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What is Womanhood?

What is Womanhood? Womanhood refers to a woman’s entry into adulthood. It pertains to the period after a female undergoes puberty which typically starts at around 10 years of age and ends at 18. In most countries and cultures, when a female person reaches the age of 18, she is said to have become a [...]

What is Poker Face About?

What is Poker Face About? Poker Face is the infamous song popularized by Lady Gaga, an American recording artist. This is included in the debut album entitled The Fame and produced by RedOne. The song is very popular among contemporary music and pop song enthusiasts. It has an up-tempo dance beat in G# minor key [...]

What is Villanelle Poetry?

What is Villanelle Poetry? Villanelle is a form of poetry, which has joined the English poetry during the 19th century from the replication of French models. Villanelle is an expression derived from the term “Villano” which is an Italian word that means peasant. Villanelle is originally known as a song created for dance, which is [...]

What is Passive-Aggressive?

What is Passive-Aggressive? Passive-aggressive is a personality trait that is considered manipulative in nature. People that are considered as “passive-aggressive” tend to be stubborn, unwilling to yield, and almost always disagree with a given situation. People who have this trait sort of makes it a habit to try to impose their view on particular situations [...]

What is Work?

What is Work? Work is something that people do to serve a particular purpose or out of certain need. People exert physical, mental, and emotional effort to reach a certain goal which may or may not have a direct impact to him or his environment. In the case of employment, people “work” for a purpose [...]

What is Boycott?

What is Boycott? Boycott is a voluntary act or effort of abstaining from purchasing, using, or dealing with a product or an organization as a sign of protest or dislike for goods, services, policies, and other reasons. Most boycotts intend to give pressure to companies to change policies or reform ways and means in order [...]

What is Editorial Photography?

What is Editorial Photography? One of the hobbies that have continuously evolved in the past years is photography. The purpose as well as the machines used to capture the subjects’ images changed through time; what used to be a simple picture-taking session is now a photo shoot, done with a scientific and artistic approach. Before, [...]

What is Information Literacy?

What is Information Literacy? Information Literacy refers to an individual’s ability to find, identify, manage, evaluate, and use information for a variety of applications. This supposed knowledge competency also involves knowledge in information and communications technology to meet the demands of the modern world. Information Literacy is said be important and considered as the basis [...]

What is Bikini Wax?

What is Bikini Wax? Bikini wax is also known as Brazilian bikini wax. Bikini wax is often scheduled during a preparation for a honeymoon, or during summer when women plan to wear bikini. Typically, bikini waxing is done at a spa, salon, or other parlors offering personalized services. The purpose of waxing is to remove [...]

What is Motivation?

What is Motivation? People are often driven by motivation to accomplish things. However, most people are not aware that what drives them is actually motivation. Different people have different personalities and so different motivation may be needed to drive an individual to achieve something. As for its definition, motivation is a force which drives a [...]

What is Climax?

What is Climax? Climax refers to the strongest part of a particular situation or story. Like when one talk’s about a series of events unfolding, the climax is like the peak of all situations that had happened. The word “climax” has Greek roots and its literal meaning is “ladder”. Climax is said to be the [...]

What is East Asia?

What is East Asia? East Asia refers to a sub-region in Asia also called as the “Far East”. This region comprises of the following countries: China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, and Mongolia. But some people also consider the ten countries of the “South East Asian” Region as part of this sub-region. Much of [...]

What is Attitude?

What is Attitude? Attitude refers to a person’s way of showing emotions depending on the way he/she feels or thinks. It may be influenced by personal experiences or other factors like a person’s surroundings, expectations from self and from others, and mindset. There are three basic components that contribute to a person’s attitude. One is [...]

What is Assault?

What is Assault? Crime has long been a problem by the authorities. One of the most common crimes is the assault. What exactly is an assault? Assault is defined as an act of violence against another individual. However, different jurisdictions have different requisites for a crime to be considered as an assault. In New Zealand [...]

What is January Birthstone?

What is January Birthstone? Garnet is the birthstone for January. It is commonly associated with a deep red color but actually comes in a wide variety of other colors except blue. Garnet is also associated with 2nd year wedding anniversaries. “Garnet” is derived from the Latin word “granatus” which means seed or grain. It is [...]

What are Friends with Benefits?

What are Friends with Benefits? “Friends with benefits” pertain to a relationship between friends who often have sexual intercourse but have no commitment to each other. In this type of relationship certain rules are agreed upon and each party must adhere to them to prevent breaking the relationship. No emotional attachment and expectations are involved. [...]

What is Jai Ho?

What is Jai Ho? Those who love watching Indian movies are well acquainted with their trademark song and dance scenes that are very well choreographed and executed. These scenes are an interesting and entertaining inclusion that has exposed the rich Hindi culture of song and dance. For centuries now, Indians have used song and dance [...]

What is Hoax?

What is Hoax? Everyday of our lives we listen to stories from friends and family that clearly contain an element of falsehood. There are various reasons for these half truths and tall tales. Depending on the intention of the narrator and the understanding of the person receiving this information the stories will receive various labels. [...]

What is a Maverick?

What is a Maverick? A maverick refers to a person who thinks and acts independently and does not conform to the basic rules of the society. A maverick takes action based on personal beliefs and not on somebody else’s prompting. Politicians are commonly associated with the word “maverick” as many of them defy common norms, [...]

What is Civilization?

What is Civilization? Civilization is considered a vague term. The term covers various interconnected cultural trends of humanity. Agriculture is a part of civilization where people have different means or ways in cultivating the land and domesticating animals. Construction of cities is also part of civilization. Therefore, civilization may be something that pertains to how [...]

What is Masons and Shriners?

What is Masons and Shriners? Masons and Shriners are two groups of people who belong to different but interconnected organizations. Masons are members of Freemasonry, a fraternal organization that has been around since the 16th century. Being a fraternity, members are all men. The brotherhood of Masons now number to about six million worldwide, and [...]

What is Goal?

What is Goal? Goal is a designated area or zone in sports where a ball or a puck is received in order to get a score. A goal can mean this physical space, which is usually a rectangular area which is marked around the perimeter; and the receiving post which is usually composed of a [...]

What is Hijack?

What is Hijack? Hijacking usually refers to hijacking of an aircraft. Hijack of an aircraft is known under the terms sky jacking and sky controlling. An aircraft is said to be hijacked when it is seized by an individual or group of individuals. Hijacking is unlawful. The passengers of the high jacked plane are commonly [...]

What is Burning Man?

What is Burning Man? Burning Man is an annual event that takes place on a whole week. The event is held at the Black Rock Dessert in northern part of Nevada, USA. Burning Man starts on a Monday and ends on a holiday, which is the American Labor day. The event’s name was taken from [...]

What is LMAO?

What is LMAO? LMAO is an acronym for ‘laughing my ass off’, an internet slang that is used to convey hilarity or exaggerated mirth. LMAO is usually used in chat rooms or in instant messaging (Yahoo!, MSN, etc), but it has also found its way into forums, emails and even in text messaging. LMAO belongs [...]

What is Day of the Dead?

What is Day of the Dead? Day of the dead is a day of the year which is celebrated in remembrance of friends and relatives who have passed away. Celebrated in many countries, this is an occasion that is observed annually. The most well known celebration of the day of the dead is probably in [...]

What is Music?

What is Music? One of the most unique aspects of human nature is the ability to express ourselves. Expression will serve a large number of purposes and will also be in many different forms. Through the various expressions we are able to communicate to others what we feel, think and even dream. The impact we [...]

What is Jacuzzi?

What is Jacuzzi? Jacuzzi, while generally used as a generic term for hydrojet bath tubs, is actually a brand name. Jacuzzi is the pioneer in the self contained jet action hot tub industry, and it has also managed to remain a market leader in the hydro-jet bathtub industry. There is some dispute as to who [...]

What is Victoria’s Secret?

What is Victoria’s Secret? Victoria’s Secret is an American retail chain specializing in lingerie. Aside from women’s undergarments, Victoria’s Secret also carries women’s wear as well as beauty products. Victoria’s Secret was the brainchild of businessman Roy Raymond. The business started in San Francisco, opening its first store in Palo Alto. The business was started [...]

What is Hookah?

What is Hookah? A hookah is a smoking device also referred to as a water pipe, because of the contraption’s use of water as a component to smoking. The hookah originated in the northern parts of India near the Pakistani border, and eventually spread to the Middle East. Today, hookah can also be found in [...]

What is Philippines Famous for?

What is Philippines Famous for? When people talk about countries, they tend to talk what makes a country famous. When you talk about the country Philippines what are things that come to your mind? There are actually a lot of things that make Philippines famous. Philippines can be proud of many things, especially when it [...]

What is The Illuminati?

What is The Illuminati? The Illuminati or “the enlightened one(s)” refers to a secret organization that was founded in the 18th century by radical thinkers in Bavaria. The term also refers to the members of the group. While not proven, many conspiracy theorists believe that Illuminati still exist up to today, influencing many major decisions [...]

What is Yom Kippur?

What is Yom Kippur? Perhaps the Jewish people are not going to the synagogue as often as they used to, and the number of secular Jews has increased, but on the day of Yom Kippur, most of them turn their faces to religion. This is arguably the most important holiday in the Jewish calendar and [...]

What is Kenya Known For?

What is Kenya Known For? Kenya is a country on the East of the African continent that borders the Indian Ocean. It is a country that is blessed with great natural beauty and resources. There are many great things that Kenya is known for and they include being the cradle of mankind since the remains [...]

What is Folklore?

What is Folklore? Folklore refers to stories, beliefs, experiences, and practices that are traditionally done by certain groups of people in a society. These “traditions” may be in the form of tales about fairies and other beings, music, legends, popular beliefs and even jokes. These things are passed on from generation to generation making the [...]

What is Genre?

What is Genre? Genre refers to the term used in categorizing pieces of literature, art, or culture. The categories or classes involve may contain a certain technique, content, or style which make them different from one another. The word “genre” has the same spelling in French and means “sort” or “kind”. In Greek terms, the [...]

What is Qin?

What is Qin? Qin refers to Emperor Qin of the Qin Dynasty in China which lasted for 221 BC and 206 BC. Emperor Qin, also called Emperor Yingzheng, along with Emperor Hu Hai were the rulers of this particular dynasty. The city of Xianyang in China’s Shaanxi Province became the center of the Qin Dynasty [...]

What is Baby Shower?

What is Baby Shower? In some countries, including the United States, baby showers are considered to be a tradition. They are usually a small get together, that consist of women, to celebrate the arrival of a new child. The term shower means that the expectant mother will receive lots of gifts that will help her [...]

What is Tutting?

What is Tutting? Tutting is a type of modern dance wherein body and arm movements are based on mathematical and/or geometric angles and shapes. This street dance style is also said to be interpretative in nature and some movements, especially those of the arms, are taken from hieroglyphics, or ancient Egyptian wall writings. The movements [...]

What is a Luau?

What is a Luau? A luau is a Hawaiian or Hawaiian-themed celebration or feast. It involves partying with lots of food and various entertainment including dancing and singing to the tune of Hawaiian music or “hula”. From its Hawaiian roots, the term “luau” has become synonymous with basically any celebration that is held on the [...]

What is a Furlough Day?

What is a Furlough Day? A “furlough” or a “furlough day” refers to a leave of absence that is temporary. It may be an excused leave from work, from military service, or even a prison term. In most cases, a furlough is voluntary but it may also be imposed upon a person involuntarily. Literally a [...]

What is Louisiana known for?

What is Louisiana known for? Louisiana is a southern state in the US with a population of almost 5 million people. This state is known for a lot of things but its largest city, New Orleans, is considered the place that defines the entire of Louisiana. New Orleans is a city named after the Duke [...]

What is Garba?

What is Garba? Garba is a dance that originated in the Gujarat region of India. It is performed usually by Indian women and is considered a popular folk dance in the said region. The word “garba” has Sanskrit roots and it means womb and/or small lamp. The traditional way of dancing the garba involves women [...]

What is Muqaddar?

What is Muqaddar? Muqaddar is a term used by Hindis and/or Arabs that pertain to one’s own destiny. It may be associated with the person’s specific career or his/her whole life. Many people also associate the word “muqaddar” with another term called “kismet”. Kismet also refers to one’s fate or destiny. But to some people, [...]

What is Emo?

What is Emo? Emo is a type of rock music that evolved from the original punk rock of the early 1980s. It differs from the original punk rock in the sense that “emo” music is said to have more “emotions” to it and its lyrics tend to be ridden with angst. The term “emo” is [...]

What is the Dougie?

What is the Dougie? The “Dougie” is a style of street dancing that became recently popular in the US with the release of the song “My Dougie” by the artist Lil’Wil. The dancing craze was said to have started in Dallas and has continued to gain popularity among young people and the hip-hop community. The [...]

What is Ethnicity?

What is Ethnicity? Ethnicity refers to ethnic groups and actually the terms can be used interchangeably. Ethnicity pertains to a group of people who share a common heritage, language, culture, religion, and ideologies. Oftentimes, ideologies pertain to customary ancestry. Being a member of such group brings realization of belonging to ethnicity. Acknowledgement from different group’s [...]

What is “doing the dougie”?

What is “doing the dougie”? “Doing the dougie” refers to a dance move or craze in the US, especially in the sports and music world. Doing this dance move means one is cool or fresh, referring to Doug E. Fresh, a famous rapper and beatbox artist of the 80′s who originally made the “dougie” moves. [...]

What is a bagua?

What is a bagua? A bagua is a tool used by Feng shui masters and experts in determining the so-called energy of a given space.  Feng shui is a geomancy system used by the Chinese and it is based on the laws of the earth and heavenly bodies.  Through tools like the bagua, experts on [...]

What is Arzak?

What is Arzak? Arzak is a popular restaurant located in the town of San Sebastian in Spain.  This world-famous restaurant is named after its owner, Juan Mari Arzak.  The restaurant serves Basque cuisine and is known by many food lovers and critics around the world. The location of the restaurant was originally the house of [...]

What is the Hestia symbol?

In Greek mythology, Hestia is considered the goddess of the hearth, the home, and the family.  This also explains why Hestia is symbolized by the hearth or a flame.  With her association to domesticity and the hearth, many people have taken the flame symbol as Hestia’s symbol. In various myths, Hestia is depicted as the [...]

What is Arya Samaj?

“Arya Samaj” is a type of reform movement focused on bringing the value of original Hinduism to modern-day Indians.  This reform movement was founded back in 1875 by a man named Swami Dayananda and was based mostly on various Vedic texts.  These texts, known as the Vedas, are known to be the oldest scriptures in [...]

What is Aztlan?

“Aztlan” refers to the mythical origin or homeland of the Aztecs which were part of either the Mexica or Nahua tribes.  Based on various writings, the term “Aztlan” supposedly means “place of whites” or “herons.”  Based on legends, various tribes of the Nahua group were said to live in various caves in the area called [...]

What is Bhakut?

In India a number of people follow astrology. A number of people believe that astrology can solve their financial, social, personal, and marital problems; therefore they always refer to astrology before making big decisions in their lives. One of the biggest decisions of life is marriage. People often refer to experienced astrologers to help them [...]

What is VJ day?

What is VJ day? VJ Day is short of Victory over Japan Day.  In some parts of the world, VJ Day is also referred to as Victory in the Pacific Day.  This particular day is a celebration for Japan’s declaration to surrender back in World War II.  By then, Japan’s action was considered to have [...]

What is foreshadowing?

What is foreshadowing? Foreshadowing is a literary technique wherein the author gives out hints or clues about possible plot developments that will occur in a latter part of a novel or story. These clues may be given out in a direct and obvious manner or may be in the form of complex and mysterious riddles. [...]

What is cultural competence?

What is cultural competence? Cultural competence refers to a trait wherein a person is able to coordinate, work, or interact with other people that are of different cultures and social backgrounds. A person is said to be cultural competent when he/she brings efficiency in terms of dealing with people of different ethnicity or backgrounds. This [...]

What is Byzantine?

Byzantine refers to the empire that ruled much of Europe back in the Middle Ages. It is said to be direct continuation of the original Roman Empire with Constantine as Emperor. The Byzantine Empire was named after the city of Byzantium, the original name of Constantinople, the new capital of the empire. Back then, the [...]

What is LGBT bullying?

LGBT bullying refers to bullying against Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders. Some people refer to the LGBT group as sexual minorities and many of them are subject to criticism, mockery, and/or bullying. For members of the LGBT group or community, most if not all, have stories of being laughed at or ridiculed because of their [...]

What is idolatry?

Idolatry refers to the worship or acts of reverence towards a certain idol, image, or thing.  Many religious groups across the world prohibit all activities that supposedly relate to idolatry. There are some people who argue though that the act of worship may at first glance be idolatrous but the actual act is not actually [...]

What is gyaru?

Gyaru is a Japanese term that literally refers to gals. This particular term started off with a brand of jeans that is known in Japan to be marketed towards the fashion-savvy and young Japanese girls back in the 1920s. From then on, the gyaru term was used over the years to refer to a specific [...]

What is Caesar’s opinion of Cassius?

Caesar or Julius Caesar is the central character of one of Shakespeare’s famous plays. In this particular tragedy, the character of Ceasar is presented as an evil dictator and head of Rome. Being the most powerful person in Rome during his time, many of the people around Ceasar plotted or conspired against him in order [...]

What is ethos?

Ethos is a Greek term that literally means “character”.  This word can be used to describe the character or reputation of a person, group or persons, an organization, and even an entire nation.  A person’s reputation and credibility is said to be part of his/her ethos. As for Greek philosopher Aristotle, Ethos is just one [...]

What is hump day?

Hump day is the day of the week that is supposedly similar to a hump because of the pressures and activities of that particular day. In most cultures around the world where Sunday is the first day of the calendar and Monday is the first day of the work week, Wednesday is considered the hump [...]

What is Hanukkah?

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that runs for eight days at around late November and late December based on the Kislev calendar.  The term “Hanukkah” literally means dedication and this is the reason why this festival is also known as the Feast of Dedication. The dedication message of this festival relates to the re-dedication of [...]

What is Halloween?

Halloween is an annual event or celebration in many countries around the world and is held every 31st day of October. This day is said to be the “eve” of “hallow’s day or evening”. November 1 is often referred to as “All Hallow’s Day” wherein the world of Christianity celebrates the souls of the dead [...]

What is Diwali festival in India?

India’s Diwali or “Deepavali” festival is known as the festival of lights. For most Hindus, Diwali is considered the most popular and most colorful festival in the Indian calendar. It is usually celebrated around mid-October to mid-November depending on when the darkest new moon happens based on the Hindu Lunisolar calendar. The festival is celebrated [...]

What is Quanza?

Quanza refers to a celebration among black people in the US in other parts of the Americas.  More popularly known as Kwanzaa, “Quanza” was first celebrated back in 1966 as a way of honoring the African roots of all black people across the US and in other countries.  The celebration is held around Christmas time [...]

What is utilitarianism?

Utilitarianism refers to an ethical theory that involves the idea of whatever makes more people happy or satisfied is generally the right thing to do or the right course of action to take.  If more people are pleased with a certain attitude for example, then this kind of attitude considered utilitarian because it represents something [...]

What is urbanization?

Urbanization refers to the worldwide trend of migration or movement of people from rural areas like farmlands to areas where there are more people called urban areas, towns, or cities.  A certain area is considered highly urbanized when its population will steadily increase due to the influx of people from other areas, mostly rural ones. [...]