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What is CAM?

CAM is an abbreviation for Computer Aided Manufacturing, an application that utilizes computer hardware and software to automate and enable the process of manufacturing. CAM technology came to replace computer aided engineering – CAE and it is commonly used along with the computer aided design –CAD. CAM helps in reducing energy and wastage leading to [...]

What is BIOS?

BIOS is the short version of the phrase Basic Input/Output System in computers. It is a program found in the microprocessor of a personal computer that enables the computer system to get started after it is turned on. BIOS also plays an important role in managing the flow of data between the operating system and [...]

What is TLS?

Introduction: An abbreviation of Transport Layer Security, TLS is a security protocol that makes sure that there exists some privacy between the applications of communication and its users on the internet. The communication process occurs between a server and the client, and when the communication takes place, this protocol ensures that there is no leakage [...]

What is Debugging?

Introduction: Debugging is a process of identifying and removing the harmful errors known as bugs. These bugs are mostly found in the program code of computer or in the engineering or designing of the hardware device. A hardware device or a program is debugged following a couple of steps. Firstly, the problem is identified, and [...]

What is GUI?

GUI is the acronym for Graphical User Interface. This term is used to refer to a program interface which makes use of the graphics capabilities of the computer, in order to make it easier for people to use the program. Through the use of a well-made GUI, the computer user will be spared from the [...]

What is Link Karma?

Link Karma is a term attributed to the Reddit community, a summation of how good a person performs in the web. The higher the link karma, the more active one person is. Karma is obtained by submitting posts or links that you think many people will like. When an individual votes for a post or [...]

What is JVM?

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a type of a virtual machine or abstract computing machine which converts JAVA byte codes into a computer command. This computer command is the language used for computers to execute their functions. Technically, JVM is a platform-independent programming system that allows operating systems in computers to function. Without JVM, a [...]

What is DSN?

DSN is the short version of Data Source Name. It refers to a structure of data that contains information with respect to a specified database that an Open Database Connectivity driver requires to link to it. DSN resides in the registry or exists separately as a text file. DSN contains details such as the directory, [...]

What is Criteria?

Criteria is a noun, the plural form of criterion which refers to a standard, rule or an established process used in, among other things, measuring, making, judging or selecting something. For instance, SAT scores are part of the college admission criteria. The term originated from Ancient Greek. The criterion for judgment specifies the aspect in [...]

What is Apex?

Apex refers to powerfully typed programming code that enables program designers to complete flow and transaction regulation statements on a server platform called Force.com as well as calls directed to Force.com API. Through the use of syntax similar to Java and behaving almost like the procedures of a database, Apex allows developers to make additions [...]

What is Kronos?

Kronos is software designed to manage workforce or employees as well as provide other services related to human resource management. The software was developed by a company called Kronos Inc. whose headquarters are in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Originally, at its founding in 1977, this company was associated with the manufacturing of time clocks where it derived [...]

What is Plex?

Plex refers to a centralized media playback system which has a server called the Plex Media Server. This server can stream the media to Plex player apps and is available on various platforms, including OS X, Windows, Linux, and NAS devices (e.g., Synology and ReadyNAS). Users can watch shows and view their media library with [...]

What is MSB?

MSB is the acronym for most significant bit. In the field of computing, the most significant bit is also called the high-order bit, and is used to refer to the bit position in a particular binary number, which has the greatest value. On big-endian architectures, the most significant bit is also regarded as the left-most [...]

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 refers to a software plus services which can provide subscribers with office applications and other useful services. For individual consumers, Office 365 grants users access to Microsoft Office applications for OS X and Windows. Additionally, this service allows users to enjoy 60 minutes of free Skype calls every month, and provides them [...]

What is EUC?

EUC stands for End-User Computing. This term is used to refer to the act of using computer software and hardware that has been designed and is already available for individual consumers to utilize. EUC has nothing to do with the people who are involved in developing the software or products, but rather has something to [...]

What is DMA?

DMA is the acronym for Direct Memory Access. This refers to a computer or microprocessor feature which permits certain subsystems of the hardware to gain access of the system memory, in order to write or read data independent of the Central Processing Unit. Some examples of hardware systems which make use of DMA, include network [...]

What is EDI?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and as its name suggests, it refers to an electronic way of inter-changing data between two different computers. What makes it different from standard sharing of data through email and file transfer protocols for example is that EDI involves standardization of the file formats. All files that are exchanged [...]

What is igfxpers.exe?

Igfxpers.exe is an executable file that is part of the Graphics Media Accelerator Driver of the Windows environment. Its official process name is Intel Graphics Persistence Module and comes pre-installed with Intel and nVidia graphics cards. The basic function of igfxpers.exe is to restore the display settings of the computer monitor after it has been [...]

What is PDF?

PDF is the abbreviation of Portable Document Format. It is a file arrangement that captures every aspect of a printable manuscript as an electronic copy that can be viewed, printed, navigated or sent to another person. PDF files are generated using products such as Acrobat Capture and Adobe Acrobat. Users need Acrobat Reader software to [...]

What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access, also written as MS Access is a tool for managing information developed by Microsoft as part of Microsoft Office Suite. However, not all MS office suites have MS Access so if you are specifically looking for MS Access, be sure to confirm that the suite you purchase has this program. MS Access runs [...]

What is lsass.exe?

lsass.exe refers to a Microsoft Windows file called the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service. It is stored in either C:\windows\system32 or C:\winnt\system32 and has a file description that says LSA shell. This Microsoft Windows file is responsible for handling security related policies, Active Directory management, as well as authority domain authentication on your computer. Contrary [...]

What is MPLS?

MPLS stands for Multi Protocol Label Switching and refers to a switching technology, which is used to regulate data traffic as well as packet forwarding in a network. One of the distinct features of MPLS is that it encompasses packets in the existence of various network protocols. The traditional IP routing involves the analysis of [...]

What is skrill?

Skrill is a global e-commerce payment system which allows users from different countries to make their payments using the internet. Skrill can be used both by individuals and merchants. Individual users can enjoy this payment system by using their e-wallet feature or deposit accounts as well as money transfer services at a low cost. Merchants [...]

What is python used for?

Python is a freely available programming language that can easily solve any computer problems. This programming language can even be written just once and be run on practically all computers without having to change the program. It is available on Python Software Foundation. History of python Python was created in 1990 by Guido von Rossum. [...]

What is PuTTY?

PuTTY is an open-source file transfer application that allows network computers to have an online remote connection through either SSH or Secure Shell or Telnet. SSH is a preferred protocol when it comes to secure transfer of data between computers. Telnet meanwhile can be configured to work over the internet or over LAN or local [...]

What is ASP?

ASP or Active Server Page is a type of HTML page but with added scripting for some minor programming tasks. HTML or Hypertext Mark-Up Language deals with how pages are displayed for the online users. Adding scripts or mini-programs through ASP basically makes the page dynamic and interactive. When there is scripting embedded in an [...]

What is Java used for?

Java is a programming language created by Sun Microsystems back in 1995. The initial development of Java was based on the idea of automating home appliances. The concept was later re-designed to focus on cable TV connectivity. By the early 1990s, the programming team at Sun Microsystems eventually decided to develop a robust programming language [...]

What is luminosity?

Luminosity measures brightness. It is a term that is used in the context of astronomy and photometry. Astronomy and luminosity In astronomy, luminosity is often used to measure the brightness of a star as well as other astronomical objects in the galaxy. It measures the amount of electromagnetic energy that a certain body radiates in [...]

What is Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source browser, which uses HTML computer language. It is the most commonly used web browser that came after Internet Explorer in June 2008. Firefox originally stemmed from the Mozilla project lead by Dave Hyatt, Joe Hewitt, and Blake Ross. With plan to create a stand-alone site, the developers then focused on [...]

What is MLS?

Multiple Listing System (MLS) is a database of properties for sale. It is also referred to as an inventory of services and a powerful tool used by real estate brokers to link and cooperates with other brokers. For instance, brokers may try to help each other in selling properties contained in the MLS. Through the [...]

What is CUPS Software?

CUPS is a software that is used to print from other application particularly the web browser mainly used to view websites or web pages. This software converts the page descriptions from the application you’re using. The converted information from the pages will be easily understood by the printer, thus making it a print-ready document or [...]

what is Agile Methodology?

Agile Methodology is a different way of managing IT development projects and teams. The use of the term “agile” was derived from agile manifesto that has four important values that are relevant today in the IT field when it comes to managing projects and its potential difficulties. The four values are: a. Individuals and interactions [...]

What is WPA?

WPA is an abbreviation for Wi-Fi Protected Access. Basically, WPA is a security feature for people who use computers that are fitted with wireless Wi-Fi connection. WPA is an improved version of the initial Wi Fi security features referred to as Wired Equivalent Privacy -WEP and it is hoped that it will replace it. WPA [...]

What is MySpace?

MySpace is an online social networking site that is most popular with teenagers nowadays. The site was created in late 2003 and gained popularity in 2005. The company is headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA and is a subsidiary of Specific Media. It was known for its feature where you can customize your own profile, upload [...]

What is Emoticon?

Emoticons are commonly known as smiley faces or smileys. An emoticon refers to a way of expressing an emotion online or on texts. Emoticons are commonly used on SMS, e-mail and chats to complement a worded message. An emoticon is a combination of keyboard symbols or letters to generate an expression that reflects how a [...]

What is Ccleaner?

A CCleaner, also referred to as a Crap Cleaner is a tiny and effective function that cleans clutter in computers operating on the Microsoft Windows platform. Some of the clutter that a CCleaner removes includes broken shortcuts and temporary files that pile up with time. When cleaning your temporary files and browsing history, a CCleaner [...]

What is LDAP?

LDAP is the acronym for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It refers to a software protocol, which enables users to locate individuals, organizations, as well as devices and files in a particular network, whether on an intranet of a corporation or on public internet. LDAP is not only used for finding contact information and other types [...]

What is IMG?

IMG refers to image files that stores raw data on disks such as those in compact disks and DVDs. The IMG image files will carry the .IMG extension and may be stored onto an optical or magnetic disk using different file systems. A common file storage system for IMG files is called the FAT or [...]

What is Flash Storage?

The flash storage refers to any type of system for data repository, which makes use of flash memory. The complexity and the size of these data repository systems may range from a portable USB to an array-based system. This does not utilize electricity and doesn’t have any mechanical parts. Normally, flash storages only use up [...]

What is MVC framework?

MVC framework is a software framework or architecture that divides components of an application into three distinct parts but are still able to interact with each other. This kind of software architecture is applicable for user interface applications. The different components of the MVC framework are “model”, “view”, and “control”. With all these components users [...]

What is Evernote?

Evernote refers to a cloud-based software which allows users to keep their important documents in a single place. By using this tool, the user will be able to organize pictures, clips from the internet, documents, notes, and PDFs. Evernote can be used for your personal and professional needs. You can use Evernote to save your [...]

What is MRC?

MRC or memory reference code is part of a computer’s BIOS system which helps various computer parts interact and function effectively. The computer’s BIOS or basic input/output system is responsible for the overall running of computer parts including hardware and software. Through the BIOS, computer drives, disks, and chips able to effectively communicate with the [...]

What is AMD64?

AMD64 refers to the 64-bit computer processor initially created by AMD. This processor is also referred to as x86-64 or x64. As its name suggests, AMD64 is the current or latest version of computer processor by AMD. It is created using 64-bit technology which is an upgrade to 32-bit technology. The latest computers and devices [...]

What is ICMP?

ICMP stands for Internet Control Message Protocol and is one of many utilities that are part of the Internet Protocol suite. Many of the utilities under Internet Protocol basically perform different functions in the way computers interact with each other online or in a given network. Some utilities and layers are in-charge of data transfers [...]

What is iLife?

iLife is the initial name of Apple Creativity Apps which are created to help Mac OS X and mobile iOS users manage different media like images, music files, and movie downloads. At its current version, the iLife suite features three basic applications namely iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. These applications have special versions for Mac OS [...]

What is iWork?

iWoork is a productivity suite from Apple Inc. and is designed to work on iOS on computers and OS X operating system on mobile devices such as the iPad.  iWork is basically apple’s own version of an “Office” application that helps users manage and create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. When it comes to productivity suites [...]

what is vps?

It can be very confusing finding the right type of web hosting that meets exactly what you need. But maybe VPS hosting is the right one for you. VPS or Virtual Private Server is a type of web hosting that runs on its own OS or Operating System. It is similar to dedicated physical servers [...]

What is FTW?

FTW is another internet lingo which literally means “for the win”. This phrase is commonly used by people who are frequently online especially those that join chat rooms or make posts and comments on social networking sites. Instead of typing “for the win”, the shortened term “FTW” is used to express excitement and enthusiasm. The [...]

What is a domain?

Domains refer to the online or network addresses of various servers.  When a particular server or network wants to go online and become part of the internet, it must secure its own domain with a corresponding name according to the DNS or Domain Name System. This naming system basically creates a label or description for [...]

What is iDisk?

iDisk refers to a .Mac feature that allows users to have a personal storage in the secure servers of Apple. The information and data that is copied to the iDisk are guaranteed to be safe and can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Through this feature, it is also [...]

what is linksys?

So you got yourself a new computer, and you basically just want to go online, check your email or just log on to your favorite social media site. But how do you connect to the internet? Given that you may already have an Internet Service Provider, what you need now is a router. Routers are [...]

What is AVG?

AVG refers to a brand of anti-virus software from AVG Technologies.  Its products specialized on Internet security and anti-malware features and can be installed across different platforms and operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.  AVG anti-virus software is also available for the Android platform.  Aside from desktop and mobile end-user devices, the [...]

What is an AMBER alert?

AMBER stands for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response and when this type of alert is implemented, it simply means that a child is missing or abducted in the US.  The AMBER alert is basically created to broadcast the details of the abducted child across the US in order to hasten the possible recovery efforts.  When [...]

What is EOBC?

EOBC stands for Ethernet Out of Band Channel, a communication line for network or LAN switches.  The basic function of EOBC is to allow for all the cards connected to the network or switch to have a gateway for remote management.  The Ethernet out of Band channel basically works as a remote switch management gateway [...]

What is EVMd?

EVMd refers to the Event Volume Management Logger daemon component of Oracle’s clusterware.  Oracle Database is the primary software of Oracle and it can be implemented using software that allow for computer clustering.  One such software is called RAC or Real Application Clusters and it will run with various components that provide various services.  One [...]

What is gusvc?

GUSVC is short for Google Updater Service and it refers to an executable file that is present in computers that have been installed with Google-related software and products. This file basically performs the function of a software updater.  Whenever a computer is turned on, gusvc or the Google Update Service will automatically run and search [...]

What is Zygarde?

Zygarde is a name of an evolutionary pocket monster in the world of Pokemon, a very popular role-playing computer game from Nintendo Japan. Under the Pokedex list, Zygarde is “pokemon” or pocket monster number 718.  In terms of appearance, Zygarde is shaped like the letter “Z” and looks like a snake.  It has a green [...]

What is MSFC?

MSFC stands for multilayer switch feature card and it provides the switching service for computer hardware.  In a typical setup, computer hardware is divided into different layers.  In order for these layers to work efficiently together in terms of data connections and re-routing of network signals for example, some switching and routing is needed for [...]

What is myvzw.com?

Many people have been wondering about myvzw.com because this particular website always seem to pop out in people’s email and phone messages inbox.  Some have gotten worried about myvzw.com because the message related to it sometimes ask people to either show details or preferences or ignore the prompt.  With these kind of choices, some people [...]

What is mxGraph?

MxGraph is JavaScript’s tool for doing diagrams and layouts on an HTML page.  By simply encoding the JavaScript link in the HTML file, users can easily create graphs and drawings with mxGraph.   For people who need to display diagrams and graphical images onto their HTML website for example, they may use the various features [...]

What is XBMC?

XBMC is a multi-media player developed by a non-profit firm called the XBMC Foundation. The original development for XBMC was directed towards the popular gaming console called the X-Box.  XBMC literally translates to x Box Media Center because of its Xbox origins. The multimedia player later became a strong alternative to more established and standard [...]

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging application that can be downloaded and used for free as long as users have an internet or broadband connection.  Through WhatsApp, users can send out text messages and multimedia messages to friends and family without having to worry about paying for the service.  With a cellular network plan or [...]

What is JPX extension?

Files with JPX extension belong to JPEG 2000.  These files are image files created using the specifications and format of JPEG released in 2000.  JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group is a standard image file that is widely accepted around the world.  Many image files and pictures that are saved on people’s computers are saved [...]

What is Brfiltlo.sys?

Brfiltlo.sys refers to a driver file associated with Brother Industries, Ltd.  This file is needed when a USB mass storage device is being used under the Microsoft operating system or platform.  Brfiltlo.sys is officially labelled as the Bulk Only Lower Filter Driver for removable or USB disks and devices.  It can commonly be found among [...]

What is MBX file extension?

MBX file extensions are used by files that belong to email clients and programs like Microsoft’s own Outlook Express and other emailing systems like Eudora for example.  With these email applications, many files will be given the .MBX file extension.  In some cases, even the file folders themselves have the .MBX file extension.  When a [...]

What is curl.exe?

Curl.exe is an executable file associated with the cURL program.  This program features a command line tool so that coders and programmers may send data across the network using URL syntax.  The sending of data through the command line of the cURL program also passes through SSL certificates for data integrity and security. The standard [...]

What is a LXF file?

LXF files are files that have the .LXF extension and are associated with the computer designing program of LEGO. Through the LEGO Digital Designer program, fans of LEGO toys and bricks can create digital designs of their own.  These personal designs can then be uploaded to the LEGO website for actual ordering of the personalized [...]

What is dbench?

Dbench is a programming tool used to generate Input/Output workloads to either a specified filesystem or to a server terminal such as those that run on Network File System or the Common Internet File System.  By generating I/O workloads, the dbench tool can help determine which part of the communication between input and output are [...]

What is FVWM95?

FVWM95 is a type of window manager for the X Windows System.  This system is a separate platform from standard Windows operating systems and allows for the installation of a window manager from third-party software developers.  One such window manager is called FVWM95 and it resembles that of standard Windows 95 operating system.  FVWM95 is [...]

What is JSON?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.  It refers to an open standard programming tool or language that is typically used to transfer data between one application on the web and the main server.  Its format is derived from JavaScript, a known programming language for web applications but it is released as an open standard in [...]