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What is Nirvana?

Nirvana refers to a major idea in Buddhist faith as well as the ultimate goal for all for all Buddhists. However, most Buddhists claim that it is impossible to describe this concept without really experiencing it. It is claimed that persons who have achieved nirvana have transcended beyond concerns of this world. Some religious people [...]

What is Litigation?

The term litigation is often used to refer to proceedings commenced between two parties with the aim of defending or enforcing a legal right. Generally, litigation is settled when parties agree though it can also be heard by a judge or a jury in a court of law. Contrary to common belief, litigation isn’t just [...]

What is Forensic Science?

Forensic science refers to any discipline that serves the purpose of law to provide objective scientific proof that can be used in legal processes such as criminal trials and investigation. It is a multi-disciplinary area of study that principally draws from biology and chemistry, geology, physics, social sciences and psychology. In a criminal investigation, investigators [...]

What is computer science?

Computer science is a field of study that involves that covers everything that happens behind computers and mathematical computations. Being a science, computer science involves precise and accurate studies regarding the procedures, expressions, and algorithms used in computations or data processing. Access to electronic information for example actually takes computer science to run in the [...]

What is heritage?

Heritage pertains to a wide range of topics that is inherited such as monuments, culture, traditions and objects. Heritage also deals with the different meanings, behaviors and contemporary activities that each draw from the inherited idea or item. Heritage also includes preservation, excavation, display and restoration of old items, and they may be either intangible [...]

What is Purgatory?

The concept of purgatory originates in the doctrine of the Roman Catholic, and is used to refer to the place wherein souls are purified of sin. The scriptures of the Roman Catholic state that a person’s soul will spend some time in the purgatory before being allowed to go to Heaven. The doctrine does not [...]

What is Feudalism?

Feudalism refers to an organized system of ownership of land that was popularly used during the Middle Ages. Under this system, all of the kingdom’s lands belong to the king, but can be given to nobles or “lords” that served and fought for the royalty. These pieces of lands that were given to lords are [...]

What is Dharma?

The concept of Dharma originated from the doctrine of Hinduism, and is generally used to refer to the holder of cosmic order. Dharma comes from the Sanskrit word “Dhr,” whose meaning is to hold or support. In classical Hinduism, the concept and importance of Dharma can be explained by three primary texts, namely the Ramayana, [...]

What is PBIS?

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports that establishes the needed behavioral support needed by students to be successful. PBIS provides for the creation and sustainability of programs in schools, classroom and individual support systems for the students. The goal of PBIS is to strengthen the support system of a student so that he [...]

What is MBA?

MBA stands for Masters degree in Business Administration and is considered as one of the most sought after post-graduate courses. Top universities from different parts of the world offer this post-graduate course. Students enrolled in an MBA program learn about the theories of business and management as well as the practical application of these theories. [...]

What is impeachment?

Impeachment refers to the quasi-criminal proceedings of the Senate that is done to take out a government official from its post. Impeachment is composed of a complicated series of action undertaken by the legislative body in order to remove a public official from office. In an impeachment, the congress acts like a grand jury and [...]

What is higher education?

Higher education typically refers to the education for tertiary level. Tertiary level of education has two categories according to the international definition of what tertiary level is. These two categories are higher education and further education. Higher education refers to the college or university courses that are typically completed within three or four years. Those [...]

What is Blood Doping?

Blood Doping is a term used to refer to the illegal process of enhancing the athletic ability of athletes. Blood doping occurs when artificial methods are used to boost the ability of an athlete’s blood to carry more oxygen to body muscles. In most cases, blood doping works by increasing the level of hemoglobin available [...]

What is Family Law?

Family law refers to an extensive arm of law that looks into matters relating to family and domestic relations. Family law focuses on issues relating to marriage, domestic partnerships and civil unions, surrogacy, adoption, child abduction and abuse, relationship termination and ancillary matters such as divorce, property settlements, annulment, child custody and support, visitation, alimony [...]

What is heredity?

Heredity pertains to the summation of all the characteristics an offspring gets from his or her parents. Heredity discusses two observations about living things. First, is the steadiness of characteristics of the specie jumping from one generation to another. The second pertains to the variation of each living thing belonging to the same species. Heredity [...]

What is Satanism?

Satanism is a belief where the believers are atheists who are indifferent to the universe and things in it. Satanists think that the values and morals that people follow and believe in are just mere constructions of the humans. Satanists believe in being self-centered since the individual is the most important person and is the [...]

What is American exceptionalism?

American exceptionalism is a concept that pertains to the ability of US to remain a free country that practices personal freedom, as well as democratic ideals. American exceptionalism may also refer to the character of the US political institutions in the 17th century during the declaration of its independence, the US revolution and the creation [...]

What is Al-Qaeda?

Al-Qaeda is a group composed of Islamic militants who have declared a holy war against Jews, Americans and allies. The Al-Qaeda is said to be the force behind the September 11 attacks that killed thousands of people in the US, as well as other terrorist attacks in different countries. The leader of the Al-Qaeda is [...]

What is lre in special education?

LRE stands for least restrictive environment and LRE in special education is a law that school children who are disabled must still get an education along with the nondisabled students as much as possible. This means that those with learning disabilities should not be taken out of regular classes. Disabled students can only be removed [...]

What is grand larceny?

Grand larceny is the illegal taking of another’s property which exceeds a certain amount. Grand larceny is similar to theft as both crimes pertain to the illegal taking of a property or properties, except that the property or properties taken under grand larceny is of higher value. Property can pertain to different items such as [...]

What is Mesoamerica?

Mesoamerica is a cultural region consisting of several states from Central Mexico to Northern Costa Rica. It is one of the six pioneer areas in the word of ancient civilization where most of pre-Columbian societies have settled before the Spanish colonization in 15th and 16th century. Mesoamerica is exceptionally diverse in terms of its geographical [...]

What is Judicial Activism?

Judicial activism is an approach used to exercise judicial review of court decisions involving issues of constitutionality and validity of executive actions or legislative acts. The term judicial activism was coined by Arthur Bancroft Schlesinger, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the “Age of Jackson” and famous history professor in Harvard University. Under the principles of [...]

What is Gnosticism?

Gnosticism refers to a belief that started in the second century that claimed salvation can be acquired through hidden knowledge. The term Gnosticism is drawn from the Greek term, ‘gnosis’ which implies ‘to know’. Those who subscribed to this belief hold that the physical world is evil and only the spirit is pure. They used [...]

What is Efficacy in Education?

Efficacy is the ability to generate an effect. In education, the term implies the personal belief among school administrators and teachers that their activities have a direct impact on the performance of students. With numerous strategies, programs, administrative responsibilities and teaching approaches competing for teacher’s attention, educators always have to balance their efforts against the [...]

What is BLM?

BLM is the acronym for Bureau of Land Management, an agency of the United States Department of Interior. BLM is responsible for the administration of an estimated 247.3 million areas that consists public land in the US. Public land makes up about one eight of America’s land mass. In addition, BLM manages the subsurface mineral [...]

What is criminology?

Criminology pertains to the study of criminals and their behavior as well as the response of the society to criminality. Criminology deals with the various theories of crimes, the law enforcement aspect in response to the commitment of a crime and the society’s attitude towards criminal activities, among others. Criminology is also offered as a [...]

What is LexisNexis?

LexisNexis refers to a database which contains legal documents and archives of periodicals. Some examples of publications classified under periodicals include newspapers, magazines, and journals. This extensive archive of different types of searchable content is commonly used worldwide by people who practice in different fields. In order to gain access to LexisNexis, a subscription fee [...]

What is Haiku?

The traditional type of Japanese haiku refers to a poem with three lines, which consists of a total of seventeen syllables. The lines are written in a 5/7/5 syllable count, and the theme of this type of poem is usually about nature. The Japanese haiku puts emphasis on intensity, simplicity and the straightforwardness of expression. [...]

What is Kwanzaa?

Kwanzaa is a celebration of the African-American that pay tribute to the values and culture of Africa and their ancestors. The Kwanzaa was created by the chairman of the Black Nationalist Organization, Maulana Karenga back in 1966. The term Kwanzaa is taken from the phrase “matunda ya kwanza” which is a Swahili phrase that pertains [...]

What is double jeopardy?

Double jeopardy refers to a legal right of a person to not be put on trial twice for the same offense committed. If a person is already put to court for a certain crime, he/she cannot be prosecuted again in another court or the same court for the same crime as stipulated by the double [...]

What is chi?

Chi is a kind of energy based on traditional Chinese and/or Taoist philosophy. In the case of the human body, chi is considered the life force that makes every organ or part function the way they are supposed to be. The flow of energy in the body is said to accompany the bloodstream reaching every [...]

What is iambic pentameter?

Iambic pentameter refers to a poetry line that includes a rhythmic flow of words through the alternate stressing and un-stressing of syllables. In poetry, syllables are often referred to as “feet”. “Iamb” is considered a type of “foot” and when five of these are used in one line, they are referred to as being in [...]

What is LCSW?

Introduction: LCSW stands for licensed clinical social worker. These workers are expert in various fields and can work professional in every field, but only after meeting some particular requirements. LCSW is basically a license or certification for becoming a well reputed social worker but this may not always be the case. Some states do not [...]

What is a sonnet?

Introduction: English poetry has taken its origin from a very ancient time, and as the time passed, it became more and easier to understand it with the introduction of its categories and types. Sonnet is actually a poem containing fourteen lines, and each line contains ten syllables in it. Sonnets are further divided into groups [...]

What is Hautue Couture?

Introduction: Fashion differs as we move from one country to another. Its importance, taste, trend and worth vary with respect to the region. Hautue Couture is a particular term that is used for high class fashion; this term was introduced in French as the French fashion is considered to be the highest class. The dresses [...]

What is Financial Aid?

Introduction: The term “financial aid” is used in many contexts these days. Educational institutes use this term for helping out the needy students in their finances so that they can pursue their studies without any financial problem. Countries use this term for giving some finance to the poor countries. But in the long run, this [...]

What is Lien?

Lien refers to a warning or a notice that is given to a property owner saying a certain creditor claims that you owe him or her money. Generally, lien is a record that is made public. For actual properties, liens are registered at the count record office or with an agency of state such as [...]

What is GED?

GED is an abbreviation for General Education Development. It refers to a process of gaining a high school diploma equivalence commonly referred to as a GED credential or certificate. A GED credential is issued to persons who take and pass a GED test. GED tests are offered by the GED testing service. Essentially, GED is [...]

What is Liberal Arts?

Introduction: The term Liberal arts can be taken in several meanings. It is can be used to refer to different disciplines of history, art and literature. In ancient days liberal arts were those skills that were considered necessary in order to be an active citizen. Those skills included public speaking, self-defense in court, military service [...]

What is ESL?

The acronym ESL is commonly used in educational circles to refer to English as a Second Language. It basically means tutoring English to someone whose first language is not English. In the US, laws relating to education oblige schools to teach ESL in the classroom to any enrolled student who does not speak English as [...]

What is Hyperbole?

Hyperbole refers to figure of speech. It is derived from a Greek term that means ‘overcasting’, exaggerating an issue or over emphasizing something. It is a literal tool where specific words or phrases are overemphasized to generate a noticeable effect. We use hyperboles very often in our day to day lives. For example when we [...]

What is defamation of character?

Defamation of character is the term used to describe a false statement that was said to malign or assassinate the character of another person intentionally. Defamation of character is considered illegal, but it is however difficult to prove in the court of law. In order to prove that a defamation of character has taken place, [...]

What is Jim Crow Laws?

Jim Crow laws refer to both local and state laws that were implemented in the Southern region and borders of the United States after 1876. These laws were enacted in order to separate white Americans from African-American in public schools, restaurants, public transportation, hotels, libraries, and other public facilities. Additionally, these laws also restrict the [...]

What is Eschatology?

Eschatology is a term derived from the Greek language that implies end, final, last and study of. In theoretical terms, eschatology means studying the final things. It is concerned with both personal issues like death as well as general issues. The later includes ideas such as resurrection, return of Christ, tribulation, judgment, millennial kingdom and [...]

What is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is a huge festival held once every year in Germany’s Munich, Bavaria area. The festival runs for 16 days starting late September and ending in early October. Oktoberfect is among the most popular city events and the largest fair in the world. It is estimated that the event is attended by 6 million people [...]

What is FLDS?

FLDS stands for Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The FLDS is a religious sect that was once a part of the Mormon Church or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The FLDS broke away from the Mormon Church over disagreements on the practice of polygamy. The FLDS There is an [...]

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo means “Fifth of May” when directly translated into English. This refers to a holiday celebrated by the Mexicans to commemorate the Battle of Puebla that occurred on May 5, 1862. In the year 1861, a massive army was sent by the French to invade Mexico, and because the French army was bigger [...]

What is Deviance?

In the field of sociology, deviance refers to behaviors which violate social norms and formal rules that are enacted. Crime is an example of deviance from formal rules, and informal violation or absence of conformity to social norms include the rejection of traditional ways. Norms simply refer to expectations and conventional rules that guide the [...]

What is Kanji?

Kanji refers to a Chinese character or letter. The writing was designed by Chinese and was taken up by Japanese around mid-6th century. Kanji letters imply that the entire character communicates with meaning and not sound only. Originally, Kanji characters were depicted by images from nature but with time, they changed to more widespread presentations. [...]

What is doctrine of lapse?

The doctrine of lapse deals with the succession of the throne among Hindu Indian states. It was devised by the governor-general of India, Lord Dalhousie. The doctrine of lapse was an outcome of Britain’s doctrine of paramountcy which had the ruling power of the Indian subcontinent at the time. Under the doctrine of lapse, a [...]

What is Avid?

Avid is the elective class which is offered to high school students in the preparation for a four-year college course. Students, who want to work hard for college eligibility, have good attendance, and satisfactory citizenship and GPA of at least 2.0 can take this elective class. Avid elective class meets for five hours a week [...]

What is BLS certification?

BLS stands for Basic Life Support and it refers to the initial medical support given to a person in an emergency in the absence of medical personnel or help. A person who wishes to become a medical first-responder or an emergency medical technician for example will have to get BLS certification in order to provide [...]

What is GRE?

GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination and it refers to a test administered by ETS or Educational Testing Service. People who wish to go into graduate school may take GRE as part of entry requirements by post-graduate schools in the US and in some other countries. Students who have just graduated with a bachelor’s degree [...]

What is fair use?

Fair use refers to a policy that is covered under the Copyright law which allows use of copyrighted material without necessarily having to seek a permit from the original writer or author for example. Through fair use, some or part of the contents of copyrighted material may be used freely. The interpretation and application of [...]

What is knowledge?

Knowledge refers to a state wherein a person knows something or has information about something. It also pertains to something that one has learned, applied, or understood. Knowledge may also be in the form having facts for certain things or having experienced something. For different people, acquiring knowledge may be done through different ways and [...]

What is gypsy?

A gypsy is an individual that comes from an ethnic group referred to as Romani. Research indicates that Romani people left India for Europe around 1500 years ago. Individuals and groups with dark skin and lead a nomadic life are often referred to as gypsies. Gypsies have dark skin as Romani populations have a high [...]

What is criminal law?

Criminal law deals with the set of statutes and rules made by various governments on how citizens should conduct themselves in neither manner that does not threaten nor harm or compromise the safety and welfare of the general population. Criminal law also sets out the punishments for those who have committed criminal acts. Felonies vs. [...]

What is Art Deco?

Art Deco or “style moderne” is a movement in the field of architecture and decorative arts that started way back 1920s. It was developed to be a major style in the United States of America and the western part of Europe in1930s. The name Art Deco is derived from the “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs [...]

What is IPA?

The IPA stands for International Phonetic Alphabet and refers to a system of symbols that are used to represent the sounds that are present in different languages all over the world. It can represent different qualities of the oral language, including phonemes, separation of words, phones, intonation, and syllabication. Basically, the IPA is based on [...]

What is Ibid?

Ibid is short for ibidem, which is a Latin word that means “the same place.” The term ibidem is usually used in footnotes of scholarly texts and materials, so the author will not have to cite a lengthy title over and over again. The writer can reference the title in a footnote and then use [...]

Who is Jay’s Treaty?

Jay’s Treaty was also known as Treaty of Commerce and Navigation which was established on November 19, 1794. This agreement was made to relieve the conflicts between America and Great Britain that were not resolved since the American independence. This also gave way for America to build a sound economy and assured its commercial prosperity. [...]

Who is Hassan Sheheryar Yasin?

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin or also known as HSY is a Pakistani fashion designer who is affiliated with La Chambre Syndicale De La Couture Parisienne in France and he currently serves as member of the board of directors and executive committee of Pakistan School of Fashion Design. He also became part of different international fashion shows [...]

What is Mestizo?

Mestizo is a term that refers to descendants of indigenous Americans and the Spanish. It is a Spanish term that means mixed. The term is used traditionally in Latin America to refer to persons of mixed nationality, particularly American and European origin. The term was common in Spanish empire at the time when American colonies [...]

What is Arbitrary Detention?

Arbitrary Detention is the kind of detention of an individual without due process or court trial. Those who are arbitrary detained were not given any explanation as to why they are being held. Their whereabouts are unknown from their families or the public and they usually suffer from physical or psychological torture during interrogation. They [...]

what is alliteration?

Writing poems can be a bit boring when you only concern yourself with how the ends of your sentences rhyme. But rhyme isn’t the only thing that can make or break a good poem. Most of us are even aware that some great literary works doesn’t even rhyme. It’s not really necessary and even poets [...]

What is France Known For?

French is famous for its culture and the cultural heritage of its people. Ever since the fundamentals of modern Europe were established, France has played a major role in the European region. French art, music, architecture, monasteries, courts and literature played an important role on refining the western culture. After the resurgence, European cultures grew with [...]

What is belief system?

A belief system is a set of principles, rules or values that guide people’s thoughts, actions and speech. Belief systems vary from one person to another and without them, people cannot function. Different cultures come up with a system of values that when applied, define how people in that culture conduct themselves. The understanding, acceptance [...]

What is Otolaryngology?

Introduction: With the advancement of medical science, there has been formed many specialized fields for every disease. Doctors can now study each and every body part in detail, having specialized trainers with latest and advanced research. Otolaryngology is also a specialized field of medical sciences that deals with the study of ear, nose, throat, face, [...]

What is Exponential Notation?

Introduction: In the field math that actually matters we rarely deal with numbers in the range of 1-100. Science likes to deal with number that are often too big for the human mind to comprehend. In the field of Chemistry a mole is the standard for the substance. A mole of apples would be 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 [...]

What is Asceticism?

Introduction: Asceticism is a religious concept followed by many people which actually requires practicing of self denial in order to get closer to God. Other actions in this regard also include self mutilation, sleep deprivation, fasting and celibacy. Asceticism is derived from a greek word “askesis” that refers to exercise, practice or training. Just like [...]