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What is bitlocker?

Introduction: Every windows or operating system contains some feature that protects the computer from facing any malfunction or virus attack. Bitlocker is one such security feature. It is found in windows vista with the function of protecting the files of the computer in the case when someone tries to tampers with the start up function […]

What is DSN?

DSN is the short version of Data Source Name. It refers to a structure of data that contains information with respect to a specified database that an Open Database Connectivity driver requires to link to it. DSN resides in the registry or exists separately as a text file. DSN contains details such as the directory, […]

What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access, also written as MS Access is a tool for managing information developed by Microsoft as part of Microsoft Office Suite. However, not all MS office suites have MS Access so if you are specifically looking for MS Access, be sure to confirm that the suite you purchase has this program. MS Access runs […]

What is MLS?

Multiple Listing System (MLS) is a database of properties for sale. It is also referred to as an inventory of services and a powerful tool used by real estate brokers to link and cooperates with other brokers. For instance, brokers may try to help each other in selling properties contained in the MLS. Through the […]

what is Agile Methodology?

Agile Methodology is a different way of managing IT development projects and teams. The use of the term “agile” was derived from agile manifesto that has four important values that are relevant today in the IT field when it comes to managing projects and its potential difficulties. The four values are: a. Individuals and interactions […]

What is mmfinfo.dll?

Mmfinfo.dll is a file that can be found in computers that operate under the Windows platform. It is one of many DLL’s or dynamic link library files that perform essential functions for various processes.  As for mmfinfo.dll, its responsibility is to allow the loading of various settings as assigned by an application or a Windows […]

What is MMDiag.exe?

MMDiag.exe refers to an executable file associated with Musicmatch, a very popular media-playing software in the past. Through Musicmatch, users can play their favorite audio files that are stored in the computer and mix them up with songs that are stored in compact disks.  In order for the Musicmatch software to run properly, it needs […]

What is FVWM95?

FVWM95 is a type of window manager for the X Windows System. This system is a separate platform from standard Windows operating systems and allows for the installation of a window manager from third-party software developers. One such window manager is called FVWM95 and it resembles that of standard Windows 95 operating system. FVWM95 is […]

What is iCloud?

iCloud refers to a cloud-computing or virtual storage system offerred by Apple Inc. since 2011. Using the iCloud service enables Apple device users to share pictures, videos, and documents across various devices by means of having a virtual storage space provided by Apple Inc. Through iCloud, data on one Apple device like the iPhone may […]

What is ASHX?

ASHX refer to the web handler files or file extensions of the ASP.NET platform. ASP. NET is Microsoft’s server-side platform that is widely used for web development. This platform basically allows for the creation of so-called dynamic web pages and sites. Instead of the standard page where users just read text articles and see a […]

What is BSD subsystem?

The BSD subsystem or the Berkeley Software Distribution is a system variant of the UNIX platform. This particular platform is commonly integrated with other systems like those from Apple Inc. called the Mac OS X. Users of Apple iPhones and other mobile devices for example have frequently encountered regarding the required installation of the BSD […]

What is MTA stacks?

MTA stacks refer to the non-SMTP message transfer service of Microsoft’s Exchange Server.  MTA stands for Message Transfer Agent and its stacks service is the one responsible for the implementation of Microsoft Exchange MTA communication. As a core component of the Exchange Server, the MTA stacks service relies heavily on the System Attendant which holds […]

What is LPI certification?

LPI certification refers to certification issued by the Linux Professional Institute.  LPI certification is given in multiple levels to Linux professionals who wish to demonstrate their skill level in the Linux platform or environment.  Getting a LPI certification is important for many Linux professionals because it is equivalent to being certified according to global standards. […]

What is HPOV?

HPOV is short for HP Open View. It refers to a suite or family of products developed by Hewlett Packard for business network management and systems configuration. Products under HPOV include network node managing software, transaction analysis, storage protection, business process monitoring, networking diagnostics, and overall systems management among many others. By the year 2007, […]

What is cdrom.sys?

Cdrom.sys refers to a driver file that is part of Microsoft Windows.  As its names suggests, cdrom.sys basically helps support the “CD-ROM” or compact disc read-only-memory functionality of the computer.  For computers with so-called CD-ROM drives, driver files like cdrom.sys are needed for the CD and related media to be played and read correctly and […]

What are DML and DDL?

‘DML’ stands for ‘Data Manipulation Language’ while ‘DDL’ stands for ‘Data Definition Language.’  Both are languages that are used in creating and/or manipulating data or objects in an SQL server.  As their names suggest, language statements are either meant to literally define or manipulate objects or data. In the case of DDL, or Data Definition […]

What are Ebates?

What are Ebates? Ebates refers to an online shopping website that gives away cash rebates to its loyal customers.  By simply shopping through the merchant stores that are part of the Ebates website, people will get special discounts including cash-back guarantees.  “Ebates” is literally the electronic version of cash rebates since it involves online purchases. […]

What is HRIS?

What is HRIS? HRIS stands for Human Resource Management System.  It refers to a form of tracking system that can be used by human resource departments in almost every aspect or industry.  Through the use of information systems and technology, the HRIS is able to run human resource-related functions smoothly and effectively.  As for many […]

What is a fdisk?

What is a fdisk? FDisk is short for “fixed disk” and it refers to a command used when someone wants to make a partition or division on his/her computer operating system.  Through the fdisk command, one may separate disk spaces depending on preferences and requirements.  A specific disk space could be allocated for various program […]

What is MAMP?

What is MAMP? MAMP is an acronym for a group of applications or programs that work together for the purpose of running dynamic internet sites on computer servers that are installed with the Mac OS X operating system. This particular technology is built around the Mac OS X platform but its source codes are “open” […]

What is MSDTC?

What is MSDTC? MSDTC stands for “Microsoft Transaction Coordinator”. It is a service component that comes built-in to the Windows operating systems starting with the Windows 2000 version and later versions including Windows NT version 4.0. This service component runs through its application file, msdtc.exe, and functions to coordinate several transactions involving multiple file systems, […]

What is Growl?

What is Growl? Growl is a notification software that can be used for computers with Mac OS X or Windows operating systems. It is developed by a group of people led by Christopher Forsythe. Various applications that support this particular software will be able to send out notifications to the user, without him/her closing a […]

What is JIRA?

What is JIRA? JIRA is an issue tracking product developed in 2004 by software company Atlassian, which is based in Australia. JIRA is a proprietary software product and so this means that users of are bound with restrictions to modify or distribute the software without permission from the company, which is the copyright holder of […]

What is a SQL server?

What is a SQL server? SQL servers refer to computer servers that implement and use SQL or Structured Query Language in managing information from database management systems or DBMS. Having an SQL server allows for responding to various queries from client computers through the SQL language. As a computer language, SQL allows for querying, data […]

What is NTLDR?

What is NTLDR? NTLDR refers to the special application which is used for boot loading or to load files and certain software. These are types of application which could basically help operate the computing system and convert them in a state which is primarily very much easy and all ready to operate. The acronym is […]

What is VHD in Windows 7?

What is VHD in Windows 7? VHD or Virtual Hard Disk is a new feature supported by Windows 7 operating systems. This means users on the Windows 7 platform can “virtually” save files on the VHD format, similar to file storage systems using standard physical hard disks. VHDs are a welcome feature for users and […]

What is SQL Database?

What is SQL Database? SQL database refers to Structured Query Language collection of data for computer language. This database is basically designed for the correct management of data especially in Relational Database Management Systems or RDBMS. This data collection started with relational algebra and calculus as its basis. It has very wide scope including data […]

What is Zimbra?

What is Zimbra? Zimbra is a software that combines the features of email, calendars, and address books. Through integration of these three basic features, the software helps individuals and companies in terms of increased productivity and functionality. Zimbra is developed by a company with the same name in 2003. The company holds its office in […]

What is MySQL Used For?

What is MySQL Used For? MySQL refers to a relational database management system or RDBMS which is a server that provides multi-user access to various numbers of databases. It is a system developed by Michael Widenius which is also named after his daughter named My. The SQL abbreviation stands for Structured Query Language. This system […]

What is an Operating System?

What is an Operating System? An operating system is a program or software that allows other programs or applications to run in a specific computer. It also acts as the manager of the hardware resources of the computer it is running on. It forms the most essential part of the computer’s software functions. Without it, […]

What is Windows 7 Starter?

What is Windows 7 Starter? Windows 7 Starter is one edition of the Windows 7 operating system (OS) from Microsoft. Windows 7 has three primary editions which are better known than Windows 7, and these are Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. One of the main differences of Windows 7 […]

What is Ubuntu? – The Free Operating System

What is Ubuntu? ‘“ The Free Operating System Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system that was released as free and open source software in October 2004. Ubuntu is an African word, which means ‘humanity to others’. Developers of the operating system aim to bring the spirit of humanity to the world of computers. Primarily, […]

What is Oracle?

Oracle is one of the largest software development companies that we currently have in the world. It has specialized in database products using relational database systems that support the structured query language which is commonly referred to as SQL language. SQL is today an industry standard among those in the database software business. In 1977, […]

What is Linux?

In 1991 a then university student, Linus Trovalds of the University of Helsinki in Finland began work on a UNIX system for computers that would be offered free or at minimal cost compared to other operating system. After creating the initial version, Linus then invited others to contribute in further developing the system as long […]

What is Unix?

What is Unix? ‘“ A Brief History The Unix is an operating system ‘“ a multi-user environment that has been applied to different platforms. This powerful operating system was developed in Bell Labs in 1969. In the past few decades, other developers contributed to its advancement. Two people are behind this interactive time-sharing system ‘“ […]