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What Is KML – Keyhole Mark-up Language?

What Is KML ‘“ Keyhole Mark-up Language? KML or the Keyhole Mark-up Language is actually a file format which is used to exhibit geographic information within an earth web browser, just like Google Maps, Google Earth, as well as Google Maps intended for mobile phone. A good KML data file is actually organized in exactly […]

What is Cout?

What is Cout? Cout is basically an object referring to class ostream which is the representation of normal output stream. This object is essentially used to correspond to the ‘cstdio stream stdout’. This term is also used in ‘Hello World’ Program which is expressed in the following: #include <iostream> Using namespace std; Int main () […]

What is XSD?

What is XSD? XSD is the short term for XML Schema Definition which is a method to validate and describe some data in an XML format. Schema for instance is defined as a model for the description of a particular structure of information. XSD is a valid and used language for the definition of certain […]

What is Unzip?

What is Unzip? Unzip is a term used to describe the utility which is utilized to list, test and extract files from the zip archive. It is vital to know what zip files are in order to determine and fully understand the concept of unzip files and utilities. Zip archives are basically found on the […]

What is Slope Interface Form?

What is Slope Interface Form? Slope Interface Form refers to the way used as expression for a linear function, also used as fancy name that refers to a straight line, as an equation. In order to know and understand more this concept, it is vital to refer to the model: y=mx+b. In this equation, m […]

What is PTCB?

What is PTCB? PTCB stands for Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. It has the main objective to develop, promote, maintain and administer high quality programs for certification and recertification of professionals in this field. It provides first-rate courses, programs and services that deliver opportunity to pharmacy technicians for knowledge mastery and skill enhancements for their practice […]

What is Onyx?

What is Onyx? Onyx is a form of chalcedony, a semi-precious stone that showcases alternating bands of color in a straight manner. Some of the most common shades include white, black and brown. Chalcedony is basically the family name of stones wherein their formation is from quartz or silicon dioxide. For a particular stone to […]

What Is Bijou?

What Is Bijou? Indeed, the porn industry is one of the most successful internet industries today. In fact, one of the companies that benefited from this success is the Bijou studios. The founder of this studio is Steven Toushin from New York. He has started out with a club and theater, which is intended for […]

What is WXGA?

What is WXGA? WXGA means Wide Extended Graphics Array, also coined as Wide XGA. It is a set of resolutions, which are basically non standard and derived from XGA Display Standard. This is done through expanding the resolution to a wide screen aspect ratio. In most cases, it is commonly used for LCD computer monitors […]

What is Tocopherol?

What is Tocopherol? Tocopherol is also more popularly known as vitamin E. It is composed of fat soluble chemical needed to boost human health. The chemical form of this essential substance is a viscous liquid which has different color varieties. It ranges from yellow to reddish brown color. It has the naturally occurring component which […]

What is SEO and SEM?

What is SEO and SEM? SEO and SEM are two terms, which have the same importance in the online, and internet world however have different meanings and concept. There is a difference between the two, their features and specifications as well as their functions and implementations in the online arena. To know and understand these […]

What is PRN?

What is PRN? PRN stands for the Latin term ‘pro re nata’ which is translated as ‘when necessary’ or for as circumstances require, as needed or when occasion arises. This is a very common term used in the medical field especially in giving prescriptions. Thus, if your doctor gives you a prescription with this abbreviation, […]

What is Okies?

What is Okies? Okies is a 1907 slang which refers to the inhabitants or natives of Oklahoma. Basically, it is a term coined for migrant farmers who originate from the south central part of the United States. This is an expression to refer to people who are searching for job in the Southwest or West […]

What Is AMX?

What Is AMX? There is definitely no doubt as to what AMX can offer the American people. In fact, its main mission is to provide peace of mind and security to millions of Americans who dream of having such. Well, the AMX referred to here is the American Express. By now, you already know what […]

What is Wet Sanding?

What is Wet Sanding? Wet sanding refers to a much cleaner alternative to the regular process used in sanding drywall mud for repairs and remodeling. It basically needs a type of special sanding sponge which is utilized in replacement of the traditional drywall sanding blocks and screens. In using the sanding sponge, it must be […]

What is TNB?

What is TNB? TNB refers to Tenaga Nasional Berhad. This company is situated in Southeast Asia which boasts of its 69.9 billion MYR worth of overall assets. Moreover, it is considered the largest electric and utility company in Malaysia. Tenaga Nasional Berhad or TNB primarily serves up to 7 million electric consumers ranging from the […]

What is Sazon?

What is Sazon? Sazon is a certain type of seasoned salt which is commonly available and found in the Mexican and Spanish markets. The common usage of the seasoning is utilized on fish, poultry and meats. However you could also find other artistic and creative meals where the seasoning is used to flavor stews and […]

What is Port Wine?

What is Port Wine? Port wine is special kind of wine also known as Vinho do Porto. It originated from Portugal and known to undergo vital fortification process, which offers it great flavor and aroma. This beverage is exclusively produced in the Northern provinces of Portugal specifically in the Douro Valley. The typical characteristics of […]

What is NMFC?

What is NMFC? NMFC is a term used for National Motor Freight Classification. It is a standard which applies to provide certain comparisons of different commodities which are being transferred to inter and intra state or foreign commerce. The concept of this standard is quite similar to those used for grouping and grading certain systems […]

What Is A Scene?

What Is A Scene? Scene is a very important element in a fictional play or a stage play. It is the occurrence of the different parts of the story and where the real action is being shown. Without a scene, not all other elements will come into play. Therefore, if the scene is not good, […]

What is VRT?

What is VRT? VRT is the abbreviation for Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy. This is a program using exercise based techniques. These are designed for the promotion of the central nervous system basically for inner ear ailments. This type of treatment is also used to help different types of vestibular health dilemmas including conditions such as unilateral […]

What is Tincture?

What is Tincture? Tincture is an alcohol-based derivative product of fresh herb or other plant with natural contents. The primary function of this derivative substance is as alternative medicine. There are other industries and applications which use it as dietary supplement. In some cases especially in mainstream pharmaceuticals, medicines are basically still offered in their […]

What is Royal Jelly?

What is Royal Jelly? Royal jelly is a type of honey bee extract utilized in nourishing adult queens and larvae. The substance is basically secreted from the hypopharynx glands of the worker bees. This secretion is then fed to the larvae inside the colony. There is a process or stage in the colony when worker […]

What is Poker Face About?

What is Poker Face About? Poker Face is the infamous song popularized by Lady Gaga, an American recording artist. This is included in the debut album entitled The Fame and produced by RedOne. The song is very popular among contemporary music and pop song enthusiasts. It has an up-tempo dance beat in G# minor key […]

What is LMI Frame Relay?

What is LMI Frame Relay? LMI Frame Relay refers to the set of extensions as to the protocol of the Frame Relay. LMI stands for Local Management Interface, designed to give valuable information. These are details regarding the Frame Relay networks status and it basically helps for the extension of the capabilities of the said […]

What is VPN Used For?

What is VPN Used For? VPN is the abbreviation that means Virtual Private Network. It is a method or way to have a secured channel between a remote network and the local computer which you are working at. The remote network on the other hand is a computer network which is situated at a setting […]

What is Subgum?

What is Subgum? Subgum is also alternately known as sub gum. It is a simplified and traditional type of Cantonese dish with other foreign expressions such as gam2, sap2, shi jin or pinyin. In its literal term, it is referred to as varied or numerous. This is one type of dish whipped with Chinese culinary […]

What is RNAI?

What is RNAI? RNAI is the acronym that refers to the RNA Interface. This is a type of system occurring within living cells and plays a vital role in the control of active genes. It also helps determine and influences how these genes are actively working. The core of the RNA interface refers to two […]

What is Plot Structure?

What is Plot Structure? Plot structure refers to the number of plans used to tell a particular story. Plot per se refers to the literary element which basically defines the structure of the story. It provides the causal arrangement of certain actions and events inclusive within a storyline. To learn more about plot structure, it […]

What Is Hy Vee?

What Is Hy Vee? If you want a one-stop shop for all your needs, you had better check out Hy Vee. This is an online store providing all your needs all at once. However, their products are focused on home needs. They are also gearing towards healthier products for you. Thus, if you want to […]

What is VOM?

What is VOM? VOM is the abbreviated form of Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation. It is a type of therapeutic and healing technology which basically diagnose what area of the nervous system is affected in an animal. The diagnosis determines what area has essentially mal-functioned and gone out of the proper communication. It is also use to […]

What is SSDI?

What is SSDI? SSDI stands for Social Security Disability Insurance which is a program created to allow disabled people have incomes of their own. This was implemented in the United States and has been a great help for people with disability to generate income despite their incapacity to work. The insurance is basically offered and […]

What is RBS?

What is RBS? RBS stands for Royal Bank of Scotland. It is basically one of the retail banking subsidiaries, which is under the royal Bank of Scotland Group. It operates in cooperation with Ulster Bank and NatWest to provide reliable and updated banking facilities. This is to bring the valuable facilities to banking systems particularly […]

What is Pie in Math?

What is Pie in Math Pie in math does not actually have a letter ‘e’ in the word. It is only referred to as Pi and has the In its etymological meaning, Pi is actually a Greek letter, which is basically used as representation of the number to calculate and measure the circumference of a […]

What is GCD?

What is GCD? GCD stands for Grand Comics Database, an online-based project created to build comic book information database. This catalog of information was established to offer easy to understand collections of records about comics in general. It was also designed in a way that every comic fanatic and enthusiast could conveniently retrieve the data […]

What is Zoo York?

What is Zoo York? Zoo York simply refers to the social philosophy as well as the style which is basically a product of the New York City subculture graffiti art. This concept is inspired by the said art particularly in the 1970s. The expression was originally coined and derived from the subway tunnel that runs […]

What is Villanelle Poetry?

What is Villanelle Poetry? Villanelle is a form of poetry, which has joined the English poetry during the 19th century from the replication of French models. Villanelle is an expression derived from the term ‘Villano’ which is an Italian word that means peasant. Villanelle is originally known as a song created for dance, which is […]

What is Slugging Percentage?

What is Slugging Percentage? Slugging percentage is basically a mathematical equation utilized in baseball statistics, which is also abbreviated as SLG. It is commonly and popularly used as measurement of the ability and power of the batter or hitter. It also takes into consideration salient elements such as the different varieties of hits a batter […]

What is RAM Used For?

What is RAM Used For? RAM stands for Random Access Memory, which is a type of memory for computers, which, as the name implies, you could randomly access. Any byte of computer memory is potentially accessible without even affected any preceding bytes. It is the abbreviated term, which is commonly used or found in devices […]

What is PHR Certification?

What is PHR Certification? PHR or Professional in Human Resources certification is a requirement if you want to work on the Human Resources field. This is a necessity for the expansion of your knowledge in this particular industry. It is what you need to advance your professional career. The certification is basically offered by the […]

What Is CoQ10 Used For?

What Is CoQ10 Used For? Have you heard of the term CoQ10 before? Well, this is essentially a vitamin, or for some, a vitamin like substance. They can be found naturally on the food that we eat or sometimes synthesized in the body. CoQ10 stands for Coenzyme Q10. They were known for their antioxidant functions […]

What is Zeera?

What is Zeera? Zeera, also coined as Jeera, is a Hindi word which is translated to cumin seeds in English. It is an annual herb which could grow up to 35 to 45 centimeter in height. It bears certain appearances such as a stem that sprouts several branches, has finely divided and long leaves with […]

What is Working Capital?

What is Working Capital? Working capital or WC is the amount of money, which the new businesses borrowed and used from the bank or other, certified lenders. The borrowed monetary amount is for keeping the business operations going. It is also allocated for the payment requirements or business bills for a particular startup period. This […]

What is Thyroxine?

What is Thyroxine? Thyroxine refers to one of the produced hormones through the thyroid gland. It works for the regulation of adrenal system. This thyroid hormone is a major hormone which the follicular cells located in the thyroid gland produce. It is also coined as T4 and plays a crucial role in normal growth and […]

What is SQL Database?

What is SQL Database? SQL database refers to Structured Query Language collection of data for computer language. This database is basically designed for the correct management of data especially in Relational Database Management Systems or RDBMS. This data collection started with relational algebra and calculus as its basis. It has very wide scope including data […]

What is Ownership?

What is Ownership? Ownership refers to the state of having the ultimate and exclusive rights and control over a particular thing or property. It is determined or conferred through a lawful title or claim. Owners have certain restrictions to occupy, possess, enjoy, sell, rent, give away or in some cases, destroy a particular property or […]

What is LRF File?

What is LRF File? LRF file stands for Linker Response File which is a document file format popular with different file extensions. This is the extension which is referred to as a mobile eBook reading tool created and developed by Sony Portable Reader. LRF is also known with related file extensions such as .pbk, .plf, […]

What is EOM?

What is EOM? EOM is an abbreviation of the phrase ‘End of Message’ which is often used in electronic mails. The basic purpose of these three letters is to save you precious time especially in opening and replying to a particular message. It simply tells you not to reply anymore because of the obvious reasons. […]

What Is Wiki?

What Is Wiki? It was in 1994 when Mark Cunningham started the concept of WikiWikiWeb. It was in the early 2000’s when it has already been transformed into the Wiki that we know now. By 2007, Wiki has already been officially recognized as an English term. Now, what is Wiki and how is it relevant […]

What is Third Person?

What is Third Person? Third person is considered the most commonly used point of view in the fiction style of writing. It is also a traditional form used in academic writing. The term refers to the grammatical person which composes of the pronouns he, she and they. There are authors and novelists who use the […]

What is Sage?

What is Sage? Sage is also known in other culinary terms such as garden sage or common sage. It has the scientific name Salvia officinalis. This herb belongs to the family Lamiaceae which is a naturally growing plant in the Mediterranean region. Nowadays, it has already been naturalized and grown in many countries all around […]

What is Ohm?

What is Ohm? Ohm refers to the resistance between two distinct points in a conductor. Simply put, it is the system of international or SI unit referring to electrical resistance. The word is derived from Georg Simon Ohm, a German physicist who researched and discovered the Ohm’s law. The symbol of this term is Ω […]

What is DXF?

What is DXF? DXF stands for Drawing Exchange Format or it is also coined as Drawing Interchange Format. It refers to an open sourced or CAD data file format which was created and developed in 1982 by Autodesk. The main purpose of this system is to enable the interoperability of the data. This is applicable […]

What Is Water?

What Is Water? Being one of the four basic elements for survival, water has played a major part in the continued existence of life in this planet. This actually sets Earth apart from all other planets and has been considered as the only planet capable of sustaining life, up to this very moment. In fact, […]

What Is TGA?

What Is TGA? In Australia, TGA is a very important part of the government. It is actually under the Department of Health and Ageing. TGA stands for Therapeutic Goods Administration. Their main function is to have control and close monitoring over therapeutic goods and services that are available all over Australia. They have a set […]

What Is Republic?

What Is Republic? If you live in a country following the Republic as a form of government, you are more or less familiar of how it is being run. Well, in this form of government, the people have a major role being played. It is even called a government run by the people rather than […]

What Is NDMP?

What Is NDMP? Being a disaster and calamity stricken country, the Australian government has been giving a huge percentage of funds to the departments of their government focusing on this aspect. Thus, the NDMP or the National Disaster Mitigation Program has been the government’s arm in providing immediate care to the people who have been […]

What Is JG?

What Is JG? If you are a big fan of airsoft guns and gaming, by now, you must really be curious as to what company can provide you with all your needs. Look nowhere else for you can find the best airsoft guns from JG. JG stands for Jing Gong. This company is actually known […]

What is CJS?

What is CJS? Criminal Justice System, or CJS as it is commonly known, is a system, which aims to deliver justice for every person. It is a highly organized body consisting of people, processes and organizations, all of which aspires to provide not only fairness but also security and help. The Criminal Justice System is […]

What is Vitamin E?

What is Vitamin E? Vitamin E refers to the fat-soluble antioxidant, which functions as a protective substance for the cells especially from the damaging effects of the harmful free radicals in the body. The term is actually used to describe a group of eight antioxidants, four of which are called tocopherols and four are called […]

What is TFP Modeling?

What is TFP Modeling? TFP Modeling means Time for Prints modeling where a particular model basically does not receive any cash for spending her time for the shoot. She rather receives image prints or pictures from the said shoot as her compensation. Although both models and photographers do not get an hourly or per-session fee, […]

What is QWL?

What is QWL? QWL stands for Quality of Work Life, which is known as the alternative, or process, which is tackled by an organization or company as response to the needs of their employees. As the name implies, it is basically the method and strategies used to develop and uplift the quality of work relationships […]

What is Mava?

What is Mava? Mava is most famous in India and is a key ingredient in making different kinds of delicacies or sweet dishes. Mava is basically milk, which has been processed and reduced to a semi-solid consistency. Mava is known by a number of other names. Among these are Khoya, Mawa, and Kiti. Do not […]

What Is IIP3?

What Is IIP3? In the world of telecommunications, it is important to keep on improving what technology has already been in existence. This is the main reasons why there are a lot of techniques done in order to further what has been invented already. In doing so, it is important to make use of computations […]

What Is UKIP?

What Is UKIP? When you live in the United Kingdom, more or less you do have the idea of what UKIP is. Well, you might even find yourself as one with them in terms of their ideologies and principles. UKIP stands for United Kingdom Independence Party. It has already gained popularity within UK and is […]

What is Tekka?

What is Tekka? Tekka is a mineral condiment prepared by using finely minced carrots, lotus root, ground sesame seeds, and burdock root or cocklebur. It is slowly cooked using hatcho miso and unrefined sesame oil. According to its maker, George Ohsawa, tekka is a strong condiment, which is similar to salt but has more complex […]

What is PSA?

What is PSA? PSA is also referred to as Prostate-specific antigen, which is a form of protein, which the cells from prostate gland produce. This protein type is also present in the male serum in smaller quantities for healthy prostrate. However, if the level of the protein is elevated to an abnormal degree, it could […]

What Is LVM Linux?

What Is LVM Linux? LVM is also referred to as logical volume manager. It is available for Linux kernel. Its main purpose is to manage disk drives and other mass- storage devices. Though LVM stands for logical volume manager, it can also mean logical volume management. It holds true if it is used with the […]

What is Graphic Design?

What is Graphic Design? Graphic design is basically defined as the creative process or practice of combining graphics, texts and other formal characteristics and qualities of fine arts. This method is done through audience-centered approach. In most cases, it is used in the marketing industry to create the effective and necessary visual communications. However, unlike […]

What is UAE?

What is UAE? UAE or the United Arab Emirates is also known in its shortened form as The Emirates. It is an Arabic federation located in the southeastern region of the Arabian Peninsula. The strategic location of the country is in the Southwest Asia bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia on the Persian Gulf. It also […]