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What is Myocarditis?

Myocarditis is a rare ailment caused by a virus or an immune response that is self-directed in persons who have autoimmune conditions such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis where their immune system tends to attack the body. In some cases, autoimmune conditions can affect the heart leading to myocarditis. Some uncommon cases are associated with […]

What is Myelopathy?

Myelopathy is a term used to refer to the pathology of a spinal cord that occurs as a result of trauma. In simple terms, Myelopathy is an injury of the spinal cord. In the event that the injury gets an inflammation, it is referred to as myelitis. When the nature of the ailment is vascular, […]

What is Levaquin?

Levaquin refers to a drug used for treating bacterial infections on the skin, kidneys, prostate, bladder or sinuses. Levaquin also treats bacterial infections that lead to pneumonia and bronchitis and is also used for treating exposure to plaque and anthrax. Before using Levaquin, it is important to let the doctor know whether a patient has […]

What is Kismet?

Kismet is a term derived from the word ‘gismah’, an Arabic term. It is a synonym for destiny or fate. The term Kismet came to be used as an English word via the Turkish term ‘gismah’ which became ‘Kismet’ later implying Allah’s will in Islam, which people hold that it is a divine plan to […]

What is Glycerin?

Glycerin is a term used to refer to a sweet, colorless, and thick liquid. Glycerin can freeze form a paste and its boiling point is high. Glycerin is commonly used as an ingredient in soap and beauty products such as lotions. This is due to its ability to soak in ambient water which implies that […]

What is Force?

Force refers to interactions that result to change in motion of any given object. The interactions may either be physical in nature or purely non-physical. A force that results from interactions that are not physical in nature is referred to as action-at-a-distance. Such include magnetic, electrical and magnetic force. Forces that result from interactions that […]

What is Felt?

Felt refers to a fabric that is not woven but made from natural fibers, soap and water. It takes a lot of work to create Felt because the fabric is dense and is made from lasting interlocking fibers. Each kind of wool comes with its own distinct features and is a reflection of the environment […]

What is Bullying?

Bullying refers to the act of hurting or scaring another person intentionally. The person who experiences bullying usually finds it difficult to defend him or herself. Most children are aware of what bullying is since they witness is each day. Bullying is intended to make the other person to feel uncomfortable and afraid. There are […]

What is Area?

Area refers to a quantity that shows the extent of two dimensional shapes or figures on a plane. Surface area is the depiction of two dimensional surfaces of an object that has three dimensions. Area may be said to be the quantity of material that has a specified thickness that is necessary to develop a […]

What is a Chloride Blood Test?

A Chloride Blood Test is an examination conducted as part of a more detailed metabolic test. In the human body, chloride serves as an electrolyte that is important in maintaining a proper balance between acid or base and fluid. The metabolic test also checks the amount of other electrolytes found in the body such as […]

What is Lipitor?

Lipitor is a generic term for atorvastatin. Atorvastatin is a member of a group of drugs known as HMG CoA reductase statins or inhibitors. These drugs bring down levels of LDL or bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream and at the time, they increase amounts of HDL or good cholesterol. Lipitor is mostly used […]

What is Vsync?

Vsync is the short version of Vertical Synchronization. Vsync basically refers to an execution option of a video card. This option helps prevent a video card from shifting its display memory till the ongoing refresh cycle on the monitor is completed. Application of vsync matches the executing engine to the monitor’s extreme refresh rate. This […]

What is Morphology?

Morphology refers to a section of linguistics that focuses on study of words. It deals with the internal structure of words as well as touches partly on their definition. Morphology is also keen on looking at how persons using a certain language master complex words and how they create lexical items that did not exist […]

What is Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness refers to a pregnancy condition associated with nausea and vomiting that affects more than fifty percent of pregnant women. Morning sickness is also referred to as nausea gravidarum or emesis gravidarum. It is manifested in feelings of nausea, fatigue and vomiting. Women who are under the hormonal contraception or hormonal replacement therapy may […]

What is Maundy Thursday?

Maundy Thursday is the other name used to refer to Holy Thursday. These are the initial three days where the events that preceded the Jesus’ crucifixion are remembered solemnly. The term Maundy is derived from Latin language word, ‘mandatum’ which implies commandment. During Easter holidays, Maundy Thursday is the Thursday that comes just before the […]

What is Material Culture?

Material culture refers to a study discipline that looks into the relationship that exists between people and the things they own. It looks at the making, preservation, interpretation and history of objects. It is the philosophy and history of objects and countless relationships that people have with things. Material culture draws heavily from the practice […]

What is LTV?

LTV is the acronym for the loan-to-value phrase. Loan-to-value is a financial phrase that used to compare the ratio of loan to the value of the asset acquired. LTV is a common term in building societies and banks. It is often used to express the lien of an initial mortgage as a percentage of the […]

What is Logic?

Logic is a term derived from the Greek language which means reason. It involves studying principles of right thinking. However, this is a basic definition because the actual and proper definition of logic is still very controversial. Studying the principles of right thinking does not necessary imply that logic is concerned with reasoning as a […]

What is Leap Year?

Leap year refers to a year that has an extra day or month. Leap year is also known as a bissextile or an intercalary year. A leap year such as in the lunisolar calendar has an additional month because it needs to be synchronized with the seasonal or astronomical year. Since astronomical events and seasons […]

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring refers to a hybrid type of flooring that appears like stone or hardwood. It is not necessarily engineering or vinyl tiling though it is very similar to all those. People prefer laminate flooring for its simple installation processes. One can fix even hundreds of square feet within a weekend. Laminate flooring is also […]

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a term used to refer to the exercise taken with the aim of increasing the size of a penis naturally. The jelqing process starts with stimulating the flow of blood in a penis using a warm rag and the penis wanged in a semi-erect form. With lubricated hands, the index and thumb fingers […]

What is iFit?

iFit refers to a system of programmed workout cards that are inserted in elliptical machines and treadmills in order to provide workouts that are considered truly interactive. It is an online program designed to work well with new modules developed by Nordictrack. A person with an elliptical machine, a treadmill or a t stationery bike […]

What is EOP?

EOP is the acronym for Educational Opportunity Program. EOP was designed for purposes of improving retention and access of students who are disadvantaged educationally and have a low-income history. Students enrolled under this program are those with demonstrated potential and are motivated to perform well but they are unable to exploit their potential due to […]

What is Jehovah Witness?

Jehovah Witness is a denomination that has varied beliefs different from the normal Christianity. They are popular for their rigorous evangelism and distinct Biblical translations. Members of Jehovah Witness hold that Jesus Christ was perfect as a man and He, as a person, is different from God the Father. They also hold that prior to […]

What is Invert Sugar?

Invert sugar is a term used to refer to a mix of basic sugars namely fructose and glucose. It is derived from the split of sucrose into free fructose and free glucose. Invert sugar is a natural part of honey. The mixture is called invert sugar because the dextrorotatory sugar is changed or flipped into […]

What is Glycerol?

Glycerol refers to a syrupy liquid that has no odor or color but has a sweet taste. Technically, glycerol is a sugar alcohol tastes 60 percent like sucrose and contains a 4.32 calorie per gram. A bar of high protein usually has around 18 to 25 grams of glycerol. When glycerol is consumed in high […]

What is Ethnography?

Ethnography refers to an assortment of qualitative approaches used in social sciences to study social interactions and practices. These approaches allow researchers to construct theories and interpret how social processes happen and why they happen. These approaches are specifically important in elucidating steps involved in social processes that are yet to be fully understood and […]

What is CST?

CST is an acronym for Central Sales Tax which refers to the tax imposed by the Government of India on sales of products. CST is applied in situations involving sales of products between states and does not apply to the sale of goods or products with a state or exported and imported goods. An interstate […]

What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is a term used to refer to any element that fastens the rate at which a reaction takes place without getting consumed. A catalyst can either be synthetic, metallic or organic. Enzymes are catalysts that occur naturally and are responsible for numerous important biochemical reactions. Many catalysts that are in solid form are metals […]

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD refers to a program that is used for 3-D and 2-D drafting and design. It is designed and popularized by a company called AutoDesk Inc. AutoCAD is one of the first CAD programs to be used on personal computers. Initially, the AutoCAD program was known as Interact. This program was developed using an exclusive […]

What is Moussaka?

Moussaka refers to a kind of dish that is common to the Mediterranean. This dish is associated with Greece where it is said to have originated and is widely popular in the Middle East, Egypt and other parts of the Balkans. Moussaka is a very versatile and diverse dish as it is made in different […]

What is Luster?

Luster is a term used to describe the overall sheen of a mineral’s surface. The sheen of a mineral may be similar to that of a polished metal as well as that of a metal that is unpolished and pitted by tear and wear. Minerals may also have sheens similar to glass or earthy, dull […]

What is Low Blood Sugar?

What is Implantation Bleeding like?

Implantation bleeding happens when a fertilized egg attaches to the uterus wall. For a woman looking to conceive, implantation bleeding often signifies the wellness of a pregnancy. However, one needs to carefully examine the kind of bleeding that happens to be certain that it is implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding occurs in about one third of […]

What is Guided Reading?

Guided reading refers to the process where a child reads out loud to a proficient reader who is an adult and receives feedback. The main aim of guided reading is to develop reading skills by guiding the student. The process of having a student read out loud with instructions and correction is an important criterion […]

What is Farsi?

Farsi refers to a language that is mostly used in Iran. It is derived from the Indo-Iranian language and is often referred to as Parsi or Persian by people from North America and Western Europe who speak English. Farsi is varies from English as it poses a huge challenge for Westerners who look to study […]

What is Dry Wine?

Dry wine, also referred to as Table Wine is wine that does not have residual sugar. This means that it is not sweet to taste. Alcohol is generated during the process of fermentation as yeast consumes the sugar available in grape juice as it changes into wine. In most wines, the fermentation process is stopped […]

What is Dry Ice?

Dry ice refers to carbon dioxide that is in solid form. Dry ice often sublimates into gas and is very cold when it is in solid form. When it sublimates, it becomes useful in a many different ways. Though it is definitely cheaper to buy dry ice from a shop or store, it is also […]

What is ANA?

ANA is the acronym for Anti-Nuclear Antibodies. ANA refers to a test conducted to detect antinuclear antibodies in the blood. The immune system of a person generates antibodies that help fight infection. When antibodies identify foreign proteins that have infectious organisms within the system, they recruit cells and other proteins to fight the infection off. […]

What is DID?

DID is an abbreviation of Dissociative Identity Disorder. DID refer to a mental ailment where a patient experiences two distinct personalities or identities. Each personality has its own way of relating and viewing the world in a consistent manner. In some cases, DID patients have been seen to have identities that exhibit a completely different […]

What is Egress?

The term Egress is an alternative word for exit. It is generally used to build a code that refers to the way a person can leave a building. For instance, a fire exit may be defined as a means or a way of egress since this reflects how a person can leave the building in […]

What is DNC?

DNC is the short form of Dilation and Curettage. DNC is mostly written as D&C and refers to a short surgical process involving dilation of the cervix and the uterine lining scraped using s special instrument. Having an idea of what the DNC process involves before undergoing it goes a long way in easing a […]

What is Direct Variation?

Direct variation is one of the topics in algebra that represents a particular situation of a linear function. Direct variation may be used in modeling different situations in the real world. Essentially, direct variations are exhibited in situations where two quantities increase or reduce at a similar rate. Such quantities may be pay and hours […]

What is Cyberspace?

Cyberspace is the term used to describe the intangible and imaginary virtual realm that enables computer simulations and communications as well as internet activity to happen. Cyberspace is the electronic equivalence of mind space in humans. It is a domain that is characterized by application of electromagnetic spectrum and electronics to exchange modify and store […]

What is Crude Oil?

Crude oil is a term used to refer to unprocessed petroleum product that occurs naturally and comprises hydrocarbon deposits. The hydrocarbons found in crude oils make them an important source of varied substances. Hydrocarbons come in varied structures and lengths, they are compounds that have carbon and hydrogen molecules. Crude oil may be processed to […]

What Is Bruxism?

Bruxism refers to a habit that is exhibited by about ten percent of world’s population. It is mainly manifested by grinding teeth and clenching jaws. As a result of this friction, the teeth break and wear our and the jaws are disorder ed causing pain as well as limited movement. Headaches are also experienced by […]

What is BAC?

BAC is the abbreviation for Blood Alcohol Concentration. BAC generally refers to the measure of alcohol levels in a human body. Usually BAC is expressed in terms of alcohol grams in each 100 milliliters of blood. For instance, where the BAC is 0.05, it means that alcohol content in each 100 milliliters of blood is […]

What is Public Health?

Public health refers to the science of improving and protecting families as well as the entire population by putting in place organized measures to prevent diseases and promoting healthy lifestyles for purposes of ensuring that life is prolonged. This is done through planning and conducting research with respect to diseases, injury prevention, detection and control […]

What is Nirvana?

Nirvana refers to a major idea in Buddhist faith as well as the ultimate goal for all for all Buddhists. However, most Buddhists claim that it is impossible to describe this concept without really experiencing it. It is claimed that persons who have achieved nirvana have transcended beyond concerns of this world. Some religious people […]

What is Modal?

Modal refers to a new type of man-made fabric that was invented recently. It has a rayon variation that is developed from when cellulose fibers are spun. Modal is much absorbent than other artificial fabrics and even cotton. It absorbs dye pretty well and is extremely colorfast. Its texture is slinky and soft making it […]

What is Litigation?

The term litigation is often used to refer to proceedings commenced between two parties with the aim of defending or enforcing a legal right. Generally, litigation is settled when parties agree though it can also be heard by a judge or a jury in a court of law. Contrary to common belief, litigation isn’t just […]

What is Icing?

Icing refers to a rule used in hockey. This rule is formulated for purposes of preventing a hockey team from throwing the puck deep into the zone of its opponent. A throw into the deep zone of an opponent is commonly referred to as dumping a puck. Teams use this strategy to enable them evade […]

What is Horizontal Integration?

Horizontal integration refers to a strategy used by companies to acquire or create units of production for purposes of generating outputs that are similar. The outputs generated can either be competitive or complementary. An example of horizontal integration is where a company takes over a competitor within the same sector or industry, involved in production […]

What is the Hierarchy of Control?

Hierarchy of control is a term used in management to refer to control procedures. In workplace safety, the term is a safety jargon used with respect to systems in safety management. The word hierarchy basically refers to a list. This list usually comprises things that are related or have some commonality as well as order. […]

What is Geometry?

Geometry is a term used to refer to a branch in mathematics that deals with geometrical objects such as straight lines, points and circles and other shapes. However, circles are the most elementary of geometric objects. The term geometry was derived from a Greek word, ‘geo’ which means earth and metron, meaning measure. These words […]

What is Forensic Science?

Forensic science refers to any discipline that serves the purpose of law to provide objective scientific proof that can be used in legal processes such as criminal trials and investigation. It is a multi-disciplinary area of study that principally draws from biology and chemistry, geology, physics, social sciences and psychology. In a criminal investigation, investigators […]

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is an element that occurs naturally in water, soil, foods and varied minerals like fluorite and fluorapatite. Out of all elements found on earth’s crust, fluoride ranks 13th in abundance. Fluoride is a chemical ion in the fluorine element. It contains one additional electron that makes its charge negative. In seawater, the amount of […]

What is Conduction?

Conduction is a term used to describe the process of transferring heat from point to another using a substance. The speed at which heat passes through a substance differs from one substance to another. Metallic substances are considered to be good conductors of heat because the speed at which heat is transmitted through them is […]

What is Chromatin?

Chromatin is a term used to refer to a mix of histone, DNA as well as other proteins making up chromosomes. It is contained in eukaryotic cell’s nuclear envelope. Chromatin is divided into a condensed form known as heterochromatin and an extended form known as euchromatin. The euchromatin form participates in transcribing RNA, the component […]

What is CAM?

CAM is an abbreviation for Computer Aided Manufacturing, an application that utilizes computer hardware and software to automate and enable the process of manufacturing. CAM technology came to replace computer aided engineering – CAE and it is commonly used along with the computer aided design –CAD. CAM helps in reducing energy and wastage leading to […]

What is Bureaucracy?

Bureaucracy is a term used to refer to an administrative way of arranging huge numbers of persons who have to work together. Public and private organizations such as governments and universities depend on bureaucracies to operate. The literal meaning of the word bureaucracy is ruling by offices or desks. This definition emphasizes the impersonal nature […]

What is BIOS?

BIOS is the short version of the phrase Basic Input/Output System in computers. It is a program found in the microprocessor of a personal computer that enables the computer system to get started after it is turned on. BIOS also plays an important role in managing the flow of data between the operating system and […]

What is Bilirubin?

Bilirubin refers to yellow-brownish blood that is found in bile. To measure the amount of bilirubin, a bilirubin test is conducted on a blood sample. Bilirubin is generated from broken down red blood cells in the liver. It is excreted from the body via stool and is responsible to normalizing the color of stool. It […]

What is Barometric Pressure?

Barometric pressure refers to the weight of air that presses on the earth. Barometric pressure is also referred to as air pressure. When the barometric pressure is low, it is an indication of rising weight of overlying air and high barometric pressure implies reducing weight of overlying air. Barometric pressure has a significant effect on […]

What Is Anorexia?

Anorexia refers to an eating syndrome that manifests as life-threatening weight loss and lack of appetite. The condition may also come as a result of excessive physical exercise. Persons who suffer from anorexia also tend to have bulimia, a condition where the affected person makes himself or herself vomit after taking a meal as way […]

What is Annuity?

Annuity refers to an insurance plan that can serve as a retirement strategy and pays periodic income. Annuities are common among investors looking to get a steady source of income upon retirement. Annuities involve making investments in an annuity that pays on a future time or over a several dates in future. Income received from […]

What is a Dependent Variable?

A dependent variable is an attribute whose value is determined by the existence of other factors. A variable can be any kind of category or group that is being measured. It can take the form of an idea, object, period, or even feeling. For instance, the score of a test may be considered as dependent […]

What is a Factor Tree?

A factor tree is a method of generating the prime factorization of a regular number. The primary step in developing a factor tree is to discover a couple of elements whose item is the number that we are calculating. These two components are the first expanding in the factor tree. There are regularly a few […]

What is Blanching?

Blanching refers to a cooking technique that involves food into hot, boiling water for one to two minutes. The process involves two steps. The first step involves putting the food in the boiling water and the next step involves putting the food in ice water to stop the process of cooling fast. There are many […]

What is Blood Doping?

Blood Doping is a term used to refer to the illegal process of enhancing the athletic ability of athletes. Blood doping occurs when artificial methods are used to boost the ability of an athlete’s blood to carry more oxygen to body muscles. In most cases, blood doping works by increasing the level of hemoglobin available […]