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WHAT is arguably the most common interrogative word there is for anyone in search of enlightenment. Look no further as what is-it.net is here to throw you just about anything you want explained.

qWhatIs.com is your friendly online encyclopedia. The latest chamber of information available in the www, qWhatIs.com aims to provide a definition and explanation of anything and everything under the sun.

In qWhatIs.com, topics are relevant and up-to-date to make sure that every reader is updated with what is new and what is hot in the world of knowledge. Using the simplest possible explanation and several categories such as business, health, computer, science and miscellaneous, the website allows for easier learning and understanding.

Learning is fun and easy at what is-it.net which also features photos, charts and diagrams to highlights its featured story, thus not limiting the reader to a mental picture but also providing a real visual image of the defined introduced concept. Likewise, it provides interactive users an arena to voice out their comments and even share their own definition of the concept using the available reply form.

Definitely not your ordinary online research library, qWhatIs.com is the next big thing set to revolutionize the way we conduct our online learning experience.

If you cannot find answer for what you are looking for feel free to submit the topic.