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What is WSDL?

WSDL or Web Services Description Language refers to a computer language that is used to describe a particular business or service an online business offers. Based on XML or Extensible Mark-up Language, WSDL basically sets the formatting and encoding rules in terms of web services descriptions and functionalities. When a particular online business offers several […]

What is cxx extension?

CXX extension refers to file extensions associated to C++, a popular object-oriented programming language. When writing a program for example that is based on C++, one will be able to create files that contain the .CXX file extension. These files are typically used as the main source codes of the program a person is creating […]

What is JVM?

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a type of a virtual machine or abstract computing machine which converts JAVA byte codes into a computer command. This computer command is the language used for computers to execute their functions. Technically, JVM is a platform-independent programming system that allows operating systems in computers to function. Without JVM, a […]

What is Apex?

Apex refers to powerfully typed programming code that enables program designers to complete flow and transaction regulation statements on a server platform called Force.com as well as calls directed to Force.com API. Through the use of syntax similar to Java and behaving almost like the procedures of a database, Apex allows developers to make additions […]

What is python used for?

Python is a freely available programming language that can easily solve any computer problems. This programming language can even be written just once and be run on practically all computers without having to change the program. It is available on Python Software Foundation. History of python Python was created in 1990 by Guido von Rossum. […]

What is ASP?

ASP or Active Server Page is a type of HTML page but with added scripting for some minor programming tasks. HTML or Hypertext Mark-Up Language deals with how pages are displayed for the online users. Adding scripts or mini-programs through ASP basically makes the page dynamic and interactive. When there is scripting embedded in an […]

What is Java used for?

Java is a programming language created by Sun Microsystems back in 1995. The initial development of Java was based on the idea of automating home appliances. The concept was later re-designed to focus on cable TV connectivity. By the early 1990s, the programming team at Sun Microsystems eventually decided to develop a robust programming language […]

What is mxGraph?

MxGraph is JavaScript’s tool for doing diagrams and layouts on an HTML page.  By simply encoding the JavaScript link in the HTML file, users can easily create graphs and drawings with mxGraph.   For people who need to display diagrams and graphical images onto their HTML website for example, they may use the various features […]

What is a LXF file?

LXF files are files that have the .LXF extension and are associated with the computer designing program of LEGO. Through the LEGO Digital Designer program, fans of LEGO toys and bricks can create digital designs of their own.  These personal designs can then be uploaded to the LEGO website for actual ordering of the personalized […]

What is dbench?

Dbench is a programming tool used to generate Input/Output workloads to either a specified filesystem or to a server terminal such as those that run on Network File System or the Common Internet File System.  By generating I/O workloads, the dbench tool can help determine which part of the communication between input and output are […]

What is JSON?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.  It refers to an open standard programming tool or language that is typically used to transfer data between one application on the web and the main server.  Its format is derived from JavaScript, a known programming language for web applications but it is released as an open standard in […]

What is JSON?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It refers to an open standard programming tool or language that is typically used to transfer data between one application on the web and the main server. Its format is derived from JavaScript, a known programming language for web applications but it is released as an open standard in […]

What is DTO design pattern in Java?

Java is a popular computer programming tool or language because of its object-oriented capabilities and features. Much of this computer programming language is class-based and does not require so much dependency in terms of program implementation. As many people would call this language, Java is very useful and easy to implement because of the WORA […]

What is ITW file extension?

TW file extensions refer to configuration files for the InstallShield Tuner of IBM’s Lotus Notes. This file is typically used by computer administrators in customizing specific platform details under the Windows environment. Through files that have the .itw file extension, users with administrator rights will be able to generate the much-needed transform file to create […]

What is DXWND?

DXWND is a mini program that allows Microsoft games to be viewed on a smaller window rather than the standard full screen.  Microsoft games that are created under the Direct X platform are typically played via full screen mode.  For people who want to do some multi-tasking and perhaps do something else on their computer […]

What is cfparam?

‘Cfparam’ is a programming tag used in ColdFusion, a Web development platform from Adobe Systems.  ‘CF’ stands for ‘ColdFusion,’ and ‘param’ is short for ‘parameter.’  As a programming tag, cfparam basically searches if a variable or parameter exists.  Once a parameter is found, cfparam will then try to validate it and try to retrieve its […]

What is mRNA synthesis?

What is mRNA synthesis? The synthesis of mRNA, or messenger RNA, (ribonucleic acid), is called transcription.  This process occurs inside cells for the purpose of building proteins that are essential for the body’s energy and metabolic requirements. mRNAs are substances that are actually copies of DNA which contain all of the genetic information.  They are […]

What is a CDR file?

What is a CDR file? CDR files are files that are created when a person uses CorelDRAW, a vector-based drawing or graphics program.  When a person encounters a file with a .CDR extension on his/her computer, he/she can open this particular file only with the CorelDRAW program.  If this graphics program is not installed on […]

What is CDate?

What is CDate? ‘CDate’ refers to a programming function or syntax that is used in various applications like Microsoft Access and in Visual Basic Scripting.  In both applications, CDate basically transforms a particular value to a valid date entry.  This particular function will only work, though, if the syntax is correct and the involved expression […]

What is SDLC?

What is SDLC? SDLC or Systems Development Life Cycle refers to the phases involved in software development.  Before a particular system or software is rolled out for the use of target customers, it undergoes several stages to ensure that goals are reached and needs are met.  In some cases, the phases involved in SDLC involve […]

What is GEP?

What is GEP? GEP or Gene Expression Programming is type of algorithm used to evolve various computer programs with the hope of finding a particular solution to a user-defined problem. From the term “gene expression”, this particular algorithm is patterned from and has similarities to genetic programming wherein the actual programs are encoded in the […]

What is JNI?

What is JNI? JNI stands for Java Native Interface, a software framework that allows codes written in Java and running under JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to work with other software or applications that are based and/or written using a different computer language. Sometimes it becomes necessary for a programmer to use JNI when a particular […]

What is Winsock?

What is Winsock? Winsock is short for Windows Sockets API or WSA and it refers to a specification that helps a Windows-based networking program application to access and interact with TCP/IP and other networking protocols. It is called “Winsock” because the specifications involved are based or derived from BSD Sockets (Berkeley sockets). This API (application […]

What is EJB? Reasons Why You Should Go For EJB (Enterprise JavaBean)

Reasons Why You Should Go For EJB (Enterprise JavaBean) If you are a programming buff, you will definitely know a lot about Java and Java applications. By now, you must also know that programming is indeed a fast moving field. When you have just finally gotten the hang of things, a new programming language and […]

What is an API Key?

What is an API Key? Application Program Interface (API) Key or also known as Application Programming Interface Key is a series of code produced by websites to allow users to access the website’s API.  It is a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) generated by site’s system. It is 32-bit alpha-numeric string. What is API? API is […]

What is JIT Debugging?

What is JIT Debugging? JIT debugging or “Just-In-Time” debugging refers to the Visual Studio debugger which automatically launches when a program or application running outside of it crashes. When a particular program encounters an exception or a fatal error, you will be able to check on this through the JIT debugger before proceeding with termination […]

What is MVC?

What is MVC? MVC (Model View Controller) is a software or web design pattern. It helps the user by providing him multiple views of the data. This software architecture was developed in1970 by Trygve Reenskaug. Concept of MVC was put forward by the inventors of Small Talk (a programming language). Model View controller breaks down […]

What is UML?

What is UML? UML stands for Unified Modeling Language.  It is a tool used for constructing, specifying, visualizing, and documenting software systems.  It can also be used for business modeling and non-software systems.  UML first came out in the 1990s with the purpose of selecting the best features of various modeling systems and best engineering […]

What is SAP?

In 1972, five former employees of IBM got together and decided to put up their own software outfit. They named their company, Systeme Anwendungen Produkte which is German for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. The company was founded with a purpose of developing products that would allow clients to use a single corporate […]

What is Java?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages available today. Its creation followed a design similar to that of the C++ programming language but with several fundamental differences with the main one being that Java is much simpler to use as compared to C++ and other programming languages. The language was created in 1995 […]