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What is HWP?

HWP stands for Height Weight Proportion or Proportional. It is a term used by many people to describe themselves on various online sites like Craigslist for example. This particular site features classified advertisements and online forums on various topics and concerns like job postings, items for sale, community services, and personal services among others. Some […]

What is izzle?

Izzle is a suffix that is typically added to almost any word just to make sound different. Among the hip-hop community, various words are often converted into so-called slang terms and urban lingo. Famous rappers and hip-hop artists for example frequently use new slang terms in their music lyrics. One such slang terms is the […]

What is Hebrew?

Hebrew is term used for the people who are descendants of Abraham based on the Holy Bible. It also refers to the language spoken by the same descendants. Many people consider the Jewish and Israelites of present times are the descendants of people who were called Hebrew in ancient or Biblical times. The first Hebrew […]

What is bae?

Bae refers to a slang term for “baby” or “honey”. Instead of saying “Let us go honey”, a person can say “Let us go bae”. Bae is considered a recent addition to many slang terms that has become popular in the so-called pop scene. With its usage in sentences, the term “bae” is also considered […]

What is Kismet?

Kismet is a term derived from the word ‘gismah’, an Arabic term. It is a synonym for destiny or fate. The term Kismet came to be used as an English word via the Turkish term ‘gismah’ which became ‘Kismet’ later implying Allah’s will in Islam, which people hold that it is a divine plan to […]

What is Morphology?

Morphology refers to a section of linguistics that focuses on study of words. It deals with the internal structure of words as well as touches partly on their definition. Morphology is also keen on looking at how persons using a certain language master complex words and how they create lexical items that did not exist […]

What is Farsi?

Farsi refers to a language that is mostly used in Iran. It is derived from the Indo-Iranian language and is often referred to as Parsi or Persian by people from North America and Western Europe who speak English. Farsi is varies from English as it poses a huge challenge for Westerners who look to study […]

What is ESL?

The acronym ESL is commonly used in educational circles to refer to English as a Second Language. It basically means tutoring English to someone whose first language is not English. In the US, laws relating to education oblige schools to teach ESL in the classroom to any enrolled student who does not speak English as […]

What is Hyperbole?

Hyperbole refers to figure of speech. It is derived from a Greek term that means ‘overcasting’, exaggerating an issue or over emphasizing something. It is a literal tool where specific words or phrases are overemphasized to generate a noticeable effect. We use hyperboles very often in our day to day lives. For example when we […]

What is Eschatology?

Eschatology is a term derived from the Greek language that implies end, final, last and study of. In theoretical terms, eschatology means studying the final things. It is concerned with both personal issues like death as well as general issues. The later includes ideas such as resurrection, return of Christ, tribulation, judgment, millennial kingdom and […]

What is Kanji?

Kanji refers to a Chinese character or letter. The writing was designed by Chinese and was taken up by Japanese around mid-6th century. Kanji letters imply that the entire character communicates with meaning and not sound only. Originally, Kanji characters were depicted by images from nature but with time, they changed to more widespread presentations. […]

What is IPA?

The IPA stands for International Phonetic Alphabet and refers to a system of symbols that are used to represent the sounds that are present in different languages all over the world. It can represent different qualities of the oral language, including phonemes, separation of words, phones, intonation, and syllabication. Basically, the IPA is based on […]

What is WBFF?

WBFF is an urban or slang term that literally translates to “Work BFF or Work Best Friends Forever”. The original BFF term pertains to people’s best buddies or closest friends.  Some people consider their childhood friends as “BFFs” while others tag their siblings or cousins as their BFFs or best friends forever.  From BFF, this […]

What is doge?

Doge is a misspelled representation for the word “dog” and was popularized by an online picture post of a dog by a Japanese kindergarten teacher back in 2010. In Atsuko Sato’s personal online blog, the picture of a Shiba Inu dog was posted with the label and caption “doge”. This particular picture post eventually became […]

What is figurative language?

Figurative language is a type of language that involves describing or comparing items with other things other than giving its literal meaning.  It can be composed of one word or a phrase that is given for the purpose of giving comparison or clarity about certain ideas or situations.  Figurative language may also be used to […]

What is a hashtag?

Hashtags are words or phrases that are grouped together and preceded by the pound sign or hash symbol (#). These words or group of words are frequently used in social networking sites because they function like metadata or searchable items.  With the hash symbol attached to the words or phrases, these items can then be […]

What is DWYCK?

DWYCK or Dwyck is an urban slang term used by many young people in the world today. The term “dwyck” is said to have originated from a popular rap song back in 1992. Back then, the term was used to describe some other person as a “dick” or “asshole”. Instead of using these vulgar terms, […]

What is dyke?

Dyke is a slang or urban term referring to lesbians or lesbianism as a whole. When a person is described as a dyke, she is considered to be a lesbian and one that has a more masculine appearance. The term “dyke” is also spelled as “dike” in the past and it is usually considered foul […]

What Is Enmity?

According to the Holy Bible enmity means hatred or deep ill-will. Many popular dictionaries define enmity as a condition of hostility and animosity; another synonym is antagonism. In simple terms enmity can be described as an expressed feeling of hatred and dislike. In the Holy Bible, enmity is the translation of the Greek word (used […]

What is fufufu?

Fufufu is a Japanese translation for “hahaha” when laughing. Most of the time, the term fufufu is used as some kind of evil laughing but added with a humorous twist. The use of this term is usually applicable in situations wherein a person is trying to make fun of somebody else or plotting a practical […]

What does FML stand for?

FML is another acronym that is part of urban lingo or internet slang terms.  Many people encounter terms such as FML when chatting with friends or online or when seeing various post and comments by other people on social networking sites.  In today’s world, many terms such as FML are coined regularly to give new […]

What are CVC words?

CVC words are words that are created with the consonant-vowel-consonant sequence.  They are typically used in teaching young children learn how to spell and speak effectively. The teaching involved using CVC words highlight the importance of associating sound with their corresponding letters. With CVC words, there are only three letters involved and these three letters […]

What is gueule?

‘Gueule’ is a word with French origins, and it literally translates into ‘a person’s mouth or face.’ When a person overhears a conversation in French with the word ‘gueule’ used, more often than not, the sentence or phrase spoken of will be referring to the face or mouth.  As for the experts, the word ‘gueule’ […]

What is loquita?

In the world of the Internet and social networking sites, many people have encountered the word “loquita.”  Many have also noticed, especially young females, that they are called loquita by their male friends or boyfriends.  This is especially true for people who are Spanish-speaking or in areas where Spanish is also widely spoken along with […]

What is “muy bien”?

What is ‘muy bien’? ‘Muy bien’ is a Spanish phrase that literally translates to ‘very well.’  Some people who use this phrase may also mean ‘very good.’  The latter translation’s roots are based on the fact that ‘bien’ may also be loosely translated into ‘bueno’ which means ‘good.’  Depending on what a person’s intention is […]

What is “efharisto”?

What is ‘efharisto’? ‘Efharisto’ is simply the Greek term or translation for the English phrase ‘thank you.’  When people want to give appreciation to others that may have served them well, for example, they may say ‘efharisto’ instead of the English ‘thank you.’ Greek is the official language of Greece and its neighbor country Cyprus. […]

What is ASAP?

What is ASAP? ASAP is an acronym that stands for “as soon as possible”. It is one of the many acronyms that people are familiar about. Many people encounter the term “ASAP” in everyday conversations and communication media. Whether it’s on printed paper, the radio, television, or the internet, people could regularly encounter the term […]

What is duckbilling?

‘Duckbilling’ is an urban term or Internet slang that may have different interpretations depending on who uses it or how it is used in a sentence.  Many people refer to it, though, as smoking while sticking out one’s lips similar to a duck’s beak or bill.  This particular situation happens when smoking a cigarette which […]

What is BRW?

What is BRW? The term or acronym BRW has so many interpretations in the urban world.  The ever-growing popularity of internet chatting, mobile texting, and social networking has led to the creation of so-called new words or urban lingo.  One such lingo is BRW, which is pronounced as “brow”.  It is said that in the […]

What is the meaning of “Duh”?

What is the meaning of “Duh”? The term “Duh” is an expression that has a hint of sarcasm from the person saying it.  Duh literally means “of course” but with some sarcastic flavor to it.  This term is not just used to agree to something or an idea by implying that the particular idea or […]

What are Deuces?

What are Deuces? The term “deuces” refer to a way of saying “peace” or “goodbye”. It is a common word in terms of internet slang or urban lingo. This means that older people may not get it when hearing the term “deuces” from teens and other young people. A typical usage of the term deuces […]

What is Dull?

What is Dull? Dull is a term that can be interpreted with different meanings depending on the context that it is used in a given sentence or phrase. As a generic term, many use the term “dull” to denote something that is quite boring or life-less. Like when someone watches a TV show or a […]

What is Kafkaesque?

What is Kafkaesque? Kafkaesque is a term that describes a situation that seems very weird, bizarre, creepy, and/or illogical. When a person experiences something that is not common nor natural, this particular experience may be described as “kafkaesque”. This term was coined in reference to Franz Kafka, a writer from Prague which was part of […]

What is FJ?

What is FJ? FJ is an urban acronym or term that has different meanings. Urban lingos or terms like “FJ” are usually used by internet chat and text messaging fanatics. Much of the words and phrases are shortened into new words at the advent of online chat rooms and the popularity of sending text messages […]

What is a Memoir?

What is a Memoir? A memoir is a type of autobiography wherein the main content of a written material is about the writer. It is a genre of literature that involves writing about certain aspects and concerns of a person’s life. Most people understand “memoir” and “autobiography” as the same, but these two terms actually […]

What is Bliss?

What is Bliss? Bliss refers to a state of being extremely happy or joyful. It pertains to a feeling of elevated happiness, gladness, and even thankfulness. And as many people would agree, it is some kind of feeling that everybody would want to have. For the religious and prayerful, bliss is something that refers to […]

What is Identity?

What is Identity? Identity is a term that can be defined in so many different ways but it basically points to the characteristics of a particular subject that is considered its own. When referring to persons, identity is what makes somebody different from the rest of the population. It involves a person’s unique qualities and […]

What is Deutschland?

What is Deutschland? Deutschland is the “German” term for the country – Germany. Most of the world refers to this country as “Germany”, but aside from “Deutschland”, some French people refer to Germany as “Allemagne” and some people living in Poland call it “Niemcy”. But when in Germany, the official name of the country is […]

What is Homestead?

What is Homestead? Homestead refers to a person’s permanent home or property that includes the land on which the home stands on and other adjoining building or property. What qualifies as a homestead is the house in which the owner and his family live on. A home that is leased for other families does not […]

What is FYI?

What is FYI? FYI is an acronym that stands for “for your information”. The acronym or term “FYI” is commonly used in everyday correspondence particularly in written letters or emails. FYI literally means “for your information” and that the information or given in a particular message is intended to be shared to the reader. Some […]

What is Bajan?

What is Bajan? Bajan is a shortened term for “Barbadian”, referring to the people of Barbados, its culture, food, language, and many other things relating to this country. Barbados is a small island country in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean and has a land area of only about 431 square kilometers. Barbados may […]

What is Aureus?

What is Aureus? An aureus is a gold coin issued from the 1st to the 4th century BC in ancient Rome. The word “aureus” itself means gold in Roman and this particular coin is considered rare and precious for gold coin collectors. It was said that no other than Julius Caesar ordered for the aureus’ […]

What is Lying?

What is Lying? Lying is basically a means of deceiving someone by giving a statement that is false or untrue. People lie for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways. Even children are able to lie at a very young age just to satisfy their own desires. These children are already exposed […]

What is Kimosabe?

What is Kimosabe? Kimosabe is a term used by many to refer to a friend who has been very faithful. Kimosabe may also be spelled as “kemosabe” or may be written as “Kemo Sabe” or “Kemo Sabhay”. This particular term is said to have rooted from a radio and TV series involving the characters Lone […]

What is Avarice?

What is Avarice? Avarice refers to some form of excessive desire for material things or wealth. This term is commonly associated with the word “greed” and may not only refer to too much longing for materialism. In some definitions, avarice or greed may also mean an excessive desire for social status, pride, and power. In […]

What is Blyth?

What is Blyth? Blyth is a term that may have different meanings to various people. For those living in the UK, Blyth is a small town in the northeastern part of England. It is a civil parish belonging to Northumberland with a population of only about 35,000. The name of the town is said to […]

What is DFA?

What is DFA? DFA is another acronym or phrase that has become part of urban lingo or internet slang. But DFA actually has quite a lot of meanings to it, depending on the type of conversation a person is having with another. In today’s tech-savvy world, many young people spend much of their time on […]

What is Juju?

What is Juju? Juju is a West African term pertaining to some form of magical power coming from an object. It may also refer to the magical object itself which is venerated with so much superstition. This object is typically used as an amulet or a fetish by some tribes in the western African region. […]

What is IKR?

What is IKR? IKR stands for “I Know, Right” and it refers to a slang expression used by many people when agreeing to something or to a statement previously mentioned by another person. In today’s technology-savvy society, many words and phrases are coined each day especially by the younger people who frequently indulge themselves with […]

What is Properties?

What is Properties? Basically, when the term properties, is talked about, it refers to possessions or qualities owned by an individual. However, this does not only refer to human beings, but to other things and organisms as well. In finance, properties would refer to the items owned by a particular person. It could refer to […]

What is SMH?

What is SMH? SMH is short for “shaking my head”, an expression widely used in texting, on social networking sites, and on internet chatrooms. It refers to an expression or urban lingo that people use when they encounter something absurd or stupid that they cannot come up with the right words to describe it. And […]

What is Differentiation?

What is Differentiation? Differentiation refers to a way or procedure to distinguish one thing or concept from the other. It may be done by giving the basic definition of the two concepts or objects involved or it may require a more detailed enumeration of specifications of each of the items involved in order to make […]

What is Ambiguity?

What is Ambiguity? Ambiguity refers to something that is deemed uncertain or something that may have two or more meanings and/or interpretations. It may be applied to words, phrases, sentences, expressions, and even mathematical expressions. When one encounters something, like a word or an expression, that is unclear and cannot be interpreted directly or with […]

What is Euphemism?

What is Euphemism? Euphemism is metaphorical statement or alternative to an otherwise vulgar or offensive statement or expression. It may be used by speakers to amuse others or maybe even mislead listeners into thinking a different meaning from the original thought of the statement or expression. Others do it on purpose to follow certain guidelines […]

What is Kenning?

What is Kenning? Kenning is a synonym or an alternative word group that is used to replace a single word. It usually involves a group of two hyphenated words that is used in a sentence instead of the basic one word noun or object. By using hyphenated words, more emphasis is given to the particular […]

What is Darfur?

What is Darfur? Darfur has the Arabic meaning which is also known as the ‘realm of the Fur’ and an interesting geographical location in the western part of Sudan. It has been this vital region in the Arabic country which has been independently operating as a sultanate for centuries now. In 1916, this place has […]

What Is FAQ?

What Is FAQ? As of the moment, the term FAQ has already become so popular. It is primarily because of the information that it provides to the people. It has been a source of different ideas that are very relevant and are quite hard to search. Basically, FAQ stands for frequently asked questions. Some pronounce […]

What is a Metaphor?

What is a Metaphor? In the English language, a metaphor represents a figure of speech that involves an analogy of two seemingly different things but may have one characteristic or feature that may actually be similar with each other. By using comparison between two objects for example, a metaphor may state a fact or feature […]

What is Sleet?

What is Sleet? Depending on which part of the world a person lives, sleets may mean differently. In Canada, the UK, and Ireland, sleet refers to a mixture of rain and snow. During winter, when snow partially melts while falling down, then they are called sleets. In the US however, sleet refers to icy pellets […]

What is Passive Voice?

What is Passive Voice? In English grammar, passive voice refers to a situation in which the subject of a particular sentence or a clause is considered the recipient of the action or verb. This is the opposite of an active voice wherein the sentence construction involves the subject as the one “actively” doing or performing […]

What is Okies?

What is Okies? Okies is a 1907 slang which refers to the inhabitants or natives of Oklahoma. Basically, it is a term coined for migrant farmers who originate from the south central part of the United States. This is an expression to refer to people who are searching for job in the Southwest or West […]

What is Zeera?

What is Zeera? Zeera, also coined as Jeera, is a Hindi word which is translated to cumin seeds in English. It is an annual herb which could grow up to 35 to 45 centimeter in height. It bears certain appearances such as a stem that sprouts several branches, has finely divided and long leaves with […]

What is Third Person?

What is Third Person? Third person is considered the most commonly used point of view in the fiction style of writing. It is also a traditional form used in academic writing. The term refers to the grammatical person which composes of the pronouns he, she and they. There are authors and novelists who use the […]

What is Snot?

What is Snot? Snot is the slang term of nasal mucus. Mucus is the slippery secretion that is produced by nasal mucous membranes. These secretions typically contain water, glycoproteins, some inorganic salt, and antibodies or immunoglobulins that try to stop germs by killing them. The glycoproteins found in mucus are produced by goblet cells which […]

What is TOEFL?

What is TOEFL? TOEFL stands for “Test of English as a Foreign Language”. It is basically an English test administered by the ETS or Educational Testing Service. This test is taken by students who are non-native English speakers to demonstrate their English skills which are a basic requirement for entry into schools in many English-speaking […]

What is Uke and Seme?

What is Uke and Seme? Uke and seme are Japanese terms for male on male relationships with seme having the more dominant personality and having the more submissive personality. The terms “uke” and “seme” became popular and part of urban lingo because of its exposure on “yaoi” types of anime and several manga comic books. […]

What does Ulzzang Mean?

What does Ulzzang Mean? Ulzzang, or sometimes Uljjang, is a popular term used by South Koreans when describing people who have good looks. The term literally means “best face” in Korean. The term became so popular that people in Korea have contests for the best “ulzzangs” or people with the best faces. Some also reach […]

What are Irreconcilable Differences?

What are Irreconcilable Differences? Irreconcilable differences refer to differences between a married couple which are said to be irreparable and irreversible. This condition qualifies as a ground for divorce in some countries. Couples who want to end their marriage may use this ground to let the courts allow the dissolution of their marriage. In legal […]

What is HHG?

What is HHG? You might find a lot of technical terms associated with HHG. However, if you are interested on household related terms, HHG actually means Household Goods. This refers to all items that can be found inside your home that are tangible. They must also be moved from one place to another. This includes […]

What is Yayo?

What is Yayo? Yayo is an urban lingo or slang for cocaine. It originated from the Spanish word “llello” which is pronounced “yeyo” in the US. This is why some people sort of misspell the word and use “yeyo” instead of “yayo”. “Llello” or “yayo” is said to be popularized by an Al Pacino movie […]