security and management. For people in this area of business, the CHPA is the highest form of certification and only a few hundred people in the US are given this [...]

What is Hasawa 1974?

What is Hasawa 1974? Hasawa 1974 refers to the “Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974″. This is a legislated Act by the UK Parliament that defines and regulates certain standards and provisions to be followed by employers with regards to the health, safety, and welfare of their employees. This Act provides the basic [...]

What is annexation?

What is annexation? Annexation is term that refers to the binding of two different things into one part.  It can be applied to a variety of things including buildings, properties, and territories.  In its legal context, annexation relates to the consolidation of two different things or entities.  In this case, the thing being “annexed” is [...]

Who is Big Meech?

Big Meech is the nickname of Demetrius Flenory, one of two founding brothers of the BMF, or Black Mafia Family. Demetrius, or Big Meech, along with his younger brother Terry were involved in the selling of illegal drugs starting in the late 1980s.  Their drug trafficking activities were said to have started in their hometown [...]

What is EEO information?

“EEO information” refers to the information and laws that promote Equal Employment Opportunity as mandated by U.S. law.  Back in 1964, the federal government of the U.S. passed an act declaring equal opportunities for people who wish to find jobs in America.  Under the EEOC, or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, policies and laws relating [...]

What is Kuhlmeier?

What is Kuhlmeier? “Kuhlmeier” refers to the family name of a high-school student named Cathy who filed  a case against her school paper because of some concerns regarding freedom of speech.  This case became a landmark case in the U.S. because it involved the questioning of the supposed right and freedom of speech and/or expression [...]

What is Islamic Sharia Law

What is Islamic Sharia Law “Sharia” refers to an Islamic law that pertains to various practices and standards that cover religion, political concerns, moral standards, criminal activities, economics, and even personal concerns.  Most of the guidelines indicated in the Sharia law are sourced from the Quran which is the Holy Scripture for Islam followers.  The [...]

What is GBH?

GBH is harm caused by intention. It is penalized under section 18 and 20 in English law codes. GBH is an abbreviation of grievous bodily harm, and it is a harm caused by someone who has strong and revengeful intentions and harms the opponent physically. Wounds are usually not considered a gruesome crime and people [...]

What are inherent powers?

Inherent powers are types of power or authority that are innately possessed rather than derived from or bestowed by other sources. In the case of governments around the world, inherent powers are also referred to as intrinsic or built-in powers because they are not given by external sources. When a person or state for example [...]

What is CKC registration for dogs?

CKC registration for dogs refers to dog registrations administered by Canadian Kennel Club. This particular club is Canada’s primary and trusted dog registration agency and provides certifications to dogs that are classified as pure breeds or pedigrees. If a person owns a purebred dog in Canada, he/she can have his dog registered at the CKC. [...]

What is a PSV license?

PSV licenses refer to Public Service Vehicle licenses in the UK. These licenses are required for operators of so-called public service vehicles or vehicles that are intended for public use. When a vehicle is intended for hiring by about 9 or more passengers, the operator of this particular vehicle must secure a PSV license in [...]

What is a living trust?

Living trusts are legal documents created by people who wish to entrust applicable assets or property to him/herself or other people while he/she is still alive. Similar to a will, a living trust contains all the details on who should control a certain property, and which assets are to be taken cared of by specific [...]

What is EAJA?

EAJA refers to the Equal Access to Justice Act, a law in the US that allows the awarding of legal costs and fees to prevailing parties of cases or lawsuits that are filed against the US federal government. As long as the cases are considered justified, the prevailing parties involved may ask for the US [...]

What is martial law?

Martial law refers to a state wherein a particular country or region is under military rule or power. In extreme instances like massive riots, protests, and wars for example, some governments may be forced to use military power over the entire country or a particular district in order to restore peace and order. In most [...]

What is Martial Law?

Martial law refers to a situation wherein governments or leaders of a country are forced to take over a certain territory or an entire nation by means of military power or rule. The imposition or implementation of martial law is typically done during an emergency situation which could be temporary or may even be long-term. [...]

What is EOWA?

EOWA or the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency is an organization that is run by the Australian government to help promote equality in the workplace especially for women.  The main goal or function of the agency is to monitor eligible companies and organizations across Australia in terms of giving women the same [...]

What is judicial review?

Judicial review refers to a political process wherein the judicial branch of government is given enough powers to check the authority of other branches like the executive and legislative branches for example.  Through the judicial review process, some kind of check and balance is implemented in terms of the activities of the other branches.  In [...]

What is GEQD?

GEQD stands for Government Examiner of Questioned Documents and it refers to a government position with the basic task of providing forensic document analysis and services.  Many countries have their own so-called document examiners that are needed in various cases wherein there are disputed documents in terms of authorship or authenticity.  In India, there are [...]

What is author’s purpose?

Author’s purpose refers to the author’s intention in writing a certain article, passage, or story.  This purpose may be stated openly in a particular article or readers may need to dig a little deeper in terms of their reading in terms of getting the author’s purpose or actual intent. The author’s purpose may be informative [...]