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What is Typography?

Typography is the art of arranging texts so it would become appealing and attractive to the human recognition and learning. It is mainly used as a tool for a better and clearer communication. Typography also comprises all types of written language on the web including calligraphy and digital texts. Basically, designers create different letterforms to […]

What is CMYK?

CMYK is the abbreviation of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. It is a color model that allows description of colors as a mix of four process colors. The CMYK standard model is used in offset printing of documents done in full color. Since this king of printing makes use of four basic colors, it is […]

What is IOC?

What is IOC? Sport has always been an important part of human life in every part of the world. Sports have been a social part of humanity and are one of the ways through which the history and development of man can be traced. As man became more advanced so did the sports that he […]

What is Muay Thai?

What is Muay Thai? Muay Thai is also known as the popular Thai boxing. This ancient martial art is known to use stand-up striking. The martial art also uses techniques in clinch. Muay Thai is also the national sport in Thailand. The martial art is often compared to the kickboxing styles of the Indochinese, Cambodia’s […]

What is Twitter?

What is Twitter? If you have a business idea and your target market was about 150 million people from all around the world, or you had information that you wanted to share with a similar number of people spread across the globe, Twitter would be a good place to get your audience. It is one […]

What is Depression?

What is Depression? ‘“ Symptoms and Treatment If you have been feeling sad for a few days or weeks and you feel like losing interest in life or feel drained of energy, then you must be in depression. What is depression? Depression is a disorder that affects the body as a whole. It affects your […]

What is Diabetes?

What is Diabetes? ‘“ A Few Facts about the Disease Diabetes is classified as a disorder in metabolism. Metabolism is how your body processes the food that you take for energy and growth. The main source of energy for the body is the glucose. Glucose is the product of metabolism and it is a type […]

What is History?

What is History? ‘“ Learn about Its Popular Areas of Study Anything that has something to do with the study of the past is history. The word was derived from the Greek word ‘historia’ that means knowledge obtained by research or in simple term, ‘inquiry’. The study of history is relevant to the problems of […]

What is Islam?

Islam is one of the major religions of the world, and the second biggest in terms of following with roughly 1.57 billion followers worldwide. Islam, a monotheistic religion, follows the Qu’ran or the Islamic holy book, which they believe to be the verbatim and literal word of God as told through the prophet Muhammad. Islam, […]

What is Cancer?

Cancer can be defined as a disease where abnormal cells multiply and divide uncontrollably, causing the growth of lumps or tumors. These tumors normally grow and interfere with the normal functioning of the body systems and organs. Tumors will also sometimes be the source of hormones that are harmful to the body and reduce the […]

What is DNS?

For most people in the world today, working with a computer will normally involve some interaction with the internet. There are not many who have stopped to think of what makes it possible for millions of computers from all corners of the globe to interact and share data flawlessly. There are many components that come […]

What is Energy?

Energy can simply be described as the capacity or ability to cause physical change. It is a requirement to achieving anything physically. It does not occur in tangible state but is more of a condition possessed by naturally occurring elements. Energy is measured in joules or ergs and occurs in various forms. A fundamental rule […]

What is Love?

There are many quotes, phrases, songs, poems, books and stories about love. Each giving a new answer to the question, what is love? Over the years many have attempted to answer this question and to this date we still do not have a universally acceptable definition of love. Love is many things, yet it remains […]