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What is WXGA?

What is WXGA? WXGA means Wide Extended Graphics Array, also coined as Wide XGA. It is a set of resolutions, which are basically non standard and derived from XGA Display Standard. This is done through expanding the resolution to a wide screen aspect ratio. In most cases, it is commonly used for LCD computer monitors [...]

What is GCD?

What is GCD? GCD stands for Grand Comics Database, an online-based project created to build comic book information database. This catalog of information was established to offer easy to understand collections of records about comics in general. It was also designed in a way that every comic fanatic and enthusiast could conveniently retrieve the data [...]

What is GDI?

What is GDI? GDI stands for Graphic Device Interface is a programming interface used by Microsoft Windows as representation for graphics. GDI is mainly utilized by Windows to send out pictures and text to the computer screen or printers for display purposes. Specifically, GDI is tasked to display curves and lines, draw closed figures, show [...]

What is LRF File?

What is LRF File? LRF file stands for Linker Response File which is a document file format popular with different file extensions. This is the extension which is referred to as a mobile eBook reading tool created and developed by Sony Portable Reader. LRF is also known with related file extensions such as .pbk, .plf, [...]

What is EOM?

What is EOM? EOM is an abbreviation of the phrase “End of Message” which is often used in electronic mails. The basic purpose of these three letters is to save you precious time especially in opening and replying to a particular message. It simply tells you not to reply anymore because of the obvious reasons. [...]

What is DXF?

What is DXF? DXF stands for Drawing Exchange Format or it is also coined as Drawing Interchange Format. It refers to an open sourced or CAD data file format which was created and developed in 1982 by Autodesk. The main purpose of this system is to enable the interoperability of the data. This is applicable [...]

What is GCC?

What is GCC? GCC stands for the GNU Compiler Collection and as the name suggests, it is a computer compiling system developed by the GNU project. This compiler system is produced to support a wide variety of programming applications and languages. The GNU project is headed by Richard Stallman of the MIT and started in [...]

What is SWF?

What is SWF? SWF originally referred to “Shockwave Flash” but later changed to “Small Web Format” to differentiate it from another technology that is named “Shockwave”, from which SWF is derived. It is a file format in the Adobe Flash platform used in opening videos, multimedia, ActionScript, and vector type of graphics. At present, SWF [...]

What is an EDB File?

What is an EDB File? EDB files are database files of the Microsoft Exchange Server software which is involved in email communications, contact and tasks management, and calendar posting and updating. EDB files are the ones used by the Microsoft Exchange Server in maintaining the mailboxes of registered users. Through the SMTP protocol, mails or [...]

What is KiB?

What is KiB? KiB is short for kibibyte, a unit of measurement for digital information called bytes. “Kibi” means 1024, so kibibyte literally means 1024 bytes. “Kibi” is a combination of “kilo” and “binary” owing its close meaning to both terms. “kilo” refers to 1000 which is close to 1024. Since bytes may also be [...]

What Is Xref?

What Is Xref? If you have been using Autocad, you must be very particular of the term Xref. In fact, if you are an Autocad operator, it means a lot to you. This is actually the abbreviation of the term X-Reference. This means that the feature allows the operator to save time in doing the [...]

What is RTM Windows 7?

What is RTM Windows 7? RTM Windows 7 refers to a “Release To Manufacturers” version of Windows 7. It is basically some form of a test version or an “almost final” version released to several computer manufacturers for compatibility testing with their hardware. This version of Windows 7 already contains the codes that are soon [...]

What is WWDC 2010?

What is WWDC 2010? WWDC 2010 is the World Wide Developers Conference for the year 2010 initiated and sponsored by Apple. This conference is the gathering of web developers who authored and created different software, programs and services exclusively used by the Apple company. It includes developed programs and software services for Apple products such [...]

What is SDE?

What is SDE? You might encounter a lot of meanings when you hear the term SDE. However, if you are interested to know more about the field of engineering, SDE is actually the abbreviation of Software Development Engineer. Now, what exactly is SDE and what are his tasks? First of all, these people are involved [...]

What is OWASP?

What is OWASP? OWASP actually stands for Open Web Application Security Project. If you have heard of such before, by now you must have an idea that this is a non-government organization or a charitable institution which creates different projects in relation to open-source application security. Through the years, OWASP was able to develop a [...]

What is WLM?

What is WLM? WLM means Windows Live Messenger, also formerly known MSN Messenger. It is the fastest growing program that delivers instant messaging services. In the present, it is in the number two rank only behind ICQ or AIM. With all the proven popularity of this IM program, it is without doubt that it is [...]

What is TLB?

What is TLB? TLB stands for Translation Look-aside Buffer. It is a cache on the CPU which is used to speedily translate virtual addresses to real addresses. In its normal implementation, TLB uses CAM or content-addressable memory to serve as the virtual address and the physical or real address will be the search result. Normally [...]

What is KML?

What is KML? KML stands for Keyhole Markup Language and is mainly used for displaying geographic information on web and/or Earth browsing tools like Google Earth or Google Maps. KML as a markup language is based on XML and is interpreted by web browsers similarly to basic HTML codes. Similar to HTML or Hyper Text [...]

What is FDR?

What is FDR? FDR stands for “Fast Dump Restore” and is composed of a variety of products for DASD or “direct access storage device” management. FDR is said to provide fast and efficient performance in terms of dump restore systems without any adverse effect on robustness, reliability, and user-friendliness. FDR also provides the best protection [...]

What is VRF?

What is VRF? VRF or Virtual Routing and Forwarding is a type of technology for computer networks that are IP-based. This technology allows more than one instance of a routing table to exist using the same router and at the same time. The routing instances act independently from each other using the same IP addresses [...]

What is GCF?

What is GCF? GCF stands for “Good Clean Fun”. It is another form of internet slang used by mostly web addicts and young people who are having fun coining new words and terms along with advancements in technology. In today’s modern world, many people find new and extraordinary ways to communicate. One such trend is [...]

What is WPF?

What is WPF? WPF stands for Windows Presentation Foundation and is a presentation sub-system used in creating user interfaces for applications that are based on Windows. Through WPF, web developers will be able to create user interfaces that work with various media and documents. WPF used to be called “Avalon” and was initially released along [...]

What is SNMP?

What is SNMP? SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol and is used mainly to manage elements or devices on internet or IP networks. SNMP is a simple protocol that’s why it is widely used in monitoring elements attached to a particular network. These elements may be devices like routers, printers, racks, computer servers and [...]

What is VBS?

What is VBS? VBS refers to VBScript or Microsoft’s Visual Basic Scripting Edition. This scripting language is said to be a simplified version of a bigger scripting program called Visual Basic. VBS is said to be very simple and easy to use. It is commonly used for applications involving internet browsers, Java applets, virus authoring, [...]

What is RSS?

What is RSS? RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. It refers to a web format containing data from different sites which are constantly or regularly updated. Web formats may be in the form of breaking news feeds, new blogsite entries, and updated video or audio files – all in one standard form. A typical RSS [...]

What is .ape File?

What is .ape File? The .ape file is a filename extension, which is used by a file format for audio data compression specifically called Monkey’s Audio. Unlike lossy compression methods such AAC, MP3, Vorbis and Musepac, Monkey’s Audio does not lose the data during the encoding process. It belongs to the audio lossless format, which [...]

What is IPX?

What is IPX? Internet Packet Exchange (IPX) – is a series of networking protocols that primarily uses Novell Netware Operating clients and servers. IPX is a datagram or mainly a packet protocol. This series of rules works in the Network layer of communications and it is connectionless. Similar to IP layer or the TCP/IP, it [...]

What is CIH?

What is CIH? Overview of Chernobyl Virus CIH is popularly known as the Chernobyl Virus. CIH is a computer virus for Microsoft Windows that was written by a Taiwanese named Chen Ing Hau during his college days in 1998 at Taiwan’s Tatung University. He designed the virus to have the ability to infect and corrupt [...]

What is bcu.exe?

What is bcu.exe? BCU.exe is Browser Configuration Utility file from DeviceVM, Inc. This file is usually found under the Program Files folder on Drive C and is loaded during the computer boot up process. But this file is not a system file for Windows operating systems leading to some experts labeling the file as unnecessary [...]

What is explorer.exe?

What is explorer.exe? Explorer.exe is file that is part of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. When executed or run, it displays a GUI or graphical user interface showing the drives and files on your computer. Most people know this interface by the term “Windows Explorer”. Sometimes it is also called the Windows GUI shell. The explorer.exe [...]

What is GBIC?

What is GBIC? The gigabit interface converter (GBIC) is a hot-swappable expansion port for networking component that enables different network devices such as routers to have support on different connections. GBIC is a transceiver that converts electric signals into optical signals. Fiber Optic Systems like Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel devices need to convert signals [...]

What is DTS?

What is DTS? Data Transformation Services (DTS) offers a set of graphical tools and programmable objects that allows users to extract, modify, and combine data form different sources into solitary or various destinations.  These DTS tools can be used to create custom movement procedures provided that they can suffice your organizations or any particular system’s [...]

What is a .CHM File Extension?

What is a .CHM File Extension? Files that have .chm file extensions are generally a set of Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML) kind of web pages that have hyperlinked contents. These files are mostly used in HTML help files that come in every software packages given that users who acquire these software programs will be provided [...]

What is .mht Files?

What is .mht Files? .mht is a file extension of MIME HTML, or in short, MHTML or sometimes referred as MHT. This is a format for webpage archive and is used for combining resources. These resources are usually represented by external links. This webpage archive is formatted using MIME HTML, which saves HTML to: Images, [...]

What is MDID?

What is MDID? MDID or Madison Digital Image Database is a type of free software wherein people can manage a library of digital images and use them as part of his/her learning or teaching activities. This particular software was developed in the year 2000 at the Center for Instructional Technology of the James Madison University. [...]

What is CTD?

What is CTD? Some programs crash and just quits unexpectedly. This event is called “crash to desktop (CTD)”. Crash to desktop is a computer program crash that suddenly terminates a program or just quit without the user logging out or closing the application. This event happens mostly to users who are using a video game [...]

What is Dot tk (.tk)?

What is Dot tk (.tk)? Dot tk (.tk) is an Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Tokelau. Tokelau is a part of New Zealand just along the South Pacific. Dot tk (.tk) domain is the only ccTLD that provides free domain name registrations. It is a free domain registry for all websites in the [...]

What is ICS?

What is ICS? ICS stands for Internet Connection Sharing. It is a system featured in Windows operating systems that allow computers connected to a network to share one internet connection through NAT or Network Address Translation and DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Through the ICS feature, devices that have Internet capabilities may be used [...]

What is JPG?

What is JPG? JPG is short for JPEG which is a standard in image file formats. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, which is actually the group behind making the said standard. When saving image files using the JPEG standard, the file extension is .JPG. JPEG or JPG is an image compression standard which [...]

What is HDCP?

What is HDCP? It has been said that knowledge is power, when someone else takes your knowledge they are actually taking your power. Your power here includes your power to earn, to gain recognition, to help others, to maintain a good reputation as well as several other areas. It is wrong for some people to [...]

What is VGA?

What is VGA? VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. It is a standard color display hardware in computer monitors. This standard uses a 32-color palette and is capable of displaying a resolution of 640 x 280. It was first introduced in IBM computers back in 1987. Though it is still being used by various manufacturers [...]

What is a Pixel?

What is a Pixel? Pixels are small units or dots used in the display of images on a computer screen. One image is composed of thousands or millions of pixels, which are like tiny squares with a specific color on them. Pixel sizes depend on image resolution. The higher the picture resolution, the greater is [...]

What is JDK?

What is JDK? Over the years computing has seen a number of major milestones that have completely changed the way things were done in the past. The launch of Java was one of these major milestones that have revolutionized the way computers and the internet work. There are a number of reasons why it is [...]

What is IPv6?

What is IPv6? There have been few milestones in computing that can compare to the introduction of the internet. It has completely changed the way we carry out work, communicate and entertain ourselves. Thinking of how all these things were done before the internet will help in understanding the far we have come. One of [...]

What is EPS File?

What is EPS File? EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript, which is a format used by vector graphics. EPS files are based on the postscript standards of Adobe. EPS can be used in almost all types of graphic applications. However, the file is often utilized in illustrations in articles, books, magazines and other published media. Various [...]

What is a PNG file?

What is a PNG file? PNG or Portable Network Graphics files are image files commonly used for the Web. They are designed to replace older graphics formats like GIF (graphic interchange format). PNG files are said to allow more color support, so images may have different hues from opaque status to transparent status. GIF formats [...]

What is IMO?

What is IMO? IMO stands for “In My Opinion”. It is an internet slang that evolved into a free internet-based chat and instant messaging platform called “imo.im”. This platform enables users to connect with other instant messaging providers like Facebook Chat, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, MSN, MySpace, and Skype. “imo” has a very [...]

What is MKV File?

What is MKV File? MKV file or Matroska video is an open source compression format. Open source means it is a free compression or container format. MKV file can hold indefinite number of files such as audio, images, subtitle tracks and videos compressed into a single file. The word Matroska is derived from a Russian [...]

What is APN?

What is APN? APN stands for Access Point Name and it is a gateway or protocol that allows people to gain access to the web by using the services of mobile phone networks. These networks may be 2G, 3G, or GPRS among others. But before someone can get access to the internet, the proper settings [...]

What is HTTP?

What is HTTP? Anyone who uses the Internet is likely familiar to http. If you use the Internet, you will find http at the beginning of every Internet address, or uniform resource locator (URL). Http stands for hypertext transfer protocol. Http is a language of networking communication. The World Wide Web (www) primarily uses this [...]

What is a CSV file?

What is a CSV file? A CSV file is a file with “Comma Separated Values”. When you look at this file in plain text, one record is indicated per line and the fields on this record are each separated with a comma. Commonly CSV files are used in importing or exporting data in tables between [...]

What is KBD.exe?

What is KBD.exe? Most PC users encounter the kbd.exe. This process is not a spyware or malware, which most PC users think. What exactly is the purpose of this kbd.exe? The process is authored by Logitech and may be installed in your computer by related software. According to Logitech, kbd.exe provides option to configure added [...]

What is JCL?

What is JCL? JCL stands for Job Control Language and it pertains to control statements that connect with the computer’s operating system when it introduces a job or directs it on what needs to be done. These control statements are also used in making requests to hardware devices. Basically, it provides a communication gateway between [...]

What is DMG file?

What is DMG file? Most computer users, especially those who use Apple computers may already encountered a DMG file. What is this DMG file? Apple Inc., a computer company, created this DMG file. DMG file is intended for users dealing with Mac operating system. DMG is a disc image file. To have a clearer picture [...]

What is .eml?

What is .eml? .EML is a file extension for email messages in Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook. An .EML file may contain headers in plain ASCII text, main body of the letter which may contain attachments and hyperlinks to particular websites. These attachments may be in the form of documents, spreadsheets, pictures, videos, or PDF [...]


WHAT IS HDCP? HDCP or High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection is a security feature designed by Intel and licensed by the Digital Content Protection LLC (DCP) to eliminate interception of data while it travels from the source to the recipient’s computer.  It is like a copy protection scheme for high quality digital content such as audio [...]

What is Xvid?

What is Xvid? Xvid is the second generation compression algorithm after MPEG-4. It was formerly known as XviD. It uses Advanced Simple Profile technique to compress the video. It has the features such as H.263 compression, Lumi Masking, B-Frames etc. Xvid is the antagonist for DivX Pro Codec. Xvid is distributed under GNU General Public [...]

What is CFD?

What is CFD? CFD is the acronym for computational fluid dynamics, a division of fluid mechanics that uses cutting edge computer technology to represent fluid flowing in a controlled environment and to use this as a means to solve and analyze problems involved in this setup. Fluids can mean gas or liquid or a combination [...]

What are IMAP and POP?

What are IMAP and POP? In this modern time, many people use electronic mail or simply called e-mail to send messages to their friends, colleagues and business partners. E-mail replaced the old snail mail, which takes a long time to get to the mailbox of the recipient. Sending an e-mail is fast and the nicest [...]

What is DHTML?

What is DHTML? Almost every internet user may be familiar with HTML or Hypertext Markup Language. Most people who frequently use the internet know the HTML is a language used to build a web page. However, many people are confused when DHTML was introduced. DHTML stands for Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language and it is a [...]

What is jqs.exe?

What is jqs.exe? What is jqs.exe? This is often seen by most PC users as they open the task manager. If you will open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) , you will notice that jqs.exe is running in the background. However, you will also observe that it is running in low priority. This exe file could [...]

What is XML Format?

What is XML Format? XML or eXtensible Markup Language is a markup language similar to HTML but was created with a different purpose. The former was designed for data storage and transport, while the latter deals on data display. XML is a simple text format used widely in data exchange over the Web and using [...]

What is jucheck.exe?

What is jucheck.exe? The jucheck.exe is simply a process o verification carried out by Java, it is automated and there is generally no reason to worry about it. A common misconception is that this is an error message, or a threat, due to the awkward message “allow unknown publisher make change to this computer”, some [...]

What is Cout?

What is Cout? Cout is basically an object referring to class ostream which is the representation of normal output stream. This object is essentially used to correspond to the “cstdio stream stdout”. This term is also used in “Hello World” Program which is expressed in the following: #include <iostream> Using namespace std; Int main () [...]

What Is KML – Keyhole Mark-up Language?

What Is KML – Keyhole Mark-up Language? KML or the Keyhole Mark-up Language is actually a file format which is used to exhibit geographic information within an earth web browser, just like Google Maps, Google Earth, as well as Google Maps intended for mobile phone. A good KML data file is actually organized in exactly [...]

Know What Is nmctxth And How To Deal With It

Know What Is nmctxth And How To Deal With It What is nmctxth? The program, nmctxth has no visible window as it is not a Windows core file. In most cases, the program starts when Windows performs start-ups. You can find this in registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run). Although VeriSign, a certified and trusted company, signs the [...]

What is an ARC File?

What is an ARC File? ARC is an archived type of file. Its compression technique is of the lossless type and this was developed by SEA or System Enhancement Associates. ARC is also the name given to the archiving and/or compression program. In the past, compression and archiving were two different functions performed by two [...]

What is a PRN File?

What is a PRN File? PRN is a file intended for interpretation by the printer. This file is sent to a particular printer to give it several instructions that include the items to print, which part of the page these items are to be printed, and which paper tray to get the paper for printing. [...]

What is XXI?

What is XXI? XXI is a file extension mainly associated with IGN Entertainment’s “Gamespy Arcade”. Gamespy Arcade is a gaming freeware capable of accommodating multiple players. This means that anybody who plays the game can interact with the other players whether they are from different parts of the world. Gamespy Arcade is a free software [...]

What is JOP?

What is JOP? JOP stands for “Java Optimized Processor”. The JOP is a hardware implementation of a Java Virtual Machine. The JOP allows for a small hardware JVM to be embedded in real-time systems. One of the features of JOP is the ability to predict execution time of Java byte codes. JOP provides the highest [...]