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What is Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the internet. A social networking site is basically an online platform through which people keep in touch with family and friends, make new friends, catch up with long lost friends and relatives and even communicate with business partners. In short it can be said that social [...]

What is a Blog?

A blog is a website (or part of it) which is somewhat of an ‘online diary’, containing thoughts, comments, or documentation of things or events. The term ‘blog’ is shortened form of the term ‘web log’. To date, it is estimated that there are 112,000,000 blogs existing in cyberspace. This trend began in 1999, when [...]

What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by search engine giant Google. This web browser is designed to be faster than all available browsers, simple to use and secure. Google chrome was first released in its beta phase on the 2nd of September in 2008, followed by the mainstream release 11th of December that same [...]

What is URL?

What is URL? In the area of computing, URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. All web pages in the World Wide Web can be accessed using their directory name, the URL. The URL is a file or page’s global address, a unique “folder” that when typed in a browser will bring you to a specific [...]

What is Wi-Fi?

What is Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity, a trademark term by the Wi-Fi Alliance, a group that promoted and standardizes wireless LAN (local area network) technology. In the most commonly used sense, having Wi-Fi means being able to connect to the Internet minus the use of cables or wirings. Internet signals are transmitted from [...]

What is Ping?

What is Ping? In computing, the term ping refers to a type of message or a utility tool that serves to check the response time from one internet user to another. Ping measures the accrued response time from sending the message, to the message reaching the system it was intended for, and back. The method [...]

What is LOL?

What is LOL? LOL is the acronym for “laugh out loud” or “laughing out loud”. This word has practically become a part of the modern lexicon, being always used in conversations conducted in chat, email, and text messaging. Variations of LOL have sprouted since it was first used, including ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) [...]

What is Poke?

What is Poke? Poke is a feature on the social networking site Facebook which a user can use for the intention of getting another Facebook user’s attention. In real life, to poke is to usually get somebody’s attention by using a pointed finger or any pointy object. In facebook, the poke button is located under [...]

What is ERP?

What is ERP? – An Introduction ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and it is an integrated computer-based application that helps integrate information between all business functions. It is usually used by organization to process information systematically between departments. The idea of ERP started out from the MRP, a system used by organizations in manufacturing [...]

What is PayPal?

What is PayPal? – PayPal 101 If you are a person, who always go online it is possible you know or hear about PayPal. PayPal is known worldwide for it is the world’s most popular online payment system. It is a widely used intermediary service for online purchasing. Millions of internet users are using PayPal [...]

What is PHP?

What is PHP? PHP is an abbreviation for Hypertext Preprocessor and is the most commonly used scripting language in the creation of dynamic web pages. The PHP codes are embedded into a HTML or XHTML document that is interpreted by a server that has a PHP processor. This is why it is referred to as [...]

What is RSS?

What is RSS? RSS is an abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication, which is a technology normally deployed in delivering frequently updated web content. Those who follow blogs, news updates, social networking sites and other websites that are frequently updated have in the past had to rely on bookmarking and manually checking for updates. RSS takes [...]

What is Fantasy Football?

What is Fantasy Football? Fantasy football is a virtual football game where individuals can select their own virtual  football players and play interactively. Players of fantasy football act as “virtual managers” to these made-up football teams, and just as in real life team managers they are able to draft, trade, and prepare the lineup of [...]

What is QQing?

What is QQing? QQing, in its original sense, is a Warcraft II slang, where the hotkeys alt+QQ can be pressed if a player wants to immediately exit a program and a match. The slang is used to tell other players to “just quit”, most of the time because a player is unskilled, or the opponent [...]

What is Apple TV?

What is Apple TV? Apple TV is a digital media receiver developed and manufactured by Apple Inc. The device was introduced by Apple in 2006, with a second smaller and less expensive version introduced in 2010. Its current standard retail cost of $99 is almost 1/3 of the price of the first generation Apple TV. [...]

What is Cyber Monday?

What is Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday is an online shopping event, taking place on the Monday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Cyber Monday also takes place the Monday after Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, where retail businesses offer big discounts on their merchandise. The term Cyber Monday was coined by digital retail [...]

What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is a significant step in the advancement of computer use and the internet. The idea goes back as far as 1960 when John McCarthy stated that there could come a time when computation would be provided similar to other public utilities like electricity. At the time he made this [...]

What is HTML?

The internet is today arguably the biggest resource for information, entertainment and communication. It is also the single largest source and venue for business, processing and transactions which are worth billions per every few hours. If there is anything you are looking for it is more than likely to be found on the internet. There [...]

What is the Meaning of Bom Sabado?

What is the Meaning of Bom Sabado? Bom Sabado means “good Saturday” in Portuguese. It is the name of a virus that is affecting social networking site Orkut. Orkut is operated by Google Inc., and while not popular in the west, it is widely used in countries like Brazil and India. The Bom Sabado virus [...]

What is Silverlight?

What is Silverlight? Silverlight is a free plug-in development platform that is powered by the .NET framework. Silverlight enables users to create rich media and business applications. It can be used in applications for web, desktop and mobile devices. Silverlight can run on multiple browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Silverlight is owned [...]

What is DNS?

For most people in the world today, working with a computer will normally involve some interaction with the internet. There are not many who have stopped to think of what makes it possible for millions of computers from all corners of the globe to interact and share data flawlessly. There are many components that come [...]

What is Favicon?

What is Favicon? Favicon is a shortened term for ‘favorite icon’, a custom icon (which is oftentimes a logo) that is associated with a website, appearing on the immediate left of the URL address in the address bar of your browser. It also appears on tabs in tabbed browsing, and is visible on the left [...]

What is Y88?

What is Y88? Y88 is an online directory of instant flash based games. Browsing flash games through Y88 lets the user view games available from different resources in just one website. Y88 can be found in the URL http://y88.in There are more than twenty thousand flash games in Y88. The games are divided into categories, [...]

What is Sharepoint?

What is Sharepoint? Sharepoint is an enterprise platform that is designed, as the name suggests, as a virtual sharing portal in one specific place. Sharepoint can be set up for use in the extranet, intranet or over the Internet. Sharepoint is a family of programs developed by Microsoft, much like its cousin MS Office. It [...]

What is Zabbix?

What is Zabbix? Zabbix is a free open source network management system. Zabbix monitors network and server related aspects, and reports to the user any potential threats or dangers in the system. Zabbix is also useful in monitoring performance such as CPU usage and disk space availability. Zabbix is developed by Zabbix SIA, a company [...]

What is iPhone Baseband?

What is iPhone Baseband? iPhone baseband is the basically the system behind the modem of an iPhone. The phone has a system for the computer and a separate system (analogy: operating system) commanding the modem part. A baseband upgrade is essentially a modem specification upgrade. Phone hackers keep updated on different and the latest versions [...]

What is ooVoo?

What is ooVoo ? In 2007 ooVoo LLC released a unique instant messaging client called ooVoo. It can be installed in Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It’s very similar to the applications such as iChat and Skype. The features of ooVoo includes real time recording and six way video chatting. Registered users are allowed [...]

What Is VOIP?

What Is Voip? V.O.I.P. stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  It is a technology that allows transmission of voice calls over the internet instead of the regular phone lines.  ”Internet Protocol” was originally designed for data transfer, but due to its success, voice transfer was adapted to the same technology.  With the use of VoIP [...]

What Is Web 2.0?

What Is Web 2.0? Though there is much debate what Web 2.0 really means, many experts agree that the web today is so much different from the way we viewed it in the past.  Web 2.0 is associated with the updated versions of the sites and services of the web.  The ‘old’ web had to [...]

What Is jQuery?

What Is jQuery? jQuery is a popular JavaScript library that makes making web pages and applications quicker and easier.  It is so popular that Microsoft, ESPN, and Twitter use jQuery on their sites.  By eliminating unnecessary markup on the codes, jQuery makes JavaScript writing easy and short.  One line of a jQuery code would achieve [...]

What is BCC?

What is BCC? BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy and is used in email messaging.  It is a copy of the email you’re sending to a recipient whose email address is hidden from the message. In contrast, email addresses of recipients added in the “TO” and “CC” columns are reflected on the email message. In [...]

What is Bonjour?

What is Bonjour? Bonjour is a networking technology from Apple, Inc. where devices, computers, and services on IP networks are automatically detected or located.  It involves zero-configuration networking wherein there is no need to enter IP addresses or configure DNS servers in locating devices in a particular network.  It works with both wired and wireless [...]

What is uTorrent?

What is uTorrent? uTorrent is a program using bit torrent technology. Under the BitTorrent Protocol, files are downloaded quickly and easily.  Technically, uTorrent is a client of BitTorrent.  Meaning uTorrent follows the rules of a BitTorrent Protocol in areas like distribution of very large files, multiple files, popular files, and files available for free.  Using [...]

What is Broadband? – Popular Types

What is Broadband? – Popular Types Broadband is a shortened term for broadband internet connection. In the early introduction of the internet, connections were made possible using telephone lines and a modem. However, a modem provides slow connection and is limited to run only at 56kbps. Transferring large files over the internet using telephone lines [...]

What is CPM? – CPM vs. CPC

What is CPM? – CPM vs. CPC CPM is a term used in web advertising. The term is the abbreviation for cost-per-thousand impressions. CPM is often used in online advertising and marketing, which has something to do with driving traffic to a certain website. To calculate the worth or cost a particular e-marketing campaign, advertisers [...]

What is DSL? – A Quick Guide

What is DSL? – A Quick Guide DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line and is a very popular type of broadband internet connection. When you say broadband, it means high-speed internet connection. DSL is the most widely used internet connection although subscribers could choose from various types like dial-up, cable, satellite and wireless broadband. However, [...]

What is JavaScript? – A Short Introduction

What is JavaScript? – A Short Introduction JavaScript is often confused with Java, which is a programming language. In fact, JavaScript is an accomplishment of ECMAScript language. ECMAScript is a language standard usually utilized to facilitate programmatic access to objects that are computational within a host environment. Originally, JavaScript was developed by Netscape’s Brendan Eich [...]

What is VPN?

What is VPN? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it functions as provider of secured connections between private networks linked through the Internet. It enables remote computers to work as if they are just linked on a local area network. VPN allows a user to connect to their office network from the comfort of [...]

What is Windows Live? – A Short Summary

What is Windows Live? – A Short Summary According to Microsoft, Windows Live is “all you need to stay in touch and keep your life in sync”. Windows Live is a collective brand name used for Microsoft’s set of services and software products. Most of the services included are applications for the web, which means [...]

What is Yelp? – A Simple Review

What is Yelp? – A Simple Review Yelp is another example of a social networking website. However, it is not just your typical social networking website. Actually, it is a social networking site, user review and a local search website. Yelp has an increasing number of unique visitors. It approximately has 30 million monthly visitors. [...]

What is Zoosk? – A Simple Review

What is Zoosk? – A Simple Review Zoosk is a fresh and popular internet dating website. The program is not just your usual dating website. Zoosk is an intelligent internet program that makes use of popular social networking websites with the likes of MySpace and Facebook. In short, Zoosk is both an internet dating and [...]

What is the Amazon Kindle?

What is the Amazon Kindle? The Amazon Kindle is a convenient hand-held device that enables users to read eBooks. An eBook, short for electronic book is a complete publication of text and images but in a digital format. The Amazon Kindle is one of the major eReaders on the market with wireless internet connectivity. The [...]

What is Xfinity?

What is Xfinity? Xfinity is ComCast Corporation’s triple play service which carries digital cable, cable Internet and cable telephone services. ComCast named the digital service Xfinity because of what the company claims as seemingly infinite content choices and cross-platform content for subscribers. Xfinity’s marketing thrust plays on its difference from other similar services: faster internet [...]

What is Y2K?

What is Y2K? Y2K, also known as the Millenium Bug or the Year 2000 problem, was a global technological scare concerning possible malfunction or shutdown on systems that use abbreviated year coding, from the complete 4 digits to the 2 digit shorthand. The problem lies in the abbreviation’s rollover from -99 to -00 as the [...]

What is Digital Projection?

What is Digital Projection? Digital Projection involves using a computer in projecting an image on a screen. Many of the films today use digital projectors instead of the older analog versions, wherein images are shown on the screen by shining light on a semi-transparent material called film slides. There are many types of digital projectors [...]

What is JMS?

What is JMS? Java Message Service or JMS is an Application Programming Interface (API) which is part of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). Being an API, it follows certain specifications and rules to access or interact with other software programs that also implement API. Using Java Message Service (JMS) is an easy choice [...]

What is MQ?

What is MQ? MQ loosely means “message queue”. It is a “Message Oriented Middleware” developed by IBM for business messaging and queuing. It allows for sending and receiving messages across platforms with near real-time efficiency and guaranteed delivery. Formerly called MQSeries, this middleware is widely used by major industries around the globe because it simplifies [...]

What is DOI?

What is DOI? DOI or digital object identifier is an alphanumeric tag given to a piece of intellectual property. It is a name given by the IDF or International DOI Foundation to identify any digital item on the internet. The DOI name of a particular digital object contains current information and links to its particular [...]

What is Keynote?

What is Keynote? Keynote is an easy-to-use presentation software developed by Apple, Inc. With Keynote, creating professional-looking presentations can be done quickly and easily. Keynote works for Apple MacOS x 10.2 or higher and only requires 1gigabyte of free disk space. This software may be installed on PowerMacs, PowerBooks, eMacs, iMacs, and iBooks. It also [...]

What is Twitter?

What is Twitter? If you have a business idea and your target market was about 150 million people from all around the world, or you had information that you wanted to share with a similar number of people spread across the globe, Twitter would be a good place to get your audience. It is one [...]

What is MNET?

What is MNET? MNET is a computer program that allows for sharing virtual space to put and get files from. It is an open-source distributed file store said to be run by volunteer hackers. MNET would also like to be called an emergent network, which means that its features are a result of interactions of [...]

What is JMX?

What is JMX? Java Management Extensions or JMX is a technology for application in the J2EE environment. With JMX, you will be able to monitor and manage your Java applications. JMX’ monitoring capabilities include looking at attributes and components running inside the Java Virtual Machine environment. Like in the case of component status, JMX monitoring [...]

What is JIT Android?

What is JIT Android? JIT stands for “Just In Time” compiler, a software component created to boost software performance, making it run more quickly and smoothly. ANDROID on the other hand refers to an open system or platform for use in all kinds of mobile devices. JIT ANDROID simply means an Android system boosted by [...]

What is an Inode?

What is an Inode? Inode or index node is part of the UNIX/LINUX filesystem. It contains information that is needed in accessing a particular file. This information includes the inode number, file type, file owner identifier (UID), group ID of the owner (GID), file access permissions, time when file was accessed, modified, or changed, number [...]

What is Cleverbot?

What is Cleverbot? Cleverbot is a website featuring an artificial intelligence (AI) web application. Others may call the cleverbot as chatterbot. You may check it at http://www.cleverbot.com. It is capable of mimicking human discussions by conversing with actual humans online. The creation was from the clever mind of AI expert Rollo Carpenter. Another creation made [...]

What is DHCP Relay?

What is DHCP Relay? DHCP is an acronym used for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. This protocol utilizes a relay structure to connect with the DHCP server. It serves as proxy that is utilized by the DHCP broadcast messages. These broadcast messages are important to be routed to different sectors in the subnet. For the configuration [...]

What is Hash?

What is Hash? Hash is a kind of function wherein a precise method or mathematical function, which translates a sizeable quantity of data into a minute datum. A hash function is typically a single integer that possibly will work as an index or key to an array. Any values or results returned by a hash [...]

What is HDR? – The Development

What is HDR? – The Development HDR or High Dynamic Range imaging is a term you will usually read or hear when it comes to image processing, computer graphics and photography. Since 1850, HRD concept had already been around. However, it is not yet that popular but in 1997 it has just started to be [...]

What is QQ?

What is QQ? QQ or Tencent QQ is a popular instant messaging program in Mainland China. Statistics show that simultaneous online users have exceeded the 100 million counts. QQ is what most people generally call the instant messenger but its actual name is Tencent QQ, which is managed by the Tencent Holdings Limited. Tencent Holdings [...]

What is Vevo?

What is Vevo? Vevo is simply a music video website, which was the end-result of the joint venture of music giants, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Abu Dhabi Media along with EMI. EMI has allowed its content to be licensed under the group. Moreover, the licensing took no ownership stake. Vevo was officially [...]

What is XML used for?

What is XML used for? To know what is XML used for, it is better to know at least a little about its background. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. The main goal of XML is to give emphasis to Internet simplicity and usability. Technically, XML is a subset of SGML or Standard Generalized Markup [...]

What is Dagent?

What is Dagent? Dagent.exe is a Patch Detection Agent installed by the PatchLink Update Software. It is used to update management software. This is an application developed by ‘Novell Inc.’. Like other non-system processes, dagent.exe too originates from the software you have installed on your system. PatchLink Update is very convenient to use as it [...]

What is WEP Key?

What is WEP Key? WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy, a standard Wi-Fi wireless network security feature. A WEP key is a series of hexadecimal (numbers and letters) digits with letters ranging from A-F and numbers from 0-9. WEP is very commonly mistaken for the term Wireless Encryption Protocol. A WEP key allows computer devices [...]

What is IMVU?

What is IMVU? IMVU stands for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe, and is a social networking website in 3D format. IMVU features chat rooms, games, and places of virtual interaction with other people. Users can also create their own avatars to join in games and different animated environments. Founded in 2004, IMVU has already attracted 40 [...]

What is Maven?

What is Maven? Maven, also called Apache Maven, is a software for project management and comprehension. Based on the POM or project object model concept, Maven is helpful in the management of builds, dependencies, documentation, releases, reporting, SCMs, and distribution. The word “maven” is Yiddish and means “accumulator of knowledge”. Starting out as part of [...]

What is DNS Failure? – Resolving the Problem

What is DNS Failure? – Resolving the Problem When a DNS server is unable to translate a domain name into an IP address in a TCP/IP network, then DNS failure may occur. This occasionally happens within the Internet of in a private network of a company. DNS is a critical service on every network. When [...]

What is IGMP?

What is IGMP? Have you ever wondered how people participate in a Web conference? Each person comes into contact with the same information all at the same time. This is made possible by a communications protocol known as IGMP or Internet Group Management Protocol. IGMP is a system that utilizes the IP or Internet Protocol [...]

What is Internet?

What is Internet? Technically, Internet is a universal system of computer networks that are interconnected to serve millions or even billions of people around the world. It is like grasping the whole globe with your hands. Internet connects people from all corners of the earth. However, before you dig in to what Internet is all [...]

What is MQ Series?

What is MQ Series? MQ Series is a middleware from IBM, which is made up of three products: MQ Series Messaging, MQ Series Integrator and MQ Series Workflow. The purpose of MQ Series is to integrate other applications to work together. Middleware is also known as business integration software. The three products composing the business [...]

What is iAtkos?

What is iAtkos? iAtkos is one of the build of Mac Operating System which can be installed in non Apple hardware. It is a Leopard non-Apple Hardware Operating System. It’s fully patched and there is no need to download patches and updates from internet. iAtkos can be considered as an emulated clone of MAC Operating [...]