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What is LSCM?

LSCM stands for Least Squares Conformal Map and it refers to 2D or 2-dimensional type of map or representation of a 3-dimensional image or shape. In the field of computer graphics and design, the LSCM method basically helps create or convert a complicated 3D shape into 2D image. By means of Least Squares Conformal Mapping, […]

What is DirectX?

DirectX refers to a set of APIs or application program interfaces developed by Microsoft for the Windows operating system. These API’s basically helped improve the functionality of computer hardware and software in the form of improved graphics and dynamic web pages. Through the DirectX component, the hardware part of the computer will be able to […]

What is WSDL?

WSDL or Web Services Description Language refers to a computer language that is used to describe a particular business or service an online business offers. Based on XML or Extensible Mark-up Language, WSDL basically sets the formatting and encoding rules in terms of web services descriptions and functionalities. When a particular online business offers several […]

What is DRM?

DRM or Digital Rights Management refers to various technology products or services that basically aim to limit or control the use of copyrighted data or content. Any DRM software or technological feature of a certain digital data product will be able to protect its contents by way of controlling how they are viewed, copied, or […]

What is CAD?

CAD or Computer-Aided Design refers to computer software that helps people create and/or manipulate designs for various purposes. For a person who wishes to design an electronic system for example, he/she can use computer software that features CAD for this particular purpose. The same type of software may also be used for architects who need […]

What is ctfmon.exe?

Ctfmon.exe is an executable file associated with the Windows operating system. For people who have computers running on Windows, they may notice that this particular file is running in the background. Some may even get annoyed when an error pops out and points to this particular file. This file called ctfmon.exe is the main file […]

What is CVF file?

CVF files are miscellaneous files associated with the JetAudio VoiceMail program. This type of program basically allows people to send voice-mail using compression technology. With compression to voice data, files will be much smaller and therefore easier to send to other people like in the form of email attachments for example. When a person has […]

What is cxx extension?

CXX extension refers to file extensions associated to C++, a popular object-oriented programming language. When writing a program for example that is based on C++, one will be able to create files that contain the .CXX file extension. These files are typically used as the main source codes of the program a person is creating […]

What is iOS?

iOS refers to the mobile operating system developed for Apple Inc. products like the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. The iOS basically provides the basic platform for mobile features to work and function efficiently in an Apple mobile device. Without the iOS, a person wouldn’t be able to call using his/her iPhone. Playing games […]

What is Apache Tomcat?

Apache Tomcat is an open software developed by the ASF or Apache Software Foundation. This software is basically designed to handle the web-serving features of JavaServer Pages. It also allows integration of servlets through Java Servlet technology. The best feature of Apache Tomcat is its being open-source which allows developers and programmers to get the […]

What is atieclxx.exe?

Atieclxx.exe is an executable file associated with AMD or Advanced Micro Devices, a known manufacturer of computer chips and other computer hardware components. In the case of atieclxx.exe, this particular file functions to support the video cards of AMD specifically those that belong to the External Events client module. This particular file is basically required […]

What is LAMP stack?

LAMP stack refers to a software stack or bundle that includes Linux (L), Apache (A), MySQL (M) and PHP (P). All these components are basically stacked together to create an open-source program that can be utilized in creating dynamic web pages. Each of the features of the component programs is essential in providing dynamic content […]

What is epub?

EPUB is short for “electronic publication” and it refers to a standard format for digital or electronic books. This particular format is a free standard as classified by IDPF or the International Digital Publishing Forum. Many electronic books that are being published at present times are saved using the EPUB format because it is considered […]

What Is Svchost

Introduction:- As explained by Microsoft, the svchost is the name of the generic host process which includes the services which are being executed by the dynamic link libraries. Explanation:- There is no argument over the fact that the above mentioned definition is not something that can easily be understood by an average individual. Therefore, it […]

What Is AIM

Introduction:- AIM is an abbreviation for AOL instant messenger. The messenger was launched by AOL back in 1997 and happens to be a public IM network. Explanation:- Since AIM happens to be an advertisement supported platform, it is going to show a number of different advertisements to its users every once in a while. There […]

What is GNU?

GNU is an operating system that works and functions like the UNIX system but is an entirely different platform. The project for the GNU system was started by Richard Stallman back in 1984 when he wanted to create a system similar to UNIX but all software related to this project was free. Anybody can basically […]

What is RTF?

RTF or Rich Text Format is a type of file format for text-based documents developed by Microsoft Corporation. In many of its software products, RTF is the format standard used when it comes to documents that contain text. Through RTF or the Rich Text Format, various text editing features may be used to format the […]

What is ssvagent.exe?

Ssvagent.exe is an executable file that is associated with the Java platform. Specifically, ssvagent.exe is activated to run as an updating agent or file when the Internet Explorer browser is used or opened. Every time this particular browser is used, ssvagent.exe is also activated to run in the background as an updating or installation file […]

What is Boingo?

Boingo is a computer and IT services company that offers wireless internet services on a global scale together with its various business partners. Its main office is in the US but its services are offered beyond US borders across different countries around the globe. By subscribing to Boingo’s various wireless service plans, users can basically […]

What is FileZilla?

FileZilla refers to a brand of software that enables users to transfer files from one location to another via a local network or online. Through its server and client components, users of the FileZilla application can send or receive files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). Encryption can also be […]

What is dwm.exe?

DWM.exe is an executable file that runs on the Windows platform or operating system. DWM stands for Desktop Window Manager and through the file dwm.exe, window displays on the computer desktop can be viewed with various special effects. Users that have computers installed with Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8 may encounter that dwm.exe is […]

What is CRM software?

CRM software refers to computerized solutions and applications in the field of CRM or Customer Relationship Management. A CRM software basically collects data about customers from various sources in a given company or enterprise and interprets them electronically to help companies improve their services towards these customers. The same CRM software may also be used […]

What is DMZ?

DMZ refers to a “demilitarized zone” in the field of computers. For computer networks and servers that have external links to other computers, a DMZ or subnetwork may be created mainly for security purposes. The DMZ or subnetwork basically acts like a buffer between a private network and the external community of computers. If there […]

What is Excel?

Excel is short for Microsoft Excel and it refers to a spreadsheet type of program owned and developed by Microsoft Corporation. Through Microsoft Excel, users can input and organize data using designated columns and rows and with corresponding computations and formula. Most people use Excel when they need to have data sorted, organized, and/or computed […]

What is CGI?

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface and it literally provides a gateway for the Web browsers to communicate dynamically with the Web server. Under standard non-CGI setup, web pages that are visited by users can be viewed as static pages. This simply means that when users type in a particular web address on a browser […]

What is HCI?

HCI stands for human-computer interaction which is a study that focuses on the interaction between people and computers. HCI also tries to measure the success of the development as well as non-development of some computers and computer programs. There are quite a number of big firms and schools that embark on HCI. There was a […]

What is ISCSI?

iSCSI stands for Internet Small Computer System Interface. This refers to a popular type of Storage Area Network protocol because it is simple to manage and due to its integration based on IP or Internet Protocol. Internet Small Computer System Interface can provide the different benefits of block-based storage that has TCP/IP compatibility. iSCSI is […]

What is CGI animation?

CGI Animation refers to a process with several steps that are needed to be completed in order to turn a simple idea into an animation. The steps for CGI animation are normally performed by several people and each one is done by different people. Basically, there are five steps in this process, namely the Script, […]

What is IMEI?

IMEI is the acronym for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity used to detect signals from satellite phones. Any 3GPP and iDEN mobile phone users can check their IMEI by dialing *#06# on the dial pad. Sometimes, it is also printed inside the phone’s battery or simply displayed on screen. IMEI is a very important tool […]

What is ISO file?

ISO file refers to a common way of packaging several files and folders into a single file. The ISO file extension is normally used for creating images of a DVD or a CD. It is more convenient to download and store a single file like this, especially if there are a lot of files needed. […]

What is GarageBand?

GarageBand refers to an application which enables users to produce music or podcasts. The developer of this software is Apple Inc., which created this for iOS and OS X devices. Aside from allowing the creation of music, GarageBand can also provide music lessons to the users. The software application’s system for creating podcasts and music […]

What is annotation?

Introduction: A process of highlighting something really important in the text or taking notes about a text refers to annotation. It plays a very important role in research related to academics and collaborative editing. Annotation can be done manually as well as through software. Various computer applications offer this feature in order to annotate your […]

What is bitlocker?

Introduction: Every windows or operating system contains some feature that protects the computer from facing any malfunction or virus attack. Bitlocker is one such security feature. It is found in windows vista with the function of protecting the files of the computer in the case when someone tries to tampers with the start up function […]

What is DLC?

Introduction: DLC is downloadable content added with the video games in addition to the original content that is published via internet by the owner company or any third party at times which provide extensive features to the game which may include some additional features, stages or graphics, maps, missions etc. Sometimes additional songs may be […]

What is ebay?

Introduction: With the evolution and advancement of internet, things have become easier and people now can do almost everything online. When it comes to shopping, some people find it very annoying and hectic to actually to the market and have some sale purchase. But with the blessings of internet, we have now such websites and […]

What is freeware?

Introduction: Freeware is a type of software that can be easily downloaded from internet free of cost. It is different from shareware in a way that shareware does require some payment in order to download the software from internet and it also has some usage limitations. Freeware does not require any payment or finance rather […]

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD refers to a program that is used for 3-D and 2-D drafting and design. It is designed and popularized by a company called AutoDesk Inc. AutoCAD is one of the first CAD programs to be used on personal computers. Initially, the AutoCAD program was known as Interact. This program was developed using an exclusive […]

What is hardware?

When talking about computers, the two main components are hardware and software. Hardware simply refers to all the physical components of a computer system. The computer processor unit, computer screen, and keyboard for example are all parts of computer hardware. The software component meanwhile refers to the programs and applications that are installed on the […]

What is Bing?

Bing is a live search engine, formerly known as Live Search, MSN Search, and Windows Live Search. It was first introduced by the chief executive officer (CEO) of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer during the San Diego “All Things Digital” event. Released on June 1, 2009 the primary goal of Bing is to help people filter search […]

What is Cyberspace?

Cyberspace is the term used to describe the intangible and imaginary virtual realm that enables computer simulations and communications as well as internet activity to happen. Cyberspace is the electronic equivalence of mind space in humans. It is a domain that is characterized by application of electromagnetic spectrum and electronics to exchange modify and store […]

What is Microsoft Works?

Microsoft Works simply refers to a smaller version of Microsoft Office. This collection of softwares allows the computer users to perform different tasks for productivity, such as word processing, database management, and spreadsheet production. Just like Microsoft Word, the Word Processor program of Microsoft Works enables the user to do various tasks, such as writing […]

What is CAM?

CAM is an abbreviation for Computer Aided Manufacturing, an application that utilizes computer hardware and software to automate and enable the process of manufacturing. CAM technology came to replace computer aided engineering – CAE and it is commonly used along with the computer aided design –CAD. CAM helps in reducing energy and wastage leading to […]

What is BIOS?

BIOS is the short version of the phrase Basic Input/Output System in computers. It is a program found in the microprocessor of a personal computer that enables the computer system to get started after it is turned on. BIOS also plays an important role in managing the flow of data between the operating system and […]

What is TLS?

Introduction: An abbreviation of Transport Layer Security, TLS is a security protocol that makes sure that there exists some privacy between the applications of communication and its users on the internet. The communication process occurs between a server and the client, and when the communication takes place, this protocol ensures that there is no leakage […]

What is Debugging?

Introduction: Debugging is a process of identifying and removing the harmful errors known as bugs. These bugs are mostly found in the program code of computer or in the engineering or designing of the hardware device. A hardware device or a program is debugged following a couple of steps. Firstly, the problem is identified, and […]

What is GUI?

GUI is the acronym for Graphical User Interface. This term is used to refer to a program interface which makes use of the graphics capabilities of the computer, in order to make it easier for people to use the program. Through the use of a well-made GUI, the computer user will be spared from the […]

What is Link Karma?

Link Karma is a term attributed to the Reddit community, a summation of how good a person performs in the web. The higher the link karma, the more active one person is. Karma is obtained by submitting posts or links that you think many people will like. When an individual votes for a post or […]

What is JVM?

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a type of a virtual machine or abstract computing machine which converts JAVA byte codes into a computer command. This computer command is the language used for computers to execute their functions. Technically, JVM is a platform-independent programming system that allows operating systems in computers to function. Without JVM, a […]

What is DSN?

DSN is the short version of Data Source Name. It refers to a structure of data that contains information with respect to a specified database that an Open Database Connectivity driver requires to link to it. DSN resides in the registry or exists separately as a text file. DSN contains details such as the directory, […]

What is Criteria?

Criteria is a noun, the plural form of criterion which refers to a standard, rule or an established process used in, among other things, measuring, making, judging or selecting something. For instance, SAT scores are part of the college admission criteria. The term originated from Ancient Greek. The criterion for judgment specifies the aspect in […]

What is Apex?

Apex refers to powerfully typed programming code that enables program designers to complete flow and transaction regulation statements on a server platform called Force.com as well as calls directed to Force.com API. Through the use of syntax similar to Java and behaving almost like the procedures of a database, Apex allows developers to make additions […]

What is Kronos?

Kronos is software designed to manage workforce or employees as well as provide other services related to human resource management. The software was developed by a company called Kronos Inc. whose headquarters are in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Originally, at its founding in 1977, this company was associated with the manufacturing of time clocks where it derived […]

What is Plex?

Plex refers to a centralized media playback system which has a server called the Plex Media Server. This server can stream the media to Plex player apps and is available on various platforms, including OS X, Windows, Linux, and NAS devices (e.g., Synology and ReadyNAS). Users can watch shows and view their media library with […]

What is MSB?

MSB is the acronym for most significant bit. In the field of computing, the most significant bit is also called the high-order bit, and is used to refer to the bit position in a particular binary number, which has the greatest value. On big-endian architectures, the most significant bit is also regarded as the left-most […]

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 refers to a software plus services which can provide subscribers with office applications and other useful services. For individual consumers, Office 365 grants users access to Microsoft Office applications for OS X and Windows. Additionally, this service allows users to enjoy 60 minutes of free Skype calls every month, and provides them […]

What is EUC?

EUC stands for End-User Computing. This term is used to refer to the act of using computer software and hardware that has been designed and is already available for individual consumers to utilize. EUC has nothing to do with the people who are involved in developing the software or products, but rather has something to […]

What is DMA?

DMA is the acronym for Direct Memory Access. This refers to a computer or microprocessor feature which permits certain subsystems of the hardware to gain access of the system memory, in order to write or read data independent of the Central Processing Unit. Some examples of hardware systems which make use of DMA, include network […]

What is EDI?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and as its name suggests, it refers to an electronic way of inter-changing data between two different computers. What makes it different from standard sharing of data through email and file transfer protocols for example is that EDI involves standardization of the file formats. All files that are exchanged […]

What is igfxpers.exe?

Igfxpers.exe is an executable file that is part of the Graphics Media Accelerator Driver of the Windows environment. Its official process name is Intel Graphics Persistence Module and comes pre-installed with Intel and nVidia graphics cards. The basic function of igfxpers.exe is to restore the display settings of the computer monitor after it has been […]

What is PDF?

PDF is the abbreviation of Portable Document Format. It is a file arrangement that captures every aspect of a printable manuscript as an electronic copy that can be viewed, printed, navigated or sent to another person. PDF files are generated using products such as Acrobat Capture and Adobe Acrobat. Users need Acrobat Reader software to […]

What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access, also written as MS Access is a tool for managing information developed by Microsoft as part of Microsoft Office Suite. However, not all MS office suites have MS Access so if you are specifically looking for MS Access, be sure to confirm that the suite you purchase has this program. MS Access runs […]

What is lsass.exe?

lsass.exe refers to a Microsoft Windows file called the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service. It is stored in either C:\windows\system32 or C:\winnt\system32 and has a file description that says LSA shell. This Microsoft Windows file is responsible for handling security related policies, Active Directory management, as well as authority domain authentication on your computer. Contrary […]

What is MPLS?

MPLS stands for Multi Protocol Label Switching and refers to a switching technology, which is used to regulate data traffic as well as packet forwarding in a network. One of the distinct features of MPLS is that it encompasses packets in the existence of various network protocols. The traditional IP routing involves the analysis of […]

What is skrill?

Skrill is a global e-commerce payment system which allows users from different countries to make their payments using the internet. Skrill can be used both by individuals and merchants. Individual users can enjoy this payment system by using their e-wallet feature or deposit accounts as well as money transfer services at a low cost. Merchants […]

What is python used for?

Python is a freely available programming language that can easily solve any computer problems. This programming language can even be written just once and be run on practically all computers without having to change the program. It is available on Python Software Foundation. History of python Python was created in 1990 by Guido von Rossum. […]

What is PuTTY?

PuTTY is an open-source file transfer application that allows network computers to have an online remote connection through either SSH or Secure Shell or Telnet. SSH is a preferred protocol when it comes to secure transfer of data between computers. Telnet meanwhile can be configured to work over the internet or over LAN or local […]

What is ASP?

ASP or Active Server Page is a type of HTML page but with added scripting for some minor programming tasks. HTML or Hypertext Mark-Up Language deals with how pages are displayed for the online users. Adding scripts or mini-programs through ASP basically makes the page dynamic and interactive. When there is scripting embedded in an […]

What is Java used for?

Java is a programming language created by Sun Microsystems back in 1995. The initial development of Java was based on the idea of automating home appliances. The concept was later re-designed to focus on cable TV connectivity. By the early 1990s, the programming team at Sun Microsystems eventually decided to develop a robust programming language […]

What is luminosity?

Luminosity measures brightness. It is a term that is used in the context of astronomy and photometry. Astronomy and luminosity In astronomy, luminosity is often used to measure the brightness of a star as well as other astronomical objects in the galaxy. It measures the amount of electromagnetic energy that a certain body radiates in […]

What is Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source browser, which uses HTML computer language. It is the most commonly used web browser that came after Internet Explorer in June 2008. Firefox originally stemmed from the Mozilla project lead by Dave Hyatt, Joe Hewitt, and Blake Ross. With plan to create a stand-alone site, the developers then focused on […]