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What is a good SAT score?

SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test is an exam typically given to graduating high school students for the purpose of college admissions. Some high school students as early as their sophomore years may take the SAT. For a student to be accepted at a reputable school, he/she must have a good SAT score. Most colleges and […]

What is Easter?

In the Christian world, Easter represents the day when Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. Based on the writings of the Holy Bible, Christ’s supposed resurrection occurred three days after he was put to the cross by the Romans and died in Calvary. For many Christian denominations around the world, Easter represents the fulfilment of […]

What is due process of law?

Due process of law is a type of guarantee that a person’s legal rights are honored and expected as indicated or stipulated in a given law or rule. It also denotes fair treatment to any person based on what a particular law dictates. In many countries around the world, the concept of due process or […]

What is loitering?

Loitering refers to the act of staying or remaining at a particular place for a prolonged period but with no apparent or definite purpose. When a person stays in hallway of a public building for example and he spends long hours doing nothing in that particular space, he may be charged with loitering. In some […]

What is inquiry-based learning?

Inquiry-based learning is a learning or teaching technique wherein a question or a problem is given at the start to stimulate the learning process. Instead of providing the students or learners with facts at the beginning, they are given a problem to solve or question to answer. Once the problem is presented, the learners will […]

What is HWP?

HWP stands for Height Weight Proportion or Proportional. It is a term used by many people to describe themselves on various online sites like Craigslist for example. This particular site features classified advertisements and online forums on various topics and concerns like job postings, items for sale, community services, and personal services among others. Some […]

What is life?

Life is a philosophical term which can be interpreted in so many different ways. Depending on the views and beliefs of a person, life may have varied meanings. In general, life is considered the main distinguishing factor between humans or animals and inorganic objects for example. In the scientific view of things, life involves growth […]

What is izzle?

Izzle is a suffix that is typically added to almost any word just to make sound different. Among the hip-hop community, various words are often converted into so-called slang terms and urban lingo. Famous rappers and hip-hop artists for example frequently use new slang terms in their music lyrics. One such slang terms is the […]

What Is The Goddess Of Athena

Introduction:- Athena is considered to be the goddess of wisdom as well as military victory in the Greek mythology. She was the half-sister of Hercules and the patron of a city which is also named after her. Zeus, and metis who were a nymph are considered to be her parents according to the mythology. Explanation:- […]

What is Hebrew?

Hebrew is term used for the people who are descendants of Abraham based on the Holy Bible. It also refers to the language spoken by the same descendants. Many people consider the Jewish and Israelites of present times are the descendants of people who were called Hebrew in ancient or Biblical times. The first Hebrew […]

What is bae?

Bae refers to a slang term for “baby” or “honey”. Instead of saying “Let us go honey”, a person can say “Let us go bae”. Bae is considered a recent addition to many slang terms that has become popular in the so-called pop scene. With its usage in sentences, the term “bae” is also considered […]

What is Epiphany?

Epiphany refers to a Christian celebration that commemorates the revelation of Jesus Christ as a human being. The word “epiphany” is synonymous with “revelation” or “manifestation” and Christ’s moment of revelation is typically associated with the visit of the three Magis or Kings after his birth in Bethlehem. January 6 is a common day of […]

What is white paper?

White paper is an informational document handed out by firms as part of their marketing efforts. These papers aim to highlight or promote a particular product, service or solution in order to gain new clients and customers. White papers are made and written to inform the target audience about the service, product, methodology and technology. […]

What is FAFSA?

FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid which is what the US Department of Education or US ED uses as a form in determining the EFC or Expected Family Contribution. The EFC is determined by the “need analysis” which takes in consideration the various financial data such as assets, income and other household […]

What is Kismet?

Kismet is a term derived from the word ‘gismah’, an Arabic term. It is a synonym for destiny or fate. The term Kismet came to be used as an English word via the Turkish term ‘gismah’ which became ‘Kismet’ later implying Allah’s will in Islam, which people hold that it is a divine plan to […]

What a TWIC Card?

TWIC basically stands for Transportation Worker Identification Credential, an initiative by the US government to provide a common identification credential for individuals to have passage through facilities regulated by the Maritime Transportation Security Administration (MTSA). These facilities include any vessels involved in navigation and maritime work under the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002, whether […]

What is Hadith?

Hadith refers to a religious report in the Muslim community. The Hadith is said to contain text and stories about the things and activities of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Whatever the prophet did or say during his lifetime was said to be recorded in the Hadith. For many Islam followers, the Hadith is considered a […]

What is exercise science?

Exercise Science is a bachelor’s degree program in college that is focused on health and exercise. This program is good for people who wish to study the health effects of exercise on the body. Earning a degree in exercise science can lead to careers related to wellness promotion, athletics supervision, exercise therapy, and personal training […]

What is direct democracy?

Direct democracy is a type of democracy wherein citizens or people of a particular country or community make the actual decisions regarding the laws and policies applicable to them. In a direct democracy, the people themselves will cast their votes for or against a certain rule or policy. When there are elected government officials involved, […]

What is HCI?

HCI stands for human-computer interaction which is a study that focuses on the interaction between people and computers. HCI also tries to measure the success of the development as well as non-development of some computers and computer programs. There are quite a number of big firms and schools that embark on HCI. There was a […]

What is folk music?

Folk music refers to music that is a representation of a particular community. Folk music is easy to sing and can be performed by any individual even if these individuals are not trained musicians using any instrument within their reach. Folk music also has evolved over time. Some folk music was created during times when […]

What is apologetics?

Apologetics is the science or act that defends the Christian faith. The Christian faith has many critics who question whether the existence of God is real or not. These skeptics also question the validity of the words found in the bible. Christian apologetics have the task of combating movements that seek to promote falsehoods about […]

What is Morphology?

Morphology refers to a section of linguistics that focuses on study of words. It deals with the internal structure of words as well as touches partly on their definition. Morphology is also keen on looking at how persons using a certain language master complex words and how they create lexical items that did not exist […]

What is Maundy Thursday?

Maundy Thursday is the other name used to refer to Holy Thursday. These are the initial three days where the events that preceded the Jesus’ crucifixion are remembered solemnly. The term Maundy is derived from Latin language word, ‘mandatum’ which implies commandment. During Easter holidays, Maundy Thursday is the Thursday that comes just before the […]

What is Material Culture?

Material culture refers to a study discipline that looks into the relationship that exists between people and the things they own. It looks at the making, preservation, interpretation and history of objects. It is the philosophy and history of objects and countless relationships that people have with things. Material culture draws heavily from the practice […]

What is Logic?

Logic is a term derived from the Greek language which means reason. It involves studying principles of right thinking. However, this is a basic definition because the actual and proper definition of logic is still very controversial. Studying the principles of right thinking does not necessary imply that logic is concerned with reasoning as a […]

What is EOP?

EOP is the acronym for Educational Opportunity Program. EOP was designed for purposes of improving retention and access of students who are disadvantaged educationally and have a low-income history. Students enrolled under this program are those with demonstrated potential and are motivated to perform well but they are unable to exploit their potential due to […]

What is False Imprisonment?

False imprisonment can be considered as a crime/felony or a tort, which involves the intentional restriction of the freedom of movement of another person. A tort can be defined as a wrongful civil action which can result in a physical or psychological harm to a person, or a damage to his property. False imprisonment can […]

What is Jehovah Witness?

Jehovah Witness is a denomination that has varied beliefs different from the normal Christianity. They are popular for their rigorous evangelism and distinct Biblical translations. Members of Jehovah Witness hold that Jesus Christ was perfect as a man and He, as a person, is different from God the Father. They also hold that prior to […]

What is Ethnography?

Ethnography refers to an assortment of qualitative approaches used in social sciences to study social interactions and practices. These approaches allow researchers to construct theories and interpret how social processes happen and why they happen. These approaches are specifically important in elucidating steps involved in social processes that are yet to be fully understood and […]

What is CST?

CST is an acronym for Central Sales Tax which refers to the tax imposed by the Government of India on sales of products. CST is applied in situations involving sales of products between states and does not apply to the sale of goods or products with a state or exported and imported goods. An interstate […]

What is Guided Reading?

Guided reading refers to the process where a child reads out loud to a proficient reader who is an adult and receives feedback. The main aim of guided reading is to develop reading skills by guiding the student. The process of having a student read out loud with instructions and correction is an important criterion […]

What is Farsi?

Farsi refers to a language that is mostly used in Iran. It is derived from the Indo-Iranian language and is often referred to as Parsi or Persian by people from North America and Western Europe who speak English. Farsi is varies from English as it poses a huge challenge for Westerners who look to study […]

What is lis pendens?

Lis pendens refers to the notice issued to say that a lawsuit pertaining to a title of a real estate property was already filed in court. The term lis pendens is a Latin term which means “a suit pending”. Lis pendens is filed at the clerk of the court and then it has to be […]

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism is both a religion and a way of life for some 300 million people spread across the world. Buddhism comes from the term “budhi” which means “to awaken”. The origins of this religion can be traced to some 2,500 years back when Buddha or Siddhartha Gotama received enlightenment when he was 35 years old. […]

What is House Arrest?

House arrest refers to the condition wherein an individual is confined to his primary residence, instead of going to prison. This is considered as more practical compared to the traditional type of imprisonment, because it permits the law offender to earn and maintain his family. House arrest also involves appearing in probation appointments, undergoing rehabilitation […]

What is criminal justice?

Criminal justice deals with controlling of crime and imposition of fines and penalties to people that violate the rules and laws that governments establish. The criminal justice system also includes the different departments and agencies of the government to ensure that perpetrators of crime pay for their non-compliance to the laws. Criminal justice explained In […]

What is Egress?

The term Egress is an alternative word for exit. It is generally used to build a code that refers to the way a person can leave a building. For instance, a fire exit may be defined as a means or a way of egress since this reflects how a person can leave the building in […]

What is Nirvana?

Nirvana refers to a major idea in Buddhist faith as well as the ultimate goal for all for all Buddhists. However, most Buddhists claim that it is impossible to describe this concept without really experiencing it. It is claimed that persons who have achieved nirvana have transcended beyond concerns of this world. Some religious people […]

What is Litigation?

The term litigation is often used to refer to proceedings commenced between two parties with the aim of defending or enforcing a legal right. Generally, litigation is settled when parties agree though it can also be heard by a judge or a jury in a court of law. Contrary to common belief, litigation isn’t just […]

What is Forensic Science?

Forensic science refers to any discipline that serves the purpose of law to provide objective scientific proof that can be used in legal processes such as criminal trials and investigation. It is a multi-disciplinary area of study that principally draws from biology and chemistry, geology, physics, social sciences and psychology. In a criminal investigation, investigators […]

What is computer science?

Computer science is a field of study that involves that covers everything that happens behind computers and mathematical computations. Being a science, computer science involves precise and accurate studies regarding the procedures, expressions, and algorithms used in computations or data processing. Access to electronic information for example actually takes computer science to run in the […]

What is heritage?

Heritage pertains to a wide range of topics that is inherited such as monuments, culture, traditions and objects. Heritage also deals with the different meanings, behaviors and contemporary activities that each draw from the inherited idea or item. Heritage also includes preservation, excavation, display and restoration of old items, and they may be either intangible […]

What is Purgatory?

The concept of purgatory originates in the doctrine of the Roman Catholic, and is used to refer to the place wherein souls are purified of sin. The scriptures of the Roman Catholic state that a person’s soul will spend some time in the purgatory before being allowed to go to Heaven. The doctrine does not […]

What is Feudalism?

Feudalism refers to an organized system of ownership of land that was popularly used during the Middle Ages. Under this system, all of the kingdom’s lands belong to the king, but can be given to nobles or “lords” that served and fought for the royalty. These pieces of lands that were given to lords are […]

What is Dharma?

The concept of Dharma originated from the doctrine of Hinduism, and is generally used to refer to the holder of cosmic order. Dharma comes from the Sanskrit word “Dhr,” whose meaning is to hold or support. In classical Hinduism, the concept and importance of Dharma can be explained by three primary texts, namely the Ramayana, […]

What is PBIS?

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports that establishes the needed behavioral support needed by students to be successful. PBIS provides for the creation and sustainability of programs in schools, classroom and individual support systems for the students. The goal of PBIS is to strengthen the support system of a student so that he […]

What is MBA?

MBA stands for Masters degree in Business Administration and is considered as one of the most sought after post-graduate courses. Top universities from different parts of the world offer this post-graduate course. Students enrolled in an MBA program learn about the theories of business and management as well as the practical application of these theories. […]

What is impeachment?

Impeachment refers to the quasi-criminal proceedings of the Senate that is done to take out a government official from its post. Impeachment is composed of a complicated series of action undertaken by the legislative body in order to remove a public official from office. In an impeachment, the congress acts like a grand jury and […]

What is higher education?

Higher education typically refers to the education for tertiary level. Tertiary level of education has two categories according to the international definition of what tertiary level is. These two categories are higher education and further education. Higher education refers to the college or university courses that are typically completed within three or four years. Those […]

What is Blood Doping?

Blood Doping is a term used to refer to the illegal process of enhancing the athletic ability of athletes. Blood doping occurs when artificial methods are used to boost the ability of an athlete’s blood to carry more oxygen to body muscles. In most cases, blood doping works by increasing the level of hemoglobin available […]

What is Family Law?

Family law refers to an extensive arm of law that looks into matters relating to family and domestic relations. Family law focuses on issues relating to marriage, domestic partnerships and civil unions, surrogacy, adoption, child abduction and abuse, relationship termination and ancillary matters such as divorce, property settlements, annulment, child custody and support, visitation, alimony […]

What is heredity?

Heredity pertains to the summation of all the characteristics an offspring gets from his or her parents. Heredity discusses two observations about living things. First, is the steadiness of characteristics of the specie jumping from one generation to another. The second pertains to the variation of each living thing belonging to the same species. Heredity […]

What is Satanism?

Satanism is a belief where the believers are atheists who are indifferent to the universe and things in it. Satanists think that the values and morals that people follow and believe in are just mere constructions of the humans. Satanists believe in being self-centered since the individual is the most important person and is the […]

What is American exceptionalism?

American exceptionalism is a concept that pertains to the ability of US to remain a free country that practices personal freedom, as well as democratic ideals. American exceptionalism may also refer to the character of the US political institutions in the 17th century during the declaration of its independence, the US revolution and the creation […]

What is Al-Qaeda?

Al-Qaeda is a group composed of Islamic militants who have declared a holy war against Jews, Americans and allies. The Al-Qaeda is said to be the force behind the September 11 attacks that killed thousands of people in the US, as well as other terrorist attacks in different countries. The leader of the Al-Qaeda is […]

What is lre in special education?

LRE stands for least restrictive environment and LRE in special education is a law that school children who are disabled must still get an education along with the nondisabled students as much as possible. This means that those with learning disabilities should not be taken out of regular classes. Disabled students can only be removed […]

What is grand larceny?

Grand larceny is the illegal taking of another’s property which exceeds a certain amount. Grand larceny is similar to theft as both crimes pertain to the illegal taking of a property or properties, except that the property or properties taken under grand larceny is of higher value. Property can pertain to different items such as […]

What is Mesoamerica?

Mesoamerica is a cultural region consisting of several states from Central Mexico to Northern Costa Rica. It is one of the six pioneer areas in the word of ancient civilization where most of pre-Columbian societies have settled before the Spanish colonization in 15th and 16th century. Mesoamerica is exceptionally diverse in terms of its geographical […]

What is Judicial Activism?

Judicial activism is an approach used to exercise judicial review of court decisions involving issues of constitutionality and validity of executive actions or legislative acts. The term judicial activism was coined by Arthur Bancroft Schlesinger, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the “Age of Jackson” and famous history professor in Harvard University. Under the principles of […]

What is Gnosticism?

Gnosticism refers to a belief that started in the second century that claimed salvation can be acquired through hidden knowledge. The term Gnosticism is drawn from the Greek term, ‘gnosis’ which implies ‘to know’. Those who subscribed to this belief hold that the physical world is evil and only the spirit is pure. They used […]

What is Efficacy in Education?

Efficacy is the ability to generate an effect. In education, the term implies the personal belief among school administrators and teachers that their activities have a direct impact on the performance of students. With numerous strategies, programs, administrative responsibilities and teaching approaches competing for teacher’s attention, educators always have to balance their efforts against the […]

What is BLM?

BLM is the acronym for Bureau of Land Management, an agency of the United States Department of Interior. BLM is responsible for the administration of an estimated 247.3 million areas that consists public land in the US. Public land makes up about one eight of America’s land mass. In addition, BLM manages the subsurface mineral […]

What is criminology?

Criminology pertains to the study of criminals and their behavior as well as the response of the society to criminality. Criminology deals with the various theories of crimes, the law enforcement aspect in response to the commitment of a crime and the society’s attitude towards criminal activities, among others. Criminology is also offered as a […]

What is LexisNexis?

LexisNexis refers to a database which contains legal documents and archives of periodicals. Some examples of publications classified under periodicals include newspapers, magazines, and journals. This extensive archive of different types of searchable content is commonly used worldwide by people who practice in different fields. In order to gain access to LexisNexis, a subscription fee […]

What is Haiku?

The traditional type of Japanese haiku refers to a poem with three lines, which consists of a total of seventeen syllables. The lines are written in a 5/7/5 syllable count, and the theme of this type of poem is usually about nature. The Japanese haiku puts emphasis on intensity, simplicity and the straightforwardness of expression. […]

What is Kwanzaa?

Kwanzaa is a celebration of the African-American that pay tribute to the values and culture of Africa and their ancestors. The Kwanzaa was created by the chairman of the Black Nationalist Organization, Maulana Karenga back in 1966. The term Kwanzaa is taken from the phrase “matunda ya kwanza” which is a Swahili phrase that pertains […]

What is double jeopardy?

Double jeopardy refers to a legal right of a person to not be put on trial twice for the same offense committed. If a person is already put to court for a certain crime, he/she cannot be prosecuted again in another court or the same court for the same crime as stipulated by the double […]

What is chi?

Chi is a kind of energy based on traditional Chinese and/or Taoist philosophy. In the case of the human body, chi is considered the life force that makes every organ or part function the way they are supposed to be. The flow of energy in the body is said to accompany the bloodstream reaching every […]

What is iambic pentameter?

Iambic pentameter refers to a poetry line that includes a rhythmic flow of words through the alternate stressing and un-stressing of syllables. In poetry, syllables are often referred to as “feet”. “Iamb” is considered a type of “foot” and when five of these are used in one line, they are referred to as being in […]