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What Is AIM

Introduction:- AIM is an abbreviation for AOL instant messenger. The messenger was launched by AOL back in 1997 and happens to be a public IM network. Explanation:- Since AIM happens to be an advertisement supported platform, it is going to show a number of different advertisements to its users every once in a while. There […]

What is ssvagent.exe?

Ssvagent.exe is an executable file that is associated with the Java platform. Specifically, ssvagent.exe is activated to run as an updating agent or file when the Internet Explorer browser is used or opened. Every time this particular browser is used, ssvagent.exe is also activated to run in the background as an updating or installation file […]

What is DMZ?

DMZ refers to a “demilitarized zone” in the field of computers. For computer networks and servers that have external links to other computers, a DMZ or subnetwork may be created mainly for security purposes. The DMZ or subnetwork basically acts like a buffer between a private network and the external community of computers. If there […]

What is CGI?

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface and it literally provides a gateway for the Web browsers to communicate dynamically with the Web server. Under standard non-CGI setup, web pages that are visited by users can be viewed as static pages. This simply means that when users type in a particular web address on a browser […]

What is ebay?

Introduction: With the evolution and advancement of internet, things have become easier and people now can do almost everything online. When it comes to shopping, some people find it very annoying and hectic to actually to the market and have some sale purchase. But with the blessings of internet, we have now such websites and […]

What is Bing?

Bing is a live search engine, formerly known as Live Search, MSN Search, and Windows Live Search. It was first introduced by the chief executive officer (CEO) of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer during the San Diego “All Things Digital” event. Released on June 1, 2009 the primary goal of Bing is to help people filter search […]

What is Cyberspace?

Cyberspace is the term used to describe the intangible and imaginary virtual realm that enables computer simulations and communications as well as internet activity to happen. Cyberspace is the electronic equivalence of mind space in humans. It is a domain that is characterized by application of electromagnetic spectrum and electronics to exchange modify and store […]

What is Link Karma?

Link Karma is a term attributed to the Reddit community, a summation of how good a person performs in the web. The higher the link karma, the more active one person is. Karma is obtained by submitting posts or links that you think many people will like. When an individual votes for a post or […]

What is MPLS?

MPLS stands for Multi Protocol Label Switching and refers to a switching technology, which is used to regulate data traffic as well as packet forwarding in a network. One of the distinct features of MPLS is that it encompasses packets in the existence of various network protocols. The traditional IP routing involves the analysis of […]

What is skrill?

Skrill is a global e-commerce payment system which allows users from different countries to make their payments using the internet. Skrill can be used both by individuals and merchants. Individual users can enjoy this payment system by using their e-wallet feature or deposit accounts as well as money transfer services at a low cost. Merchants […]

What is WPA?

WPA is an abbreviation for Wi-Fi Protected Access. Basically, WPA is a security feature for people who use computers that are fitted with wireless Wi-Fi connection. WPA is an improved version of the initial Wi Fi security features referred to as Wired Equivalent Privacy -WEP and it is hoped that it will replace it. WPA […]

What is MySpace?

MySpace is an online social networking site that is most popular with teenagers nowadays. The site was created in late 2003 and gained popularity in 2005. The company is headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA and is a subsidiary of Specific Media. It was known for its feature where you can customize your own profile, upload […]

What is Evernote?

Evernote refers to a cloud-based software which allows users to keep their important documents in a single place. By using this tool, the user will be able to organize pictures, clips from the internet, documents, notes, and PDFs. Evernote can be used for your personal and professional needs. You can use Evernote to save your […]

what is vps?

It can be very confusing finding the right type of web hosting that meets exactly what you need. But maybe VPS hosting is the right one for you. VPS or Virtual Private Server is a type of web hosting that runs on its own OS or Operating System. It is similar to dedicated physical servers […]

What is FTW?

FTW is another internet lingo which literally means “for the win”. This phrase is commonly used by people who are frequently online especially those that join chat rooms or make posts and comments on social networking sites. Instead of typing “for the win”, the shortened term “FTW” is used to express excitement and enthusiasm. The […]

What is a domain?

Domains refer to the online or network addresses of various servers.  When a particular server or network wants to go online and become part of the internet, it must secure its own domain with a corresponding name according to the DNS or Domain Name System. This naming system basically creates a label or description for […]

What is iDisk?

iDisk refers to a .Mac feature that allows users to have a personal storage in the secure servers of Apple. The information and data that is copied to the iDisk are guaranteed to be safe and can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Through this feature, it is also […]

what is linksys?

So you got yourself a new computer, and you basically just want to go online, check your email or just log on to your favorite social media site. But how do you connect to the internet? Given that you may already have an Internet Service Provider, what you need now is a router. Routers are […]

What is EOBC?

EOBC stands for Ethernet Out of Band Channel, a communication line for network or LAN switches.  The basic function of EOBC is to allow for all the cards connected to the network or switch to have a gateway for remote management.  The Ethernet out of Band channel basically works as a remote switch management gateway […]

What is gusvc?

GUSVC is short for Google Updater Service and it refers to an executable file that is present in computers that have been installed with Google-related software and products. This file basically performs the function of a software updater.  Whenever a computer is turned on, gusvc or the Google Update Service will automatically run and search […]

What is myvzw.com?

Many people have been wondering about myvzw.com because this particular website always seem to pop out in people’s email and phone messages inbox.  Some have gotten worried about myvzw.com because the message related to it sometimes ask people to either show details or preferences or ignore the prompt.  With these kind of choices, some people […]

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging application that can be downloaded and used for free as long as users have an internet or broadband connection.  Through WhatsApp, users can send out text messages and multimedia messages to friends and family without having to worry about paying for the service.  With a cellular network plan or […]

What is JSON?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.  It refers to an open standard programming tool or language that is typically used to transfer data between one application on the web and the main server.  Its format is derived from JavaScript, a known programming language for web applications but it is released as an open standard in […]

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a popular website for people who wish to share photos online and share comments and stories with other people.  Members of Pinterest are able to “pin” or post different images and even videos of everything from personal pictures to food recipes and even travel tips.  The main feature of Pinterest is that it […]

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a very popular microblogging and social networking site that was made available back in 2007.  Its founder is David Karp and holds its main office in New York City, USA. By 2013, the Tumblr website along with it its rich content of more than 170 million blogs, was acquired by Yahoo! Incorporated. The […]

What is a MRM domain?

MRM domain refers to the messaging model or domain that works under the IBM platform.  Through MRM domains, various message models may be created for varying message types and formats. The message types and formats may also be configured to integrate with the specifications of a message domain parser or the MRM parser in the […]

What is IKYP?

IKYP is short for “I’ll keep you posted” and is often used by various people in online communications. IKYP is one of many acronyms and so-called internet slang or urban language that evolved over the modern times. The use of the internet have become widespread and popular since its inception and along with its popularity, […]

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a popular online site for news, current events, and other popular topics. It is different from other standard news platforms in the sense that its articles are provided by its own community of registered users. Each article posted on the website may also be subscribed to with readers voting it “up” or “down” […]

What is Quora?

Quora is a popular website that features questions and answers from its own users. Launched back in 2010, Quora allows its own community of users to post questions and/or answers on the website. Questions may be regarding historical facts and figures or other concerns that relate to a variety of topics. The same community of […]

What is OOTD?

OOTD is an acronym that is popularly used over the internet. It could represent a variety of meanings but the two most common meaning of OOTD are “outfit of the day” and “offer of the day”. In online sites and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for example, many people use the term […]

What is OOMF?

OOMF literally stands for “One Of My Friends” or “One of My Followers”. This particular phrase is often shortened to OOMF and most commonly given a hashtag, as in #OOMF, in various social networking sites. As the phrase suggests, it simply refers to a friend or follower of a particular person. Using OOMF or #OOMF […]

What is dbench?

Dbench is a programming tool used to generate Input/Output workloads to either a specified filesystem or to a server terminal such as those that run on Network File System or the Common Internet File System. By generating I/O workloads, the dbench tool can help determine which part of the communication between input and output are […]

What is HBD?

In today’s modern world of high technology and people’s increasing dependence on the internet and mobile devices, many will encounter new terms and lingos. One such term is “HBD” and people have encountered in various posts across different social networking sites. Some people also see “HBD” being posted as comments on internet chat rooms or […]

What is eDataSecurity?

What is eDataSecurity? eDataSecurity is a data security and encryption service from Acer computers. For people with Acer computers and laptops, they may download the corresponding executable file which is part of Acer’s eDataSecurity Management service. With easy installation procedures, users will be able to protect their personal data from security threats and malware. Users […]

What is KMT?

KMT is an acronym for the phrase “kiss my teeth”. This phrase is commonly used by young people especially in using social media or networking platforms. “Kiss my teeth” is some kind of an alternative to the more offensive phrase “kiss my ass”. This phrase is used when feeling annoyed or irritated by somebody. KMT […]

What is jswtrayutil.exe

Jswtrayutil.exe refers to a file associated with the Jumpstart folder that is stored under Program Files in Windows-based computers. With its .exe extension, jswtrayutil performs utility functions for wireless internet connections. This file is considered part of the TP-LINK networking systems, a popular company that provides various networking-related products across the globe. TP-LINK has its […]

What is HTH?

HTH stands for Hope This Helps and it is a term or phrase used by many people especially on the internet.  When people are communicating through chat rooms, many of them use acronyms and shortened phrases to make things easier and more convenient.  As the phrase suggests, HTH is often used in conversations when somebody […]

What is fye?

In online chat rooms and social networking sites, many people have encountered the term fye but do not actually understand its meaning.  Some people wonder whether it’s a new term or simply a shortened phrase.  For the most part, when fye is used in a sentence, it simply refers to something that one really likes […]

What is Mox News?

Mox News is an online news source provided by a man who calls himself Moxy. Through its own website and more popular through the video-sharing site YouTube, Mox News delivers various news videos from different news organizations and sources in the US and on the web including Fox News among others. The basic content of […]

What is KMSL?

KMSL is another internet slang that literally stands for “Killing My Self Laughing”. In various internet chat rooms and social networking sites, many people use the acronym KMSL instead of typing the whole phrase. KMSL is also widely used when texting using mobile phones and other handheld networking devices. In today’s technology-driven world, many people […]

What is JTidy?

JTidy refers to the Java port of popular HTML cleanout tool called HTML Tidy. HTML Tidy is an application that helps check invalid syntax in HTML.  With good syntax, HTML provides good-looking and functional web pages.  With its association to the Java port, JTidy is created with basically the same purpose of cleaning out invalid […]

What is GMX?

GMX or Global Message eXchange is a webmail service that is offered for free.  Aside from the standard email services, GMX also offers file storage and other data handling services to its subscribers. The first version of GMX was released by GMX Internet Services back in 1997.  Under the GMX.net website, GMX is offered in […]

What is cisvc.exe?

CISVC.exe is an executable file for Windows’ “Content Indexing Service”.  The main function of this file is to literally check on the indexing service that is done by the Windows operating system in the background.  Indexing services are regularly checked to ensure that the computer’s resources are not used up in terms of memory. When […]

What is CPGZ?

CPGZ is a compressed version of a CPIO file. CP refers to CPIO which is the main file, while GZ refers to GZIP, the compression utility.  Files that have the CPGZ extension can typically be found in computers that run Mac OS X or the Unix platform. CPIO (Copy In Copy Out) files generally works […]

What is CSI format?

CSI format is the short term for Master Format, a standard for organizing various specifications as created by CSI or the Construction Specifications Institute of the US and the Construction Specifications Canada.  Master Format or the CSI format is considered the most comprehensive tool in terms of organizing several specifications involved in a building project. […]

What is BCWipe?

BCWipe is an application that is able to permanently erase or delete files that run on one’s computer.  It is classified as a form of data erasure utility that works with computers that run on Windows, Mac OS X, and UNIX.  Created and developed by Jetico Inc. Oy, BCWipe is of commercial and military-grade.  With […]

What is MBox extension?

‘MBox extension’ refers to a generic file format that is able to store email messages in simple text form.  ‘MBox’ is short for “mail box” and was a popular file format or extension because of its simplicity in the form of a text file.  When it comes to email or electronic mail messages, all data […]

What is KWIM?

‘KWIM’ is an acronym that stands for ‘know what I mean.’ This particular phrase is popularly used among Internet users that frequent social networking sites and chat rooms.  Using ‘KWIM’ in communication basically shortens the actual phrase or question ‘know what I mean.’  During a chat conversation, for example, when a person is explaining something […]

What is MLLN circuit?

What is MLLN circuit? MLLN circuit refers to a system involving a Managed Leased Line Network.  As its name suggests, this particular circuit runs on leased line rather than on a dial-up service.  In the field of telecommunications for example, individuals or companies that employ MLLN circuits have a designated line for their data transfer […]

What does “DFN” stand for?

What does ‘DFN’ stand for? In a world where many people communicate through mobile phones and the Internet, many words, phrases, and terms are coined each day.  Some of these new terms are also dubbed as ‘urban lingo’ or ‘Internet slang.’  One common practice in today’s high-tech communication is to use various acronyms that could […]

What is HAYOR?

What is HAYOR? ‘HAYOR,’ or ‘Hayor,’ is actually an acronym for ‘Hit at your own risk.’  This phrase is part of an urban lingo or Internet slang that is supposedly used by drug addicts or people that smoke pot or marijuana.  This phrase is applicable to use when the smoking pot is almost empty or […]

What is MiFi

What is MiFi MiFi is a portable WiFi device developed by Novatel Wireless.  Being a portable device, users with Mifi will be able to connect to the Internet from virtually anywhere in the world.  The Mifi device acts like a wireless router and allows for mobile Internet connection. Whether one is traveling or going from […]

What is IAB?

What is IAB? ‘IAB’ stands for ‘Internet Architecture Board,’ and it represents a group of people who are in charge with overseeing the so-called evolution and development of the Internet.  Back in 1979, the IAB was first referred to as the Internet Configuration Control Board and was part of the research projects agency of the […]

What is gzipping?

What is gzipping? ‘Gzipping’ is the term used when one is compressing or decompressing a particular file.  This application was developed by the GNU Project which explains the “G” in “gzip.”  Files that are gzipped literally mean that they are compressed and result in a smaller file size.  And since gzipping was developed by the […]

What is Xfire For?

What is Xfire for? Xfire is a freeware that is popularly used by online gamers. This particular software has instant messaging features wherein gamers can send messages and/or chat with friends who are also playing online. This makes it convenient for online gamers to be able to connect with friends through personal messages while playing […]

What is MIME?

What is MIME? MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and as the name suggests, this Internet standard is used to support non-text attachments to basic email. Basically this standard is being followed when sending email over the internet, specifically those that contain non-text items such as video, graphics, and audio files. And aside from […]

What is MBGP?

What is MBGP? MBGP stands for Multiprotocol Extensions for BGP or Border Gateway Protocol. MBGP basically serves as an additional path or extension for multiple addresses so that these may be distributed and directed in a parallel manner. Because of this extension, multicast or multi-protocol routing over the internet becomes a possibility and it allows […]

What is Google+?

What is Google+? Google+ is Google’s own social networking site which is setup to directly compete with Facebook, the biggest social networking site in the world. Google has been known as the search engine of choice when browsing through the internet, but has continuously explored other options to expand its online presence and provide more […]

What is iOffer?

What is iOffer? iOffer is an online trading portal that was developed by Steven Nerayoff in 2002. Its headquarters is in San Francisco, USA and claims to have almost 1 million users with 75,000 of them tagged as sellers. This online portal declares itself as something “better” than an auction store with the slogan declaring […]

What is DOORS?

What is DOORS? DOORS stands for Department of Labor Online Opportunities Recruitment System and it refers to the online system set up for applicants to several posts in the DOL. DOORS serves as an online recruitment system for either existing DOL employees or other people who want to hold jobs at the DOL. For obvious […]

What is MKUCool?

What is MKUCool? MKUCool or MKUCool.com refers to the supposed website that sells a variety of digital goods at cheap prices. Many people believe that this site is bogus and does not really exist. Most people encounter the term “MKUCool” when accessing their emails and/or surfing other sites on the internet. As the email would […]

What is JW Player?

What is JW Player? JW Player is a popular software for playing videos on the web. With support for Flash and HTML5, it is considered the most flexible media player that any user can find on the internet. The first version was developed back in 2005 and since then several updates were already made to […]

What is Moko?

What is Moko? Moko is short for “Moko.mobi”, a global chat platform that enables people to connect with friends via their computers or cellular phones. It also features other social networking tools such as uploads for photo, video, and music which one user can share with his/her network of friends. Through partnerships with various wireless […]

What is IKR?

What is IKR? IKR stands for “I Know Right” or “I Know, Right?”. This expression is commonly used in the world of mobile texting, internet chatrooms, and in social networking sites. It is one of many urban lingos and phrases that are coined and invented each day by those that spend so much time doing […]

What is BLTWY?

What is BLTWY? BLTWY is a website on political issues with some sort of celebrity twist. This site is developed by a partnership between MSN and Bermanbraun. Though serious issues on the political arena are covered on this particular website, popular figures in politics are covered in such a way that their personalities and celebrity […]

What is GLS?

What is GLS? GLS is another internet slang or catch-phrase that stands for “gay little smirk”. It is used by many young people all over the world who are fond of sending text messages on their mobile phones. Some people also use the slang term “GLS” while chatting with other friends on various internet sites, […]

What Is EOM?

What Is EOM? The term EOM is actually internet slang and can mean different things. Basically, EOM stands for End of Message. In writing emails, this means a lot since it signifies that right after that part, the rest is no longer important. Say for instance there are attachments that come along the message, they […]

What is MMORPG?

What is MMORPG? MMORPG stands for “massive multiplayer online role playing game” and it is basically an online video game that can be played by multiple players. From the term “massive multiplayer”, this type of online video game can accommodate hundreds of thousands or even up to a million gamers or subscribers from any part […]

What is IAS?

What is IAS? IAS or Internet Authentication Service is Microsoft’s way or system of centralizing internet authentication, accounting, auditing, and authorization on its Windows Server operating systems. Based on the RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service), IAS provides for authentication services from various means of accessing a particular network. Access to a network may be […]

What is Blogging?

What is Blogging? Blogging is the process of making a blog or posting content into a blog. A blog is some form of commentary about different topics which a user updates regularly. A blog may be part of a website or may be a whole website in itself. Blogs are made by people to make […]