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What is ERP?

What is ERP? – An Introduction ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and it is an integrated computer-based application that helps integrate information between all business functions. It is usually used by organization to process information systematically between departments. The idea of ERP started out from the MRP, a system used by organizations in manufacturing [...]

What is PHP?

What is PHP? PHP is an abbreviation for Hypertext Preprocessor and is the most commonly used scripting language in the creation of dynamic web pages. The PHP codes are embedded into a HTML or XHTML document that is interpreted by a server that has a PHP processor. This is why it is referred to as [...]

What is Fantasy Football?

What is Fantasy Football? Fantasy football is a virtual football game where individuals can select their own virtual  football players and play interactively. Players of fantasy football act as “virtual managers” to these made-up football teams, and just as in real life team managers they are able to draft, trade, and prepare the lineup of [...]

What is Sharepoint?

What is Sharepoint? Sharepoint is an enterprise platform that is designed, as the name suggests, as a virtual sharing portal in one specific place. Sharepoint can be set up for use in the extranet, intranet or over the Internet. Sharepoint is a family of programs developed by Microsoft, much like its cousin MS Office. It [...]

What is Zabbix?

What is Zabbix? Zabbix is a free open source network management system. Zabbix monitors network and server related aspects, and reports to the user any potential threats or dangers in the system. Zabbix is also useful in monitoring performance such as CPU usage and disk space availability. Zabbix is developed by Zabbix SIA, a company [...]

What is ooVoo?

What is ooVoo ? In 2007 ooVoo LLC released a unique instant messaging client called ooVoo. It can be installed in Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It’s very similar to the applications such as iChat and Skype. The features of ooVoo includes real time recording and six way video chatting. Registered users are allowed [...]

What is uTorrent?

What is uTorrent? uTorrent is a program using bit torrent technology. Under the BitTorrent Protocol, files are downloaded quickly and easily.  Technically, uTorrent is a client of BitTorrent.  Meaning uTorrent follows the rules of a BitTorrent Protocol in areas like distribution of very large files, multiple files, popular files, and files available for free.  Using [...]

What is Windows Live? – A Short Summary

What is Windows Live? – A Short Summary According to Microsoft, Windows Live is “all you need to stay in touch and keep your life in sync”. Windows Live is a collective brand name used for Microsoft’s set of services and software products. Most of the services included are applications for the web, which means [...]

What is Y2K?

What is Y2K? Y2K, also known as the Millenium Bug or the Year 2000 problem, was a global technological scare concerning possible malfunction or shutdown on systems that use abbreviated year coding, from the complete 4 digits to the 2 digit shorthand. The problem lies in the abbreviation’s rollover from -99 to -00 as the [...]

What is JMS?

What is JMS? Java Message Service or JMS is an Application Programming Interface (API) which is part of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). Being an API, it follows certain specifications and rules to access or interact with other software programs that also implement API. Using Java Message Service (JMS) is an easy choice [...]

What is MQ?

What is MQ? MQ loosely means “message queue”. It is a “Message Oriented Middleware” developed by IBM for business messaging and queuing. It allows for sending and receiving messages across platforms with near real-time efficiency and guaranteed delivery. Formerly called MQSeries, this middleware is widely used by major industries around the globe because it simplifies [...]

What is Keynote?

What is Keynote? Keynote is an easy-to-use presentation software developed by Apple, Inc. With Keynote, creating professional-looking presentations can be done quickly and easily. Keynote works for Apple MacOS x 10.2 or higher and only requires 1gigabyte of free disk space. This software may be installed on PowerMacs, PowerBooks, eMacs, iMacs, and iBooks. It also [...]

What is MNET?

What is MNET? MNET is a computer program that allows for sharing virtual space to put and get files from. It is an open-source distributed file store said to be run by volunteer hackers. MNET would also like to be called an emergent network, which means that its features are a result of interactions of [...]

What is JIT Android?

What is JIT Android? JIT stands for “Just In Time” compiler, a software component created to boost software performance, making it run more quickly and smoothly. ANDROID on the other hand refers to an open system or platform for use in all kinds of mobile devices. JIT ANDROID simply means an Android system boosted by [...]

What is QQ?

What is QQ? QQ or Tencent QQ is a popular instant messaging program in Mainland China. Statistics show that simultaneous online users have exceeded the 100 million counts. QQ is what most people generally call the instant messenger but its actual name is Tencent QQ, which is managed by the Tencent Holdings Limited. Tencent Holdings [...]

What is Dagent?

What is Dagent? Dagent.exe is a Patch Detection Agent installed by the PatchLink Update Software. It is used to update management software. This is an application developed by ‘Novell Inc.’. Like other non-system processes, dagent.exe too originates from the software you have installed on your system. PatchLink Update is very convenient to use as it [...]

What is Maven?

What is Maven? Maven, also called Apache Maven, is a software for project management and comprehension. Based on the POM or project object model concept, Maven is helpful in the management of builds, dependencies, documentation, releases, reporting, SCMs, and distribution. The word “maven” is Yiddish and means “accumulator of knowledge”. Starting out as part of [...]

What is iAtkos?

What is iAtkos? iAtkos is one of the build of Mac Operating System which can be installed in non Apple hardware. It is a Leopard non-Apple Hardware Operating System. It’s fully patched and there is no need to download patches and updates from internet. iAtkos can be considered as an emulated clone of MAC Operating [...]

What is JMeter?

What is JMeter? Apache JMeter is open source pure Java desktop software, used to measure performance of variety of services and load test functional behavior and, with a focus on web applications. It can be used to test both dynamic as well as static  resources which include files, Servlets, Perl scripts, DBC database connections, FTP, [...]

What is JCL?

What is JCL? JCL or Job Control Language is a language used to describe “jobs” in IBM mainframe computers. It uses scripts to communicate with the operating system and computer hardware. Specifically it is involved in making requests to a particular hardware device, introducing a job to the computer’s OS, and directing it on what [...]

What is Blackboard?

What is Blackboard? Blackboard is a web-based learning system used by schools for giving instructions to students, for online interaction, and for educational assessment. It is a program/software built to enhance teaching methods and the learning processes of students. Founded in 1977 by Matthew Pittinsky and Michael Chasen, Blackboard was designed to provide tech standards [...]

What is Mail Merge?

What is Mail Merge? Mail merge is a software function which allows a word processing program to input personalized or unique information in a templated document. The word processing program is commanded to take information and data from a separate document (usually a database or a spreadsheet). This saves the user the trouble of manually [...]

What is Ffdshow?

What is Ffdshow? When it comes to media decoder and encoder, ffdshow is the most commonly used tool by professionals. Ffdshow is primarily utilized for quick and high quality video decoding in MPEG-4 ASP. Videos are encoded with Xvid, DivX, AVC(H.264) and Ffmpeg MPEG-4 formats. However, it also supports several other audio and video formats [...]

What is Inverse?

What is Inverse? Inverse is a computer program which aims at finding solutions to a wide range of inverse and optimization problems which arise in different environments. Inverse provides solutions to the problems which involve complex numerical simulations. Most of these problems arise during a scientific enquiry. Solution to problems is found out with a [...]

What is iWeb?

What is iWeb? iWeb is a website creation software from Apple, Inc. and is part of the iLife suite of products which comes in all Macintosh computers. iLife also includes other software tools like iMovie and iPhoto. iWeb declares itself as very easy to use program and can be managed even without HTML knowledge. The [...]

What is Axiom?

What is Axiom? Axiom is an open-source computer algebra system developed by IBM researchers headed by Richard Jenks. It used to be called “Scratchpad” back in 1973 when it was first developed. Later in the 1990s it was acquired by NAG or Numerical Algorithms Group of England, which gave the name “Axiom” to this software. [...]

What is Auto Tune?

What is Auto Tune? Auto tune is music software utilized to edit and correct a recorded or live performance piece’s pitch. The software is not offered as a standalone program. Instead, auto tune is marketed as a plugin which can be optionally integrated to larger music editing software suite. Antares was the first to introduce [...]

What is IAStorIcon?

What is IAStorIcon? IAStorIcon is an executable file, which Intel developed. It is a program file associated to Intel Rapid Recovery Technology. The file is meant to provide the user a fast and easy method in recovering data and bring back the system to a status, which is operational. Most people thought that IAStorIcon is [...]

What is Aruba?

What is Aruba? Aruba or Aruba Networks is a company that provides wireless networking and business software products and services. Its main clients include those from government offices, schools, and various businesses. Though much of its business is in the US, Aruba also caters to many clients around the world. It has its corporate headquarters [...]

What is Busy Box?

What is Busy Box? Busy Box is a program that offers a lot of conventional UNIX utilities, like the greater (but more competent) GNU Basic Utilities. Busy box is intended to be functional with Linux kernel, making it compatible to work with embedded devices. With this it has been named Army Knife for Embedded Linux. [...]

What is LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) – Learning the Basic Must-Knows

LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) – Learning the Basic Must-Knows LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) is a must-know tool which is used to support data transfer of non-SAP to SAP systems. This SAP-based software tool allows the transfer of data either in single or periodic intervals. The tool is one of the most innovative ways [...]

What is SQM?

What is SQM? Software Quality Metrics files or commonly known as SQM files are concealed data collections produced to organize and facilitate usage habits, error reporting, and performance for Microsoft branded software programs. Basically, Microsoft Windows Live Messenger produces them, but there are some other Microsoft applications and software programs that generate them as well. [...]

What is Zbrush?

What is Zbrush? History of Zbrush Zbrush was founded by Jack Rimokh and Ofer Alon. This tool was created by a company named Pixologic Inc. In the year 1999, Zbrush was first presented to the world at SIGGRAPH. After three years , the demo version 1.55 of the Zbrush was released in the market. In [...]

What is LTCM client?

What is LTCM client? LTCM is a freeware program published by Leader Technologies, Inc. which empowers users to choose which content from a particular company is received. This content may be updates and useful information for particular products. Instead of getting this information from emails, users may opt to activate the service that this program [...]

What is VNC?

What is VNC? VNC or Virtual Network Computing is a basically a software or program that allows graphical desktop sharing or remote access and control of another computer. VNC works through a simple protocol called RFB or remote framebutter that works on computers running both Windows and Mac OS. Meaning one can access another computer [...]

What is InPrivate Browsing?

What is InPrivate Browsing? InPrivate Browsing is a feature of Internet Explorer 8 and later versions. It basically allows for “private” internet surfing and does not leave any trace of which websites were visited by a particular user. This feature is very much helpful to keep web activities personal especially those who surf the internet [...]

What is BMC Remedy?

What is BMC Remedy? BMC Remedy is a software suite designed for a more efficient IT service management. This software suite is known to provide easy and efficient automation of IT-related functions resulting to a highly effective service management process. BMC Remedy’s ITSM suite contains four applications that are touted as the industry’s best and [...]

What is PCW?

What is PCW? PCW or Program Compatibility Wizard is a tool on the Control Panels of Windows Operating Systems to allow users and administrators to configure specific settings for a particular program to run on newer versions of operating systems. Some programs that successfully run on older versions or previous releases of Windows OS may [...]

What is Xcelsius?

What is Xcelsius? Xcelsius is also termed as Crystal Xcelsius which is a system that helps you import snapshots from your Excel file. It is a very useful and helpful tool online because you could easily build a visual model through compiling and tying the important data in your file. You could also compile your [...]

What is Graphic Design?

What is Graphic Design? Graphic design is basically defined as the creative process or practice of combining graphics, texts and other formal characteristics and qualities of fine arts. This method is done through audience-centered approach. In most cases, it is used in the marketing industry to create the effective and necessary visual communications. However, unlike [...]

What is JMP?

What is JMP? JMP is statistical software created by SAS, a leading company in business analytics software and services. Pronounced as “Jump”, JMP is a tool for exploring data and interacting with it. John Sall, SAS co-founder and Executive Vice President, is credited for developing the JMP software and remains as its chief architect. JMP [...]

What is Antivir?

What is Antivir? Antivir is a malware that presents itself as a legit anti-virus or anti-spyware program. Most of it is manually installed by the user into his/her computer without any idea that this is actually a virus in itself and not a virus protector as it claims. Antivir may be “accidentally” downloaded into the [...]

What is MSDTC?

What is MSDTC? MSDTC stands for “Microsoft Transaction Coordinator”. It is a service component that comes built-in to the Windows operating systems starting with the Windows 2000 version and later versions including Windows NT version 4.0. This service component runs through its application file, msdtc.exe, and functions to coordinate several transactions involving multiple file systems, [...]

What is MeV?

What is MeV? MeV or Multi-Experiment Viewer is an application with a user-friendly interface that is used to analyze and visualize large-scale genomic data. MeV allows quick access to different algorithms and is able to provide results and display expression and annotation data from different experimentations. It is also used as a data-mining tool for [...]

What is Xcelsius?

What is Xcelsius? Xcelsius is also known as Crystal Xcelsius and this is a software tool which enables you to make excel file importation especially in its snapshot form. There are various things you could actually do with this type of system specifically creating or building file models. You are able to attach certain data [...]

What Is VBA In Excel?

What Is VBA In Excel? VBA for Excel is actually the implementing arm of the Visual Basic 6 created by Microsoft. Right now, this is basically used for different Microsoft office applications. Its versatility and ease in handling its command and language paved the way for it to be very known and widely used these [...]

What is Ditto?

What is Ditto? Ditto is a software that serves as an extension and/or replacement to the standard Windows clipboard. As a clipboard manager, it allows network support wherein users can copy items that are stored or saved on the clipboard and send these same items to other users connected to the same network. In fact, [...]

What is Growl?

What is Growl? Growl is a notification software that can be used for computers with Mac OS X or Windows operating systems. It is developed by a group of people led by Christopher Forsythe. Various applications that support this particular software will be able to send out notifications to the user, without him/her closing a [...]

What is JIRA?

What is JIRA? JIRA is an issue tracking product developed in 2004 by software company Atlassian, which is based in Australia. JIRA is a proprietary software product and so this means that users of are bound with restrictions to modify or distribute the software without permission from the company, which is the copyright holder of [...]

What is Firesheep?

What is Firesheep? Firesheep is a new program extension available for Mozilla Firefox browsers and is used to hack into user passwords of websites that are not fully secure. Popular social media and networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are said to be vulnerable to this new password-hijacking program. Firesheep is developed by a man [...]

What is Winsock?

What is Winsock? Winsock is short for Windows Sockets API or WSA and it refers to a specification that helps a Windows-based networking program application to access and interact with TCP/IP and other networking protocols. It is called “Winsock” because the specifications involved are based or derived from BSD Sockets (Berkeley sockets). This API (application [...]

What is IGB?

What is IGB? IGB is an acronym for “Integrated Genome Browser”. To summarize it in general it is basically visualization for genome scale data. This browser is able to work on any computer. Features of IGB are that it is interactive and scrollable. Also users are able to zoom in with ease. It works great [...]

What is a SQL server?

What is a SQL server? SQL servers refer to computer servers that implement and use SQL or Structured Query Language in managing information from database management systems or DBMS. Having an SQL server allows for responding to various queries from client computers through the SQL language. As a computer language, SQL allows for querying, data [...]

What is QVOD?

What is QVOD? QVOD is also known as QuickVideo OnDemand. This is a widely recognized and awarded software application which runs on a system created by InfoValue Computing Inc. This company is one of the top figures and names in the industry that provides software-based solutions. This brand new program is the fruit of their [...]

What is NTLDR?

What is NTLDR? NTLDR refers to the special application which is used for boot loading or to load files and certain software. These are types of application which could basically help operate the computing system and convert them in a state which is primarily very much easy and all ready to operate. The acronym is [...]

What is VHD in Windows 7?

What is VHD in Windows 7? VHD or Virtual Hard Disk is a new feature supported by Windows 7 operating systems. This means users on the Windows 7 platform can “virtually” save files on the VHD format, similar to file storage systems using standard physical hard disks. VHDs are a welcome feature for users and [...]

What Exactly is wlcomm – Windows Live Communications Platform?

What Exactly is wlcomm – Windows Live Communications Platform? A wlcomm.exe is a windows live communications platform. If you are using Windows live messenger and you have the “windows live people” enabled, it generates a background task that is the wlcomm.exe. The “windows live people” also referred to as “windows live contacts” is a feature [...]

What is Pando Media Booster?

What is Pando Media Booster? Pando Media Booster is a software from Pando Networks that helps speed up file transfer, streaming and/or downloading of HD-quality video files or very large game applications. It is a very small application that runs in the background using the secure Pando Network’s peer-assist type of technology. Using this application [...]

What is ReWire?

What is ReWire? ReWire is a software system or protocol that allows transferring of audio files between two different computer software simultaneously. It is like an invisible connection that allows audio data transfer or streaming from one program to another. This software protocol is developed by Propellerhead and Steinberg and was originally part of the [...]

What is Pivotal?

What is Pivotal? Pivotal is a CRM (customer relationship management) software system developed by CDC Software, a company based in Atlanta, Georgia USA. CDC Software has been known to provide software products for enterprises and organizations to help them provide the best in customer service and support while maintaining or increasing operational efficiency and company [...]

What is SQL Database?

What is SQL Database? SQL database refers to Structured Query Language collection of data for computer language. This database is basically designed for the correct management of data especially in Relational Database Management Systems or RDBMS. This data collection started with relational algebra and calculus as its basis. It has very wide scope including data [...]

What is Zimbra?

What is Zimbra? Zimbra is a software that combines the features of email, calendars, and address books. Through integration of these three basic features, the software helps individuals and companies in terms of increased productivity and functionality. Zimbra is developed by a company with the same name in 2003. The company holds its office in [...]

What is MySQL Used For?

What is MySQL Used For? MySQL refers to a relational database management system or RDBMS which is a server that provides multi-user access to various numbers of databases. It is a system developed by Michael Widenius which is also named after his daughter named My. The SQL abbreviation stands for Structured Query Language. This system [...]

What is Windows Live Essentials?

What is Windows Live Essentials? Windows Live Essentials is a freeware offered by Microsoft that is designed to integrate various applications into one seamless service. This freeware is integrated with Windows 7 and may be downloaded from Microsoft’s website. Windows Live Essentials features various applications that can be integrated with each other like email, blog [...]

What is an Operating System?

What is an Operating System? An operating system is a program or software that allows other programs or applications to run in a specific computer. It also acts as the manager of the hardware resources of the computer it is running on. It forms the most essential part of the computer’s software functions. Without it, [...]

What is EJB? Reasons Why You Should Go For EJB (Enterprise JavaBean)

Reasons Why You Should Go For EJB (Enterprise JavaBean) If you are a programming buff, you will definitely know a lot about Java and Java applications. By now, you must also know that programming is indeed a fast moving field. When you have just finally gotten the hang of things, a new programming language and [...]

What is an API Key?

What is an API Key? Application Program Interface (API) Key or also known as Application Programming Interface Key is a series of code produced by websites to allow users to access the website’s API.  It is a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) generated by site’s system. It is 32-bit alpha-numeric string. What is API? API is [...]

What is Lightroom?

What is Lightroom? Lightroom is a software for photo editing developed by Adobe Systems. It is officially labeled as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and is developed specifically for advanced professional and amateur photographers to help them with their digital image processing needs. Lightroom is specifically designed to cater to the needs of digital photographers. But upon [...]

What is Apple Bonjour?

What is Apple Bonjour? Apple Bonjour refers to the “Bonjour” software created by Macintosh or “Apple”. It is a “zero-configuration” network system, meaning there is no need to configure IP addresses and DNS servers when using the software. Devices connected to particular network are automatically detected by Bonjour allowing for seamless networking possibilities. Devices that [...]

What is JIT Debugging?

What is JIT Debugging? JIT debugging or “Just-In-Time” debugging refers to the Visual Studio debugger which automatically launches when a program or application running outside of it crashes. When a particular program encounters an exception or a fatal error, you will be able to check on this through the JIT debugger before proceeding with termination [...]